Why shut down AnimeKisa.tv? Pirates are reluctant to pay or watch ads

Why shut down AnimeKisa.tv? Pirates are reluctant to pay or watch ads

Why shut down AnimeKisa.tv? 

One of the most popular anime piracy sites globally has failed to solve its funding mechanism. It is then thrown away with a towel.

Why shut down AnimeKisa.tv? Pirates are reluctant to pay or watch ads

Previously this AnimeKisa received up to 20 million visits per month. But the problem is that its users do not like to see many ads. The site was converted to a donation format. When this user failed to donate, the site was forced to deactivate itself.

In fact, many new pirate websites start with a profit motive right from the start.

A free usable website can offer all the rewards except cash for disposable income earners. I see it as something more appropriate.

They are building a community and meeting new friends, and the satisfaction of doing something a little extraordinary can all be rewarded with money. But the reality for many is that money does not grow on trees, and the praise of the fans is that the websites do not pay the bills.

The Impractical Success of AnimeKisa


The domain for AnimeKisa was registered in late 2018, but it took several months to acquire popularity. The site grew from there, with early records from the Wayback Machine revealing that AnimeKisa attempted to sustain itself through contributions.

 The old text said, with a monthly goal of $150 and $60 in donations so far.

It’s unclear whether that monthly goal was ever met or exceeded, but advertising was ultimately incorporated into the site like many other comparable sites. In many circumstances, adverts are sufficient to keep a website afloat, but it became evident that AnimeKisa’s viewers would like to see few ads.

Many pirate sites are stuck in this situation. Despite their low operating costs, websites must earn at least some revenue. Because most pirates (being pirates) would rather not pay for ‘free’ information, advertising becomes an important aspect of the business model. However, pirates dislike advertisements, so they either block them or put pressure on websites to remove them.

AnimeKisa is no longer advertising.

Why shut down AnimeKisa.tv? Pirates are reluctant to pay or watch ads

Most commercials were deleted roughly 18 months ago, according to an AnimeKisa release this week. According to SimilarWeb, the site is doing well, with 18 to 21 million monthly hits in 2022 and a popular sub-Reddit and Discord channel for debate. However, none of this could compel individuals to donate.

“If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll recall that we ran a contribution drive a few months ago.

The site’s outage appears to be under control. Although it is impossible to rule out the possibility of external pressure, there is no mention of it as a factor in AnimeKisa’s closing. Of course, copyright holders complain about pirate sites all the time, and AnimeKisa was no different.

 Madman Entertainment, MX International, VIZ Media, FUNimation, Aniplex, and Toei have filed DMCA takedown notices with Google in the last several months and will likely continue to do so long after the platform’s closure.

AnimeKisa Clones Are Not Advised now.

Why shut down AnimeKisa.tv? Pirates are reluctant to pay or watch ads

People looking for the AnimeKisa brand on Google will come across many other sites with the same name, but the operators of AnimeKisa warn against utilizing them.

“AnimeKisa copycats exist, and they are typically plagued with the worst type advertisements [sic].” “While AnimeKisa is closing down, do not use bottom-of-the-barrel copycat websites because there are much better alternatives,” they say, listing a few alternatives.

Advertisements on “bottom of the barrel” pirate sites keep them online; however, this can harm users. Of course, adverts may be stopped in many circumstances, but this results in less money for their operators and a reduced motivation to keep them running, if they are still running at all.

It’s a problem with no clear answer; therefore, it’ll always be a component of the piracy puzzle. Websites take money to run, even if the material is ‘free.’


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