Who is Gundham Tanaka? Gundham Tanaka's story background

Who is Gundham Tanaka? Gundham Tanaka’s story background

Who is Gundham Tanaka?

Gundham Tanaka is coming to the fans through the Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair game series. He is found in the main story titled Ultimate Breeder. His sharp intellect and innate fighting skills were his most potent abilities. He has four hamsters in the Four Dark Gods of Destruction series. 

Gundham Tanaka

Gundham Tanaka is a more courageous character. However, he is introduced by one name throughout the series. Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy calls Tanaka the Forbidden One. The only specialty of recognizing Gundham at once is that he pulls the left sleeve of his school uniform up to his elbows and grabs it by the silver studs. Gundham was 182 cm tall and was born on December 14, 1993. 

Gundham Tanaka, wearing a black jacket, printed a vertical symbol with a different shape on the back and the two ends of the scarf. He wears a purple scarf to cover his mouth. He was wearing black pants with a silver buckle and black shoes with several straps. Gundham Tanaka has the most attractive gray eyes. There is also a straight gray tattoo with the left eye. 

He was a handsome young man in appearance and a mysterious character in nature. Gundham is wearing two monster dog earrings from the Japanese release. They are called Hell Hound earrings.

At Hope’s Peak Academy, he wore a school uniform when he was a student and his shirt, boots, and scarf. As a member of Ultimate Despair, he wore a casual jacket. His black hair and the occasional gray streak appear on his coat. The hair is curly at the back, and Gundham’s hair is sometimes up. 

Gundham Tanaka’s story background

Who is Gundham Tanaka?

Gundham Tanaka grew up with his mother. His mother is a compassionate person. That is to say, when Gundham was a child, she began to cry when he did not eat food cooked by her mother. For that reason, he had to eat without wasting any of the food his mother made. His mother also looks awkward while cooking. So Gundam has been a bit of a hidden figure since he was a kid. He had very little presence in crowded places or at significant events. 

In short, he was reluctant to let anyone say his name or even touch him. Gundam’s hobby since he was a child has been raising pets. His house also has a lot of small pets. He also owns a website about dark art created specifically for animals. His most excellent skill is to rescue many endangered animals using his breeding skills. 

Shortly afterward, he entered the 77th grade at Hope’s Peak Academy. No matter how lonely he was, he had a group at school. Chiaki Nanami, Ibuki Miyoda, Peko Pokoyama, Mikan Sumiki and a bunch of other friends were among them. But unfortunately, he also encounters the evil Junko Enoshima from time to time, after which he has to face a tragedy.

After Junko was brainwashed, Gundham shattered his last hopes with his classmates. But he wakes up in a coma at Danganronpa 3: The End and joins the rest of the desperate remnants. Gundham’s favorite pets are the four gods of destruction, the hamster. 

He wrapped his cursed hand in a bandage to protect him from being bitten by the gods. It is constantly surrounded by hamsters 4, San -D, Zoom -P, Maga -Z, and Cham -P. They seem encamped in the bandage that Gundham always wraps around his neck. Gundham made a great effort to train them to adapt to the basic rules. 

Is Gundham Tanaka still alive?

In the 4th chapter after the Great Tragedy, he made a great sacrifice of his life. That is, he and Nekomaru faced death fearlessly and bravely to save others from starvation. Fortunately, however, Gundham emerged victoriously. But in the end, the same incident makes him guilty at trial. Finally, however, there is more good news for fans. That is, both Gundham Tanaka and Nekomaru are still alive. 

Gundham Tanaka was in love? 

If Gundham has a strong connection in the story, it is with Sonia. She always sided with Gundham when dealing with Sonia. Kazuichi used to get angry when they were always together. Their faces turn red when they talk to each other or get close. At one point, Sonia will explore the mansion with Gundham before Kasuchi sees them. Kazuichi’s anger at their romance or intimacy reflects well on the fans.

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