Who Are the Strongest Bosses In Dark Souls 3

Who Are the Strongest Bosses In Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Bosses| Who Are The Main


Dark Souls 3 is one of the best action-thriller series of recent times. With a series of three games, the series features many different traps designed to subdue enemies, and throughout the series, some of the most challenging and dark spirits stand out as bosses. Dark Souls is one of the most potent video games of the 2010s.

Who Are the Strongest Bosses In Dark Souls 3

The game has attracted the highest number of people due to its deep and superior combat series and incredible difficulty.

    Especially the boss fights in the series were the kind of fight that captivated everyone. This report lists the ten worst, most vital and most difficult bosses to ever identify in the Dark Souls trio. It would be a better help to tame them in the game.

01.Vordt in the Boreal Valley

Vordt in the Boreal Valley

The Vordt in the Boreal Valley is a hulking beast. He always carries a mace. Vordt, in particular, uses an ice breathing attack. A broader area in front of him would be arched, so you should always make sure to stay behind him when you meet him.

Vordt also charges several times in a straight line in a speedy order. Vordt’s unique ability is to launch malicious and dangerous attacks. He can do it more powerfully in his semi-health.

02. Lurex Gundyr

Who Are the Strongest Bosses In Dark Souls 3

He is, in fact, the first and most adventurous boss in the Dark Souls game. The game starts with Ludex pulling the sword from his chest. It happens after activating the fire needed to open the Firelink shrine. Of course, Ludex is so powerful that it is difficult to beat him in the game just because he is more.

However, if you beat him, you can enter the Firelink Shrine. In that case, you can get help in a safe zone. Here Ludex first uses a powerful weapon. He then attacks his half-health in the second round. In the first stage, he wipes out enemies and cuts slices with his gun. In the second stage, he expands his body dangerously.

03. Pontiff Sullivan

Who Are the Strongest Bosses In Dark Souls 3

Pope Sullivan is an adventurous boss. You should pay more attention. He is a spirit who must be defeated to enter part of the eruptions of the Boreal Valley. The

specialty of recognizing him in Dark Souls 3 is using a magic sword and fire. Pontiff Sullivan, who becomes a dangerous boss in two stages, joins his phantom clone in the second stage, so you must stop cloning as much as you can.

04. Abyss Watchers

Who Are the Strongest Bosses In Dark Souls 3

You will have to work harder in the middle of Dark Souls 3 with the Abyss Watchers. Initially, there is only one boss when you fight, but later two come into the fight. Abys Watchers has the cinder boss in it. You will find these at the end of Farron Keep.

As a peculiarity of your identification, they have a glowing red eye and one corpse is thrown to the ground, but it comes back to life. In addition, they can strike more repeatedly, preventing them from rising more subtly.

05. Crystal Sage

Who Are the Strongest Bosses In Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is a spirit with a unique ability to launch a series of the most destructive attacks. Several combat modes based on teleport and spell can do extensive damage.

By shocking the boss, you can hit a large number of blows in the shortest time possible in the first place. Crystal Sage uses the most powerful combat techniques in the second stage. A clone breach can occur at that point.

06. Lord Volner

Who Are the Strongest Bosses In Dark Souls 3

The High Lord, a giant skeleton, can bring in more skeletal allies. At Dark Souls 3, you have to be more careful. If you do not take care of him, you will soon have to leave the game.

Many such gigantic attacks come from them. By breaking his shackles first, you can easily defeat the emperor. Lord Volnir can be described as one of the top bosses in Dark Souls 3. When one of his shackles is broken, one-third of his health is removed. It will be to your advantage.

07. Boreal Valley dancer

Who Are the Strongest Bosses In Dark Souls 3

In Dark Souls 3, the Boreal Valley dancer has two ways to enter the fight. First, a boss with fierce abilities is difficult to handle, no matter how accessible. He could enter the fray by killing and teleporting three of Cindy’s bosses or killing the high priestess Emma. He has the power to destroy the player’s HP, launching a wide range of dances in a matter of seconds. His specialty is the flame sword and dance. By the second stage of the battle, his power was fierce.

08. Lorick brothers

Who Are the Strongest Bosses In Dark Souls 3

Lorick in Dark Souls 3 is one of the most powerful magical forces. He has three attacks of his own. It all does potent magic.

At first, the fight with Lotrick was straightforward, but gradually the war became a difficult one. At first, he puts up large windows for attacks but then launches magic strikes. Then, after a while, there is also an attack between his older brother’s combination.

09. Greatwood

Who Are the Strongest Bosses In Dark Souls 3

Its fights are one of the most challenging in Dark Souls 3. It is a huge giant tree. It is a tree that the locals especially revere, as It has a unique series of slam attacks. That is, it has the unique ability to release corrosive substances. So the player has to escape from it throughout the fight. In the first attack, you also fall into a pit with Greatwood, but there can be deadly attacks in the second attack.

10. Soul of Cinder

Who Are the Strongest Bosses In Dark Souls 3

Soul of Cinder is the ultimate boss of Dark Souls 3. The most challenging and worst fight in Dark Souls 3 is with him. A soul that cannot be easily defeated. Soul Cinder has a two-stage combat series. First of all, it can hold most of the health. The first thing to do is to weaken him by breaking his health.

For that, several severe attacks are required. His most powerful attack is the long-range arson. It can be even more challenging for him to be able to change weapons as well as change the attack throughout the fight. It would help if you kept a good eye on his movements to defeat him.

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