What is Garena Free Fire's highest kill record?

What is Garena Free Fire’s highest kill record?

What is Garena Free Fire’s highest kill record?

As many people know about Garena Free Fire, we can introduce it as a more fighting game. Here the players fight till the last moment. If the player wins the battles, it depends on his skill. Apart from that, several other factors determine the performance of the player. They have assisted with the K/D ratio and headshot stats. So you probably have various questions about Garena Free Fire’s highest kill score.

Don’t be curious about the highest kill count in Garena Free Fire anymore. We provide everything you need here.

Highest Kill Record In Free Fire

The highest kill record in Garena Free Fire is 49. It is currently the highest among all the documents registered here. Also, the highest number of kills in a ranked match is 42. All of them are the highest number of killings currently available.

Many talented players can come faster to set records like this. Also, some Indian Free Fire players can break that record in terms of the time given to the players. Players to watch out for here are Gaming Tamizan, TSG Jash, Sudip Sarkar, and Raistar.

Apart from these facts, there are several other facts that you should know about Garena Free Fire’s kill records. That is, several other players are making their mark here. Namely, Sam13, Kronos, and Dandy are those players. You will also get to see a few more rising stars soon. That is with the attention of Esports in the primary capacity. In addition, Garena Free Fire world series events are no longer a dream to pursue as an Esport career.


source – FireEyes Gaming


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