What Are The Best Elden Ring Madness Builds ?

Best 6 Elden Ring Madness Builds

Would you like to try some fun Elden Ring Builds? Madness is another status effect in Elden Ring that you love the most. While I was playing, I felt that the latest updates in the game added several exciting features. Madness essentially works against human enemies. In my article, you can learn how to make Elden Ring Madness Builds as needed and how to handle powerful weapons and characters.

What is Elden Ring Madness?

As mentioned above, the effect of Madness in the game is PvP. But you can also use it for PvE. You have one main objective to accomplish here. You should use Vyke’s War Spear and Frenzied Flame Incantations while doing Elden Ring Madness Builds.

That way, you can drive your opponent crazy. It would be best if you started building Madness very simply. You can use the spear for that. By being very patient until your chance, you can speed up the build using various spells at the right time. You get different types of support for your complete body.

How to make Elden Ring Madness Builds

There are different weapons you can use to make Madness more powerful, and there are a few builds you need to know when handling them.

Bestial Sling Shotgun

Madness Build Instructions:

For this build, you use two Clawmark Seals and one Frenzied Flame Seal as weapons. Also, as talismans, you can use Radagan Icon, Flock Canvas Talisman, and Godfrey Icon. The number distribution of the formation is a skill, strength, mind, and endurance. The best armor is a medium roll still the heaviest kit you can wear at this level.

Bestial Sling is a perfect PvP spell. To build it, you have to turn yourself into a shotgun. You can use this to further the cursed PvP build trend. Don’t you have two Clawmark Seals to complete this build? If so, use the Frenzied Flame seal for that.

Also, Godrey Icon has improved the versions in Bestial Sling for the other talismans you use. Also, this build requires a very fair amount of FP to complete. However, the Bestial Sling Shotgun build is not very suitable for PvE. But, enemies are stunned by the physical damage here. Handle your weapons with that in mind.

Lord of Honks

Build instructions

You can use Angel’s Longhorns as weapons, Godfrey Icon, Sacred Scorpion Charm, and Carian Filigree Crest as talismans to complete these Elden Ring Madness Builds. Also, remember that you are using the angel’s crown as armor and faith, mind, and energy as frequency expansion.

You will come across Oracle Invoice while exploring Lendel. The unique thing you have here is that you can get the creatures’ horns as weapons. The ones used by Envos come in different sizes. You can get Envoy’s Longhorn more easily than Envoy’s Greathorn, which has fantastic bubble shooting skills. It also allows you to melt giant bosses with ease completely. To enhance those skills, Alexander’s Shard and Godfrey’s Icon talisman can be attached. Eventually, you can get Envoy’s Crowned Head in Haligtree.

Mech suit

Elden Ring Madness Builds Instructions :

You can use hand tools with Ash of War: Bloodhound’s Step to complete this build. You can also use Insufferable Frenzy and Frenzy Blast for spells. As armor, you can use Mask of Silver Tears to increase your Arcane, Flock’s Canvass Talisman, Clarifying Horn Charm +1, Stalwart Horn Charm +1 as talismans, and frequency expansions to complete this Madness build are Faith, Strength, and Mind. which are

My favorite PvP build of the Elden Ring Madness Builds is Adam Burker’s mech suit. Here you will be able to fight with other players in a very intense frenzy. Mech asthma is one of the most anti-aging tools you can get at any time. If you use them too strongly, their salvation may sometimes be uncertain.

You can also use Ironjar and boost aromatics as consumables to complete Madness builds. You may need an Arteria Leaf for the dual setup, which you can obtain by trawling the Giants’ Gravepost Site of Grace in Mountaintops of the Giants. After you first use Ironjar Aromatic, there will be some slowness. But that’s where Bloodhound’s Step will come in handy. Also, you can equip the Radagon icon to reduce the broadcast time here.

The immortal serpent

Instructions for Madness Builds:

You can get the Immortal Serpent to build as one of the more fun makes among the Elden Ring Madness Builds. You use the Serpent-God’s Curved Sword, Dual Power or Blasphemy Blade as weapons here. Also, as talismans, you can use Taker’s Kamio, Assassin’s Crimson Dagger, and Godkin Cloth. The frequency distributions are the planes of strength, skill, and confidence. You can also use double helms, rings of sycamores, and sepulcher cloaks as armor.

Most of the Serpent God items here will regenerate after you use them to kill enemies. Because of this, among the Elden Ring Madness Builds, this build becomes a vampire simultaneously and then heals itself. When you defeat an enemy with the Serpent God’s Curved Sword, it restores health. If you want to add a finishing touch to this, you can get the excellent Rune of Melania. It allows you to recover the health of enemies you take damage from during a direct attack. You can get Vishih as a snake detail if you modify the tombstone in the duelist armor at the end.

Crazy salesman

Instructions for Madness Builds:

In Elden, Ring Madness Builds, you can use Vyke’s War Spear as a weapon to build the Madness Merchant. Also, spells like Flames of Madness, Frenzy Burst, and Intolerable Frenzy can be used. You use goods from traveling salespeople as armor. Also, as talismans, you can use Radagon Icon, Flock’s Canvas Talisman. Its frequency distributions are those of skill, faith, and mind.

The traveling salespeople are among my favorite characters in these Elden Ring Madness Build. You can use Vyke’s War Spear as an insane weapon here. It would be nice if you also used the Frenzied Flame Seal spell to increase it further. You can use Flame of Frenzy and Undurable Frenzy to stun most enemies and bosses with no difficulty. The final touch here is the ware finery vestry behind Fosseken Cathedral below Lendel.


Instructions for building Madness:

To complete the above build, you can use Helphen’s Steeple, Death’s Poker, Grave Scythe, and Rosus’ Ax. Also, the spells include Ancient Death Runker, Fia’s Mist, and Explosive Ghost Fia’s Mist. The Radon icon and the Graven Mass talisman are among the amulets, and the magic scorpion is essential. The armor here is the Night Knight’s Armor and the Royal Remnant Helm. It would be best if you used Mind, Intelligence, and the combat stats of your choice as the number spread.

You have the best kind of potential for building a Necromancer. More strategically, you can choose weapons in relevant situations to make higher. To minimize damage, you can use Prince of Death’s Staff to cast and use Graven Mass Talisman and Magic Scorpion Charms. You can use the Royal Remains Helm and the Night’s Cavalry set as fun armor for a while. The most effective death spells are Ancient Death Rancor, Fia’s Mist, and Explosive Ghostflame.

How do you defend against Elden Ring, Madness?

You can ward off the Madness of the Eldan Ring by wearing the Horn Charm, Immune Horn Charm, Molten Necklace, etc. Also, you can get a much better immunity than crazy through these actions. However, it would be best to remember that it does not entirely cure you.

Does Madness damage the Elden Ring?

Damage equal to 100+15% of max HP. Also, remember that they also suffer a 30+10% FP loss from their maximum FP. When the focus frequency is raised, the Madness effect can be minimized. You can also improve focus by adding points to the mind.

Is the Madness build in the PvE Elden Ring good?

The Madness Build in Elden Ring Madness Builds only works against human enemies. Also, it is more effective in PvP.

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