Unlock Dark Lanner Mount In Final Fantasy XIV

Unlock Dark Lanner Mount In Final Fantasy XIV

Unlock Dark Lanner Mount In Final Fantasy XIV

Unlock Dark Lanner Mount In Final Fantasy XIV

You may need the Dark Lanner Mount Bird to visit Eorzea. Traveling with him will allow you to explore the entire region very quickly. There are several tools you will need for this.

You can also add several different types of fixtures throughout the game. To add these, you can complete the significant explorations in Final Fantasy XIV. Among the many tasks, we provide you with a guide on unlocking Dark Lanner Mount in Final Fantasy XIV.

How To Get Dark Lanner Mount

If you’ve got a Dark Lanner Mount in the game anyway, many opportunities are open to you. To do this, you must complete the exploration of the critical moments in Final Fantasy XIV. In addition, you will have to unlock the Dark Lanner Mount.

To do this, you need to complete the exploration of significant events in Heavensward. That quest is the Litany Of Peace. You must also be at least 60 to complete this quest. And here is another unique thing you need to know. That is, you need something special to call the dark lanyard mount. That is, dark liners are great.

How to find a dark liner

Here you first have to complete the Litany of Peace. Once that is done, you can do a side exploration. That quest is, The Minstrel’s Ballad: Nidhogg’s Wrath. Here you have to get one Drop of material.

For that, you have to beat Nidhogg. Now that you have a drop of liquid, you have the opportunity to collect a lot of rare items in the game.

Here are two ways you can get a Dark Lanner Mount. One, by defeating Nidhogg and adding it in Drop. The other method is to buy a whistle from a vendor.

However, getting a whistle in Drope is a bit of a rarity. It’s best to get this from Horde Totems from any vendor.
Now that you’ve got the Dark Lanner Whistle, you can quickly get the Dark Lanner Mount.

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