Ulcerated Tree Spirit Elden Ring Guide 2022

Ulcerated Tree Spirit Elden Ring Guide 2022

Ulcerated Tree Spirit Elden Ring 

Ulcerated Tree Spirit in the Elden Ring game looks intense. But with this Elden Ring guide, you can quickly kill the animal again and again. Of course, Ulcerated Tree Spirit is either a recurring Elden Ring boss or a small boss.

The Ulcerated Tree Spirit drop can include Golden Seed, Banished Knight Oleg’s Spirit Call, and around 15,000 Runes, so this definitely depends on the chief variant.


Ulcerated Tree Spirit Elden Ring Guide 2022

This boss is hard to fight against because he strikes hard, but the tracks are slow-moving and have exaggerated animations. At some point, you will have to arm yourself with a weapon that can cause bleeding. It causes an unbearable explosion for the boss, which is likely to stagnate. Also, Uchigatana and Bloodhound’s Fang are the original weapons that cause bleeding.

First thing you need to do when you play this game is to position yourself on either side of the Ulcerated Tree Spirit. That way, it counts for any boss variant you can find anywhere. It has a variety of motion sets but is valid for only two side attacks.

It tends to climb walls with a lot of twisting, but as long as you stick to its sides, it won’t hit you and ends up near it, giving you protection. Once it’s a combination, hit it twice and observe its movements. Then you can play well and defend yourself.

Swipe it twice or trample the nail to hit you when you are on the side. In both cases, it will lift its claws first, so turn back or to the right.

You have only one attack better than fleeing.

The Ulcerated Tree Spirit first appears and, after a while, begins to glow yellow. Now you quickly find a safe way because an AoE explosion will happen soon. When it hides, it starts to run away. Especially if you build a game soon, it will do a lot of damage.

If the boss stumbles, he will fall. Quickly lift your head and aim for the glowing eye.

ULCERATED Tree Spirit Places


Ulcerated Tree Spirit Elden Ring Guide 2022

We currently know three places about the Ulcerated Tree Spirit: Stormveil Castle, Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, and Mt. Gelmir.

Now, if you have a Stonesword key, you can quickly confront the boss at Eldon Ring. Then use it to unlock the Fringefolk hero’s tomb on the right side of the Grease site.

Take your road and turn left. When you reach the end of the street, the boss battle will be to the south. You also have the statue of Marika, so if you die, you do not need to redo the cave.

You can also encounter the Ulcerated Tree Spirit in the Stormveil Castle basement.

This area is just screaming a boss fight; no need to focus on it.

Elden Ring’s original game can be brutal, especially if you’re new to the Souls genre. However, attacking these bosses will not pay off. After defeating the spirit of the Wild Tree in the Elder Ring, how about going around with the Tree Sentinel? It is strong, dex and gold halberd in the most suitable order for faith.

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