Top 10 Upcoming Games of March 2021

Top 10 Upcoming Games of March 2021

March of 2021 is almost here. Can you believe it? Time flies well. We got some video game releases for you this month. Although it’s certainly not the biggest month for game releases, there are still a couple of titles worth note. So, we’ve got ten Upcoming games releasing in March of 2021.

10. Balan Wonderworld

Balan Wonderworld upcoming game


PC PS4/PS5 XBox One Switch Release on 26th March 2021

As a start of the upcoming games of 2021, This is essentially a Square Enix joint developed by Japanese developers. Most notably, director Yuji Naka and art director Naoto Oshima are now famous for working together on nights into dreams and sonic adventure. So, these are like two 90s developer game dev heroes. I mean, depending on how you feel about those games. But still, it’s an exciting pairing to be coming back and with this game, although admittedly, it seems like it’s geared a little bit more towards children.

It looks creative and fun essentially, it’s a 3D action platforming game where you play as one of two people thrust into this magical musical world led by this conductor type of guy known as Balan. The game is level-based, and there is some action and platforming and a focus on costumes. Your player can wear up to three outfits at once. But there’s a bunch of them in the game over 80 collectible costumes. All these costumes will give you different abilities and kind of shake up the gameplay. Now there was a demo available for this title. Opinions are kind of all over the place on this game. But it seems like if you’re into the aesthetic, the vibe, the wholesomeness. Maybe it’s for you it’s releasing on March 26th, 2021 for pc switch PlayStation and Xbox.

9. Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Yakuza Like a Dragon upcoming game


PS5 Release on 02nd March 2021

Believe it or not, this is releasing finally for PlayStation 5. this is about four months after its major debut release on Xbox series x and s. for the next generation consoles, Xbox had a brief window of exclusivity. So now if you’ve been sitting around if you were one of the very few people lucky enough to get a PlayStation 5 and you’ve been sitting around wanting to play a shiny new yakuza game on it. now’s your chance, and it’s probably worth the wait because Yakuza like a dragon is a good as yakuza game. It is admittedly different.

The gameplay flow changes with the RPG and turns based elements. Still, you’re in a fun-filled, densely packed world with hilarious creativity and weird over-the-top moments and just a bunch of great character moments and some outstanding drama. we’ve advocated for these games for a long time. They walk an excellent line between exciting storytelling and just absurdity with some fun gameplay. So, we can’t recommend it enough as well as every other game in the series. one thing to note if you have ps4 save files for the game, it won’t transfer over to the PlayStation 5 version. Make sure you remember that before jumping in, you still won’t have to wait long in the March to play Yakuza on your ps5. This upcoming game will releasing on March 2nd.

8. Monster Jam Steel Titans 2


PC PS4 XBox Switch Release on 02nd March 2021

this is an over-the-top monster truck action game, and it looks ridiculous. These games do an excellent job of taking the real-world trucks uh most. Notably, this one will have more than ever before. But it takes those real-world trucks and puts them in ridiculous dumb situations and levels and types of races that you’d want to see monster trucks compete in. there are now 38 trucks and 12 real-world stadiums as well as five newer larger and kind of wackier worlds. Plus, this time around, there’s a new online multiplayer mode.

So, you can go driving around and jumping and crashing and racing with your friends. If you’re looking for some fun and some levity in your life, turn off your brain monster jam steel titans too looks like it has it, especially with some of the worlds like there’s one world called camp crush more. It’s like a mount Rushmore outdoor nature-type area, but instead of the presidents on the mountain, it’s just monster trucks. As an upcoming games in 2021, it will releasing on March 2nd, and it’s releasing for pc, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

7. Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits


PC PS4 PS5   Release on March 2021

now this one comes with a big heavy grain of salt. Because we still don’t know exactly if it’s coming in March. We wanted to keep it on this list. To play it safe just in case it does launch. But I want to say maybe stay in the middle here. don’t get your hopes up too much from that. CES presentation a few months back that Sony had many of you probably know that there was a period where the trailer showed the sizzle reel had a little thing at the bottom that showed a bunch of dates for upcoming PlayStation games. They eventually took it down, but it’s legit, and one of the games listed at the time was Kena: bridge of spirits march 2021 as an upcoming games.

That being said, we’ve seen many games get delayed and pushed, and ember lab the developers here haven’t said anything they’ve been pretty radio silent on when the game is coming. We don’t want to rush them, but it would be nice to see it in March because the game looked cool. It is a great art style, kind of a fun action-adventure in a fantasy world that focuses around you collecting these little critter guys and manipulating the environment and fighting enemies and saving the world.

It just seemed relaxed and just unique enough to scratch that adventure action itch. You know, with a little bit of like a Disney animated studios or Pixar type of vibe. The game does have a lot of potentials. We’ve seen a lot of people put it on their most anticipated lists. We’ve even seen the game development community be interested in the game.

6. Ranch Simulator

Ranch Simulator upcoming games 2021


PC   Release on 04th March 2021

It’s almost like we got a fun little country theme going on here between monster truck games and a ranch farm simulator. The more we looked into ranch sim, the more comprehensive this thing looks, as they’re calling it. there’s a lot to it. you’re building, you’re farming, you’re hunting, running a business, taking care of the land, driving around, you’re selling, you’re buying, and you’re even exploring. there’s a lot going on here.

Interestingly enough, it’s less about just building a farm and more about everything else. The game itself, the developers, dubbed it as a single-player and multiplayer open world simulator. But it’s just an open-world simulator where you happen to run a ranch. Still, that doesn’t mean that the ranch elements are in the backseat. Because of what we’ve seen from gameplay, it seems pretty cool, especially the building, and if you’re building with other people, it seems to be even more relaxed. You got cows, and you got q feed, some pigs, you got to do all that farming stuff.

Of course, you have to deal with the elements too. it’s all framed loosely around a story of your family having a ranch that has fallen on bad times. it’s up for you to build it back up to its former glory and rise to even more. we’re keeping an eye on this, and we’re curious to see just how far it goes. Because from its steam listing and just some early stuff that they’ve shown off, it seems way more ambitious than we expected, and we hope it lives up to it, especially for people that are just dying to play an exciting hybrid game like this. ranch simulator is releasing on pc on March 4th

5. Evil Genius 2 World Domination

Evil Genius 2 World Domination


PC   Release on 30th March 2021

this game is interesting because it’s being developed by rebellion, the folks behind the very awesome sniper elite games. They’ve been creative for a long time, and the original evil genius game was cool, and it seems like they’re taking it even further this time around. Essentially, it’s like a cool spin on a concept we’ve seen before.

Think about how Tropico added like a dictator spin to city building, management types of games. Well, evil genius goes in the opposite direction where you are building a lair as a supervillain. Whether it’s like a lair in a volcano or a secret underground lab or anything like that, it’s up to you to build it, staff it, run it and practically take over the world. It’s interesting because, with a game like this, you have to worry about training your staff and building up power and making sure it’s all running efficiently, but you also have to worry about defending it from the good guys.

So, you need to have all kinds of safety procedures in place and booby traps and other dangers to succeed, and it just seems like an excellent game. We know many players who like to live out their evil villain fantasies, which will probably scratch that itch. let’s go back even further. If you’re somebody who was into the dungeon keeper games, this is kind of like the next evolution of that. Evil genius 2 world domination is really cool upcoming game and it will releasing on PC March 30th 2021.

4. Overcooked! All You Can Eat 

Overcooked! All You Can Eat


PC PS4 XBox Switch Release on 23rd March 2021

This is interesting and worth pointing out that the game is already on next-generation consoles. This release here is releasing on pc PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. Overcooked, all you can eat is essentially overcooked 1 and 2 combined into one big package. Some extra features and things cleaned up a little bit load time sped up. If you’ve never played an overcooked game before, which we highly recommend this package, this full package is probably worth picking up.

Not to mention the fact they’re also working on adding cross-platform multiplayer to it. It also has some of the best couch co-op gameplay out there where if you want to like hate your mom or yell at your siblings or your best friends and get into fights about who needs to chop the onions faster, who needs to bring over this, who needs to tend to the oven and put out the fire. These games breed that all-out chaos when you’re playing together because it’s all about cooking efficiently and quickly in the kitchen via teamwork and communication.

In contrast, the game continuously throws more and more complicated elements. it’s not just the recipes get more complicated no your kitchen, and the situations get more involved, and it’s a ton of fun. Even if it’s a bit stress-inducing, seriously, I don’t think we can recommend these games enough if this is your type of thing. If this is your forte, this package will probably be a no-brainer. As an upcoming games, it releasing on March 23rd, 2021.

3. Minute of Islands

Minute of Islands upcoming games 2021


PC PS4 XBox Switch Release on 18th March 2021

To be completely honest, from what we’ve seen, this one is trickier to explain. But essentially, it’s like a single-player linear narrative adventure. That’s more focused on storytelling, world-building, and some puzzle platforming stuff more than anything. you’re not running around killing anything. This like a young magical girl going through this world using your magical device to essentially resurrect these old beings and save this group of islands. That’s the most exciting part, the way you kind of travel from island to island in the game. It reminds me of another recent game called spirit fair.

Although you could tell it’s very different, just the idea of sitting on a vessel and cruising from one area to another and discovering just more beautiful two-dimensional art style stuff. I’m all about that, especially with the emphasis on the story here with more of like a comic book, hand-drawn style and just some of the creature designs the world designs the character designs there’s something else. The story is fully narrated with voice acting. It’s already won a ton of awards and nominations from the independent game festival. Indie mega booth choices at different Paxes and Gamescom and really with a cool story a relaxed art style presumably hopefully some good music and vibes this could be a really unique and maybe even relaxing experience. Minute of islands too upcoming games and it releasing on pc PlayStation Xbox and switch March 18th, 2021.

2. Its Takes Two

Its Takes Two upcoming games 2021


PC PS4 XBox One   Release on 26th March 2021

This is an incredibly cool-looking upcoming game. I’m just in love with this concept because it is from the developers behind a way out. Remember that guy who went on the game awards and said f the Oscars well he and a team developed a cool on-the-run convict jail escaping co-op game. We were blown away by it and totally in love with it. And it seems like this time around, Hayes light the developers are taking that two-player concept to the next level with this game. It takes two where essentially, you are an estranged couple, a husband and wife who are magically transformed into dolls. So, in some kind of weird honey, I shrunk the kids’ scenario you are running around this strange new world, trying to solve puzzles and survive in some pretty action-packed looking moments. While also maybe saving your relationship in the game.

I mean, what is curious is that the game has been dubbed a romantic comedy. We don’t have those in video games. Like a way out, they’re going even further this time with doubling down on more gameplay mechanics and more variety. So, the game and the story are always moving forward, and you’re still going to be doing and experiencing something new. Because that’s how a real adventure should work, but what Hayes light specializes in is working together—inventing gameplay scenarios that test your patience with another player and how you have to work together.

It very much pans out differently than it ever has in other video games. We’re hoping that it takes two can live up to the potential. Live up to the developer’s previous titles because this could easily be one of the best games this month and maybe even this year. I expect this one to be extremely underrated and not talked about enough. I’m just calling that now. This game also upcoming games and it will release on pc PlayStation and Xbox on March 26th, 2021.

1. Monster Hunter Rise 

Monster Hunter Rise upcoming games 2021


Switch Release on 26th March 2021

I know a lot of people have been clamoring for more monster hunters. New fans have been introduced to the monster hunter series thanks to the monster hunter world hitting the consoles. But now we’re going a bit more back to basics with this game. Monster Hunter Rise is releasing only on a Nintendo Switch, which reminds me of many other monster hunter games that ultimately blew up on 3D.

Now monster hunter started on PlayStation 2. but for many people, they found their footing with it on a Nintendo platform. Developed during the development of monster hunter world, the two studios compared notes. There are many similarities here, but with a lot more over-the-top looking stuff here and some exciting verticality use. As you may or may not know, Monster hunter games are famously pretty flat, and you very much being on the ground. Monster hunter world shook this up, but rise seems to take it and run with it. It can make for some cool monster-hunting scenarios, especially if you’re playing with some other people. The potential here is nuts, which will be a very killer game for the Nintendo switch. it monster hunter rise is releasing at the end of the month on Switch on March 26th. As a upcoming games in 2021, this is the best game I can highly recommend for switch users.

As a Summery of March 2021

Those are 10 games releasing in march 2021. worth at least paying attention to, but we got two more. That we wanted to mention first stubs, the zombie is finally getting a re-release. It will be on PS4, Xbox, Switch, and PC on March 16th, 2021.

Not only that, it is worth mentioning that the kingdom hearts series is getting a pc release. All the titles are finally dumping onto pc. So if you’ve never gotten your hands on these, now seemingly yet is the time the wait is over.

These are the upcoming games worth paying attention to in March 2021. Like I said, I think it is a bit of a quiet year. But we’re very curious to see what games you guys are interested in. Please be sure to let us know in the comments that any game that caught your eye if you’re planning on picking up even just one of these games lets us know. We tailor our article around what games you guys are interested in.

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