Things to Know Before Playing Resident Evil Village

Things to Know Before Playing Resident Evil Village

Today we’re looking at ten things you should know about resident evil village. Resident Evil Village is a survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. But be warned, there are minor spoilers up ahead.

Ethan is the main character in Resident Evil Village

Though he was always a less intriguing character than his missing wife Mia. since she’s the one who knows what’s going on with the virus, even winters is back as the protagonist for the village. We’re not sure exactly how Ethan gets back into the game after settling down with Mia and having a child. But we do know that this child is essential to the plot. It is a little surprising that Capcom would go back to Ethan instead of bringing back even more classic characters, especially with the incredible success of the recent remakes. But hopefully Ethan isn’t a one-hit-wonder.

 We talked about this. I know we hardly talk about anything else.

it’s first-person again

For 20 years, every mainline resident evil game was the third person, with resident evil 4 being one of the best examples of what an over-the-shoulder shooter could be. Capcom mixed it up a little with the soft reboot of the series resident evil 7. turning the game into a first-person horror hit. But it wasn’t for everyone. with some critics saying the game wasn’t an actual resident evil game due to this gameplay change. Regardless 7 was incredibly successful and if anything, being in the first person just made it scarier. First-person persists in the resident evil village, meaning you’ll be up close and personal with the evils within.

Resident Evil vampires

Resident Evil Village set in Europe.

Resident evil has no shortage of iconic settings, from the original spencer mansion to the baker ranch. Yet again, we will bid Capcom’s version of us goodbye as the village is set in rural Europe. Much like when resident evil 4 went to a sinister town in Spain village is headed a similar way. In one of the showcases, you can catch a glimpse of the currency Ethan uses, which is Romanian leu. Romania is home to Transylvania, and Transylvania, in turn, is bordered by the snowy and hostile Carpathian Mountains. Almost certainly, this is where the game will take place.

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They’re vampires

Pre-release material so far suggests the primary antagonists of the village are a private group of vampires. Before the demo dropped, there was only speculation that they were vampires. But after roaming their stately castle seeing the blood and guts they eat and drink, reading that they’re not keen on sunlight, and learning about the Transylvania setting, it’s clear that we’ll be facing genuine vampires this time. The 9-foot 6-inch-tall lady Dimitrisku leads these vampires. Who’s taken a particular interest in Ethan winters. Also seen in the trailers are strange witches and werewolves, so there will be plenty of fresh enemies and encounters.

wow, well, Ethan winters, there you are.

Resident Evil vampires

Resident Evil 4 early builds

You may not realize when you play, but this classic had a tumultuous development. Though the final version saw Leon Kennedy fight infected hordes in Spain and plenty of other memorable monsters. It was originally planned to have some more unique supernatural elements. These were going to ghosts and an ominous hookman who would pursue Leon. Resident Evil 4 turned out great regardless. But it seems Capcom is revisiting the earlier versions of four to take inspiration for the village. In a lot of ways, the village might become a spiritual successor to resident evil 4. It’s a direct successor, resident evil 5, never was.

in life and death, we give glory. the bell tolls for us all.

Chris might be a villain

Nobody was expecting it when Chris Redfield showed up at the end of resident evil 7 to save Ethan at the last second. The good news for longtime fans is that Chris is back in the village. But he might be more foe than friend. It’s Chris who brings Ethan to Europe. Presumably to take down the vampire clan. But he also may pose a threat to Ethan and Mia’s child. He’s certainly not the heroic Chris we’ve come to know. He is shooting Mia in the trailer. It’s possible that she could have been infected. But we’ll have to wait and see what the truth. Is behind this scene, fingers crossed that Chris finds some boulders he can punch through.

Grid-based inventory in Resident Evil Village

One other thing that is synonymous with resident evil “merciless inventory management.” you spend just as much time trying to figure out how many healing items you need to have on you at once as you do fight outbreaks of deadly viruses. So, purists will be pleased to hear that a grid-based inventory system similar to resident evil 4 will be making a return. Unforgiving inventory screens never really went away and have been just as crucial in the two big remakes, but it’s good to hear Capcom is still sticking to Izzy’s survival horror roots.

It will conclude the Resident Evil 7 story.

If you still haven’t warmed to Ethan winters and his plight, then there’s good news. The village will wrap up the story arc begun in resident evil 7, which presumably means Ethan will be retired by the end of the game. 7 had a mind-bending story at times and a very well-executed plot twist. So, it’s nice to see Capcom isn’t just going to leave those loose ends hanging. There was DLC for 7, but players still have plenty of questions that the incoming sequel will hopefully answer. That is if it doesn’t get too busy establishing new viruses. The franchise isn’t exactly known for its easy-to-follow lore, after all.

It’s on last-gen consoles

We only mentioned PlayStation 5. I’m happy to announce that we’ve been working hard to bring the survival horror experience onto current-gen as well.

Initially, village was announced as coming to pc, Xbox series x, and PlayStation 5. a few months later, Capcom has backtracked on that promise. Now it’s going to be coming to last-gen as well. This is almost certainly because it’s been so difficult for people to get their hands on new consoles, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to have called any easier by the time the game comes out. Rather than reduce their bottom line, Capcom is bringing the game to everybody. But the best version of the game will be on PS5, where it will support 4k ray tracing and adaptive triggers. The demo was only released on PS5 after all.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions


this standalone multiplayer mode will be accessible for people who buy the village.

Collector’s edition

this edition includes a statue of Chris, a map, an art book, and even a new difficulty setting

that includes all the deluxe edition content as well as a striking figure of Chris Redfield, a steel bookcase poster and art book.

It’s releasing in May

I can’t wait to sink your teeth into the resident evil village well, and you don’t have long. to go, the game’s release date has been revealed as May 7, 2021. this is more than four years since the release of resident evil 7.

Now you can buy Resident Evil Village on official website

So hopefully, all that development time in between remakes means the Resident Evil Village will be an excellent game. The best thing about a may release date is that the village probably won’t have too much competition. Telling as many people as possible will be able to play that and jump online to check out reverse as well.

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