The Story Of Elden Ring : What Happens In Elden Ring Part 1?

The Story Of Elden Ring : What Happens In Elden Ring Part 1?

The Story Of Elden Ring : What Happens In Elden Ring Part 1?

What should you need to know about the story of the Elden Ring? Here we talk about the things that intrigued you the most. Then, we make it easy for you to grasp all the history of the story and all the misunderstandings.

The Elden Ring story spans a wide range and is very confusingly crafted. To make the Elden Ring video game more accessible for you, it’s best to have a good understanding of the story’s history, political background, and religious confusion. If you ignore the characters, you encounter in the story, you will get stuck somewhere while playing Elden Ring. Therefore, it is essential to know how everything in the Elden Ring affects your sport. So, here you are, the infamous Elden Lord, and your attempt to rise through the Elden Ring and describe a series of events during that time.

Who are you in the Elden Ring?

In the opening story, it is clear that you are a person who is disliked. But you are someone who the power of the outside God has called back. It happens after your death outside the land. You seem to be constantly going through different types of characters and getting involved in other actions. However, your role in the Elden Ring is not clear at first. But some influential people are willing to carry out their will on the land with you. Of course, the purpose of your trip is to make some big deal. The one who helps you from your side is the weird spectrum woman.

Your resurrection

You suddenly die at the hands of a boss who is a disciple transplanted into Soulsbone Games and then miraculously rises back into the ground. It happens with the help of an unimaginably confused horse and a covered woman. You meet a man with a strange appearance and temperament as you try to get out of the grave and move on. The description he gives you is about your transaction. He also tends to define you by his style. In fact, in his opinion, he reveals that even if you are a disgraced person, whatever your next goal is, you have the guidance of kindness.

That is why you can see a golden light at that moment as a guide of grace. It means that the light or that grace gives you some guidance on where you should go.

Finger Maiden


In the Elden Ring, the Maiden is a young woman who follows the guidance of grace to help the disgraced find their way. In fact, in the Elden Ring story, Finger Maiden has some divine power. Wondering why you do not have Maiden? Here are many things you can do without any other help with the opening of the Elden Ring.

However, there is a person who will offer to serve you as a Finger Maiden. The same young woman you saw in the graveyard when you met again. She introduces herself as Melina and makes a deal that she will only serve you as Finger Maiden if you help her reach Eritrea. You will also get a whistle to call the torrent during her meeting.


Melina is the most attractive. She is a person who pretends to be a soul. Melina has a high status among the mystical roles in this world. Melina in the Elden Ring also seems to be pursuing a goal just like you. The time you have to spend with her is a big deal in the story. The benefit you get from her is that you can learn about different gods and goddesses, even in a minimal conversation.

Round table hold in Elden Ring

The Round Table Hold in the Elden Ring is a place that provides a significant home for many more infamous people. However, everyone, there is fighting for the Elden Ring. The leader here is Sir Gideon Officer. There is also an opportunity to be chained to the Huge wall and forced to serve infamous warriors. Shortly after you meet Melina, she lets you go to the Round Table Hold.

What makes this unique for you is that it is a place where you can not physically travel and take shape in another world. Many people gathered there fail at the main event of the Elden Ring story, during which everyone tries to become Lord Elden. Many of the warriors there have lost the guiding direction of grace. But a few of the heroes there are scattered.

The first time you go round the table, you will not receive a great reception. Many scars indicate that they have come across Lands. There you have to make a description of your goal. Here he hopes to rebuild the broken Elden Ring and become the Elden Lord. There is a need for races run by the gods among the lands between them.

Elden Ring Lore

You can see many of Godrick’s events and things he did in Limgrave. People have been nailed on both sides of the road, and checkpoints have been set up. The purpose here is to prevent Godrick Stormwell from meeting anyone during his stay at the palace. Here you will find several stories being read about Godrick’s character. He is said to be finally hiding in Stormveil. While there, you will be able to learn about the work Godrick is doing. It must be noted that many warriors who try to reach it have suffered a terrible fate.

When you finally meet Godrick, you will understand his work and learn from him what a transplant is. Among Godrick’s evil deeds, many who expect him to come can see the punishment he inflicts. During the fight, Godrick performs a transplant in front of you. It is considered a tribute to his ancestors. It is also essential to use dead dragons for transplantation.

You can also find unique stories about Godrick with the Dragons in the Elden Ring series. At the end of the game, you have to kill or defeat him, and it opens the way for you through the stormveil. Then, it goes straight to the next section of land to the north.

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