The Legend of Dragoon Full review 2022

The Legend of Dragoon Full review 2022

The legend of Dragoon Overview


If you are also a fan of dragon warriors, The Legend of Dragoon is a great video game. It can be described as a fabricated story highlighting the golden age of a young man. Developed and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The Legend of Dragoon video game was first released in Japan on December 2, 1999. The story is based on the adventure of a group of warriors who try to prevent the world’s destruction in a fantasy magic world called Endiness. 

The legend of Dragoon Overview


The Legend of Dragoon developers are keen to give the player a more up-to-date experience using 3D technology for combat operations. Produced by a large production team, the video game cost around $ 16 million to complete. As a result, copies of The Legend of Dragoon continued to sell worldwide. 



Story review of The Legend of Dragoon


The main character in the story is Dart. The black monster in the story kills Dart’s parents and destroys his hometown of Neat, leaving him haunted for as long as five years. On the way, he is attacked by a dragon named Firebrand. The Firebrand is a dragon ruled by Sandora during the Serbian Civil War. 

The legend of Dragoon Overview

Dart rescues Dart from the dragon’s attack by Rose’s female heroine. It is learned that Sandora, who has destroyed Dart’s birthplace, has taken away his childhood friend Shana. With that impulse, Dart sets out to save her, and along the way, Dart encounters various characters. With all of those men, Dart forms a team under himself. 



Its main characters are Dart, Rose, Miranda, Meru, Congolese and Haschel. The Legend of Dragoon battle is aimed primarily at the pursuit of a few villains, but the main ones are Sieg and Lloyd. The unique thing about this video game is that they use Dragoons Spirits for combat. They also have to launch the final battle with Melbu frahma, the god of party destruction, at the end of the game.


 After that journey, they release the abducted Shana Helena from prison. Even then, they continue to be attacked by Sandora. They also face the battle of the Gigantes, a giant who, after the war with the Kongals, Dart gains the ability to transform into a dragon using the red-eyed dragon’s dragon spirit.


Later, they travel to Lohan, where they meet Lloyd, the world’s greatest swordsman. The story of the artifacts associated with him operates separately. He obtains all three artifacts of the empire and the soul of the Divine Dragon, the most powerful dragon in the world. Eventually, however, Dart’s team manages to defeat Lloyd. 


The game then continues until Melbu’s battle, changing spirits, using various magic tricks, and wreaking havoc. However, at the end of the game, Dart’s party can defeat Melbu. For that, Dart’s team has to sacrifice Rose and Seeg. 

Overview of the main characters in The Legend of Dragoon


  1. Dart Field

Dart Field

23-year-old Dartfeld is the protagonist of the story of the birth of the human race. His hometown is Neat. The weapon he uses in battle is the sword. Also, Dart’s subjective dragon is the red-eyed dragon. He loses his hometown and his parents in an attack by a black monster. All that is left for Dart is his father’s shining red stone. As mentioned in the synopsis above, Dart’s story runs to the end.





  1. Lavitz Slambert

Lavitz Slambert


He was born into the human race at about 34 years of age. His hometown is Bale, and he uses the spear to fight. Slambert’s subjective dragon is Jade Dragon. He was the commander of Basil’s First Knighthood, is a warrior of the best kind and has a kind heart. He joins the Dart. In this story, the combination of the two leads to Shana’s rescue mission. Lavitz also manages to defeat the man named Graeme who killed his father, after which he inherits Jade Dragon. 


  1. Albert


He was the most merciful king of the kingdom of Basil. He is about 26 years old and was born in Bale. King Albert’s weapon is a spear, and his dragon is a Jade Dragon. Although the natural heir to the throne was King Albert, Doel was the leader of Sandora’s army.


 He was the assassin of King Albert’s father. His full name is Doel Zardio, and by kinship, he is the brother of King Albert’s father. Albert is kidnapped because he has some essential items that the mysterious person is looking for. However, Dart’s team saves Albert, but Jade Dragon moves to Albert as soon as the Levites fall into battle. 


  1. Kongol


Born in Gigantes, Kongol is a 37-year-old man whose weapon is an ax. The Golden Dragon is his soul dragon, and as a child, he is attacked by pirates like Dart’s and loses his village. Kongol was a brilliant warrior for Doyle. It was as if he were paying off a debt to save himself. Kongol has a giant solid ax in his hand and fights Dart’s gang brilliantly but somewhat slowly after joining. 



  1. Haschel


Haschel is a bit old. He is about 60 years old, and his hometown is the city called “Hora”. The hand and claws are his weapons. Haschel is Dart’s longtime friend, and his subjective dragon is the Violet Dragon. His story revolves around his search for his runaway daughter, Claire. Haschel Dart, a more energetic and talented fighter, has been doing excellent service since joining the team. However, he is a bit careless. Someone who has an enjoyable and relaxed time. The Violet Dragon he possesses is a master of lightning and thunder strikes. 




  1. Shana


Born in Sales City, Shana is a talented, kind, and caring person. At about 18 years old, she is also Dart’s childhood friend and girlfriend. She had the white silver dragon’s ownership. The bow and arrow are her weapons as well as Shana sending Helena to prison after Sandora’s attack. The white silver dragon also has healing powers.




  1. Meru



Meru is a beautiful young woman in Dono. The large hammer is her weapon, and the 16-year-old Meru controls the Blue Sea dragon. Meru is also a trendy dancer. The official sea dragon belongs to her only after the defeat of the lens. However, she loses control of the Blue Sea dragon’s spirit, and the dragon controls the water and the ice element. 




  1. Miranda


Miranda is a 25-year-old young girl. Born in Leningrad, she has adopted the bow and arrow as a weapon. She is tasked with controlling the white silver dragon. After Shana was not strong enough to handle him, Miranda took over the responsibility. Miranda is Miley Sesso’s first pious sister. Also notable is that Miranda is a faithful servant of Queen Theresia. After losing her mother and father, she travels to Diningrat to preach love.


Download The Legend of Dragoon for PC


The legend of Dragoon is not an RPG game, so you can download it to your computer. It was first launched on December 2, 1999, in a Japanese studio. It is no secret that The Legend of Dragoon is in high demand as it is updated from time to time.


Note: PlayStation platform users can only play this computer game.


Recommended Requirements:


 RAM – 6 GB

 CPU speed – 2.7GHz

 OS – Windows 10, 8, 7

 Free disk space – 22 GB


You can follow the steps below to download The Legend of Dragoon to your computer.


  •  Click the Download Game button on The Legend of Dragoon using the link below 
  •  Then download The Legend of Dragoon.msi Installer to your computer.
  • Then open the installer and click on the “Next” button
  • Now, you can open The Legend of Dragoon game installer from your desktop.
  • As a final step, follow the instructions and download The Legend of Dragoon. After downloading for a while, the game installation will start. You can then open The Legend of Dragoon and play. 


In the report, we must honestly say that out of the large number of sports fans playing this video game, over 10456 users have commented very positively on this. 


How about playing The Legend of Dragoon right now?


If you want to play The Legend of Dragoon right now, buy the game or find old hardware on PSN. You can buy the game on PSN or PS3 for around USD 5.99. It will not be difficult for the players to find the PS3 in such a case, but it will be difficult to get hold of a PSP. 


Considering the time it takes to play The Legend of Dragoon, this can take long hours. If you get 100% complete, you will get more than 68 hours or nearly 69 hours. That counts; the main story here takes you about 49 hours. Then when the extra time is added, it takes about 57 1/2 hours. Accordingly, the total duration could be 69 hours. 


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