The best way to get a cape in No Man's Sky

The best way to get a cape in No Man’s Sky

The best way to get a cape in No Man’s Sky

The best way to get a cape in No Man's Sky
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You’ll have to wear a cape when you play No Man’s Sky. Actually, what is the best way to get this?
Wearing a cape here will significantly enhance your character. It is also instrumental in building reasonable confidence while playing the game. There are a lot of things you need to know here. How to find a cape in No Man’s Sky? We will give you a report on how it is worn. Finding a projection is a straightforward task. You do not have to put in a lot of effort to wear it.

How to find a cape in No Man’s Sky
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At No Man’s Sky, you get two types of capes. That one cape is a pre-finished, unlocked, ready-to-use cape. The other kind of Cape is initially locked and is an Outlaw Cape. You have to unlock this Cape that you find in No Man’s Sky. You can do this by playing The Blighted and Expedition Six.

To get a cape at No Man’s Sky, you must go to the look changer. That one changes the look of your foundation. Imagine for a second you couldn’t find a look changer. Then you can come to the nearest space center. There you will find someone.

Now you can click on the customization tab in the look changer to get a cape. There you select the Backpack tab. Also, you can see the different options in the Cape there. They are under the Backpack Style. Once you have set the Cape, you will see a color scheme. Choose the color you like from those colors.

Wearing a cape in No Man’s Sky

Now you know how to find a cape in No Man’s Sky. There are several things to keep in mind after wearing this. That is,

That a cape will replace your bag

Your jet pack will disappear after you put on the Cape. But the jetpack is still under the Cape. Also, you can use it as before even if you can’t see it.

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