tentacle locker review 2022

tentacle locker review 2022

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tentacle locker

All the girls depicted in tentacle locker are certainly over the age of 18, so don’t fret because they’re all wearing the uniforms of a school and wandering around in a school. It’s something to worry about. If you’re seeking a game that allows you to drag innocent schoolgirls into a tentacle locker and then move them into a terrifying fleshy, pink tentacle-like creature, you’ve found the suitable game.

This title tentacle locker is one of the few games that don’t play around with the story and bog you down with moral dilemmas and tough decisions. It just lets you get into the action to set you on your way to breaking the nut. Let’s dive into it.

Lock schoolgirls up and kidnap them and put these girls up in your locked locker

We are aware of the fact that the game is intended to be fun… or that’s what we think. The game is set in the hallways in a school for girls. Institution (horn warning) and we are required to manage a very unusual locker set. If the students walk by, we must unlock the lockers to open our tentacles to take them inside to their own will.

When lockers are in use In the lockers, the Lovecraft kind of creature makes use of its tentacle (hence the name) to make them have sexual relationships. In addition, you should listen to the sound effects if you are a fan of films such as Braindead by Peter Jackson or The Thing by John Carpenter.

A fun game to kill some time and determine how you’re able to get the Space Bar at the right time, and it could be a good game for a chimp, but nothing more to it. If you’ve come here after a specific search for the game, you may consider asking your mother to take you to see a doctor when you can.


The gameplay of This tentacle locker is very straightforward. It’s either a tentacle monster hiding in a tentacle locker at school or in a locker with tentacles. As you’d imagine, there are plenty in the way of both lockers and tentacles. By using Arrow keys, you can navigate around the hallway of a school that seems to have only adorable girls (definitely older than 18) and, when you’ve located one you love the appearance of, wrap your arms around her and take her to the locker.

When you’ve got a girl within your reach, it is possible to peek into the locker to control the entire process. Please select when you’d like to progress the event and when you want to slow it down. You may also try to force the girl out after you’ve had the time of your life. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this game is that no one seems to be aware of what’s happening, nobody attempts to stop you, and all of the girls seem to have a great time playing with you. But in any case, it’s a well-crafted game that is aware of what it’s about.

Ease of Play

It’s effortless to play. It is easy to play whenever you’d like to. There are a lot of games that make you think of things you don’t have to be concerned about. This game doesn’t and lets you dive into the fun aspects.


So, the graphics in this game don’t sound like what I’d consider being revolutionary. They’re not spectacular. However, they’re not bad either. There’s something fun and funny about the whole thing. The girls look like sketches made in the margins of your notebook, but they possess a specific look that is a bit odd but efficient sexuality. Maybe it’s the implicit sexuality of the game that is taboo, but it’s not considered taboo since all girls are aged 18.

The building itself is primary; there’s not anything to be seen in the corridor, as the focus of your attention should be elsewhere. I can mention that it emphasizes the game’s simple aesthetic with a style that makes it easy to play.’

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