Teaching Feeling Latest Version Download and Full guide 2022

Teaching Feeling Latest Version Download and Full guide 2022

Teaching Feeling Full Guide 2022

Teaching Feeling Latest Version Download and Full guide 2022

Are you willing to help someone else? Most emergencies that may happen to you daily are illustrated in Teaching Feeling. If you prefer challenges and humanity, Teaching Feeling is the best game.

Teaching Feeling is primarily a feeling game. It is a dating simulator that gauges players’ emotions. It is a beautiful opportunity for the players to have the chance to make more intimate connections with the most beautiful girls.

Teaching Feeling Specifications

Latest version – 3.0.22 APK
For Android – v3.0.22
Size – 519 MB
Application provided by – Necorl
Requirements – Android 5.0+

Installing Teaching Feeling APK on Android

  • You can download Teaching Feeling from the download link below.
  • Now after the download is complete, you will be able to find the APK through the “Downloads” section of the browser.
  • Before installing the APK here, ensure your device supports third-party apps.
  • For this, you can follow the following steps.
  • Open Menu > Settings > Security > Check for unknown sources. Now your phone can install apps from sources other than Google Play Store.
  • Now you can go to “Download” in your browser and tap the downloaded file.
  • You will be asked for permission there, and an installation prompt will appear.
  • Now complete the installation steps.
  • After the installation is fulfilled, you can open and play Teaching Feeling as usual.

The story of Teaching Feeling

At the beginning of Teaching Feeling, you are one of the few doctors in a small town. Also, this doctor is unmarried. Therefore, he is away from other responsibilities and is engaged in his rakyat activities. Being a single person, he does not commit himself to other issues.

But one day, a man appears in front of his house, led by a girl. The man tells you that you saved him earlier. For that, the man needs to repay you. And that man needs your help. A little girl with scars on her body is with him. He wants that child to grow up close to you. He gives you the child and goes back.

Accordingly, we introduce that child as an abandoned young soul who needs care and attention. That spirit is Sylvie, and the game is about how well you teach him. Through your teachings, she should be freed from her helpless condition and placed in a more stable position. As you progress through this game, you will encounter many challenges between these tutorials.

How to play Teaching Feeling?

Sylvie is the helpless girl with you to protect. She is a lovely girl. But the vices of her previous owner make her look very weak to anyone. You can see many wounds all over Sylvie’s body. It seemed that the one had taken advantage of her where she was before and attacked her. Her scarred face makes her look very old despite her beauty.

But now you are her master. So now everything you do to her is up to you. There are times when she behaves very timidly. It would be best if you were kind to her first. You get opportunities for this in the game. Accordingly, Sylvia should be listened to, spoken to kindly, and taken care of.

It would be best if you chose opportunities in Teaching Feeling to develop Sylvie’s mental and physical strength. You get three options to build a silent conversation with this girl.

1. Talk to Sylvie

You can talk to Sylvia in a very comfortable way with this option. Here you also get a chat option. You can start chatting with her as the first step to creating a relationship.

2. Rub Sylvie’s head

With this option, you can express sympathy and affection towards the girl child. If you choose this option at the beginning of the game, there will be no understanding between you and her. Also, if you do this, Sylvia will not understand it, so you will not get a good response from her. As you continue to rub Sylvie’s head through this option, she responds with a smile to indicate she likes it. ”

Touching Sylvie

As the last option, you can touch Sylvie. But here you have to be very careful. Because of her destructive past, she is very averse to touch. It would be top if you did it after getting along well with Sylvie. Also, if you feel her too often, she can die quickly.

It would be best if you never wronged her. The game ends when Sylvie dies in Teaching Feeling. First, you need to take care of her very lovingly. Then you get to get very close to Sylvie. Here you’ll have the chance to experience Sylvie’s reactions to bad behavior in some amusing moments.

Adverse effects of Sylvia

You don’t immediately understand Sylvie’s problems.
You need to get some experience with that. Also, you are Sylvie’s master in Teaching Feeling. So you should treat her as good and evil as well. Sylvia has two main problems.
1. Ill health
2. Intimate contact is necessary for the care

It would be best if you took Sylvie’s two recreates to collect points here. Sylvie will get sick and die when your score is low.

You will have the 15th day of Teaching Feeling. It is a crucial day. Here your score should be more than 50. Otherwise, you won’t be able to save Sylvie. It would be top if you did this anyway. Then you can bring Sylvie closer. You will be rewarded with challenges here, and Sylvie can take you to the next level.

Features of Teaching Feeling

Change in lighting

At Teaching Feeling, you are Sylvie’s teacher or master. You have a lot to teach Sylvia. When Sylvie is good, the light is very bright. And that day passes very happily. But if you oppress Sylvia, all those things will be obscured. It comes down to how you feel.

Two-dimensional state graphics

All the demonstrations in Teaching Feeling are very detailed. Some feel that the 2D graphics are somewhat lacking compared to most other games. However, the animated characters here stand out nicely.

Score connection

The fifteenth day of the game is challenging for you. For those 15 days, you should maintain a better connection than 50 points. If the score falls below 50, Sylvie will become sick and even die.

A chance to chat

In the Teaching Feeling game, if you want to talk to Sylvie about something, you can type it. However, all your gestures are visible on the screen. Also, Sylvie’s answer is written in front of you.

The feelings of humanity

Teaching Feeling is a great game where you can learn about humanity, tolerance, and social morality. Sylvie’s facial expressions will tell you how to progress in the game. It would be best if you always were considerate of her feelings. If not, the words on Sylvie’s face are not pleasant. Also, because of that, you lose the chance to advance in the game. Here you have to be very careful.


Teaching Feeling APK is a valuable social and humanitarian game for Android. Through this game, you will get the ability to learn many qualities, including responsibilities in society. By spending a logical amount of time with Sylvie, you can learn a lot about how to deal with a woman in real life.

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