Soul of Moonlight Butterfly - Dark Souls

Soul of Moonlight Butterfly – Dark Souls

Moonlight Butterfly| Dark solus

Moonlight Butterfly is a large butterfly. One of the fiercest spirits in the Dark Soul. Darkroot is a villain among the bosses found in the park and the crystal cave.

Soul of Moonlight Butterfly - Dark Souls In the battle with him, you can win only with a weapon and recognizing movements. Occasionally flying over the wall allows the player to destroy him. Moonlight Butterfly can make magic attacks, but they are not shackled.

He has no visible head or legs because of his powerful magic spirit. Let’s talk about Moonlight Butterfly in Darkroot Park and Moonlight Butterfly in Crystal Cave separately. Walk around with a shield and light armour on you to tame them.

Moonlight Butterfly’s capabilities

1. Launch the small javelin

Soul of Moonlight Butterfly - Dark Souls

It is the first capability of the Moonlight Butterfly. He’s targeting the company as you enter the garden as well as even launching a small spear like a magic spell will not do you much harm. You can also easily skip these. Use the shield and armour to escape as he attacks from a distance.


2. Short charge and aiming balls

The Moonlight Butterfly attaches to the second and aims a few more giant balls at you. It is a bit difficult for the player to stop, but it can block for a short time. Unfortunately, there is also a risk of death if you are constantly exposed to it.

3. Long charge laser

This attack can be potent. But, unfortunately, it puts you at greater risk of death. So be sure to pass or block it as soon as possible. As the laser strikes a more robust target, its intensity increases.

How to beat Moonlight Butterfly?

Soul of Moonlight Butterfly - Dark Souls

Butterfly in the Darkroot Garden

1. take the Witch Beatrice

To defeat the Moonlight Butterfly in the darkroom park, you can take the witch in the bushes under the stairs, which can be destroyed. She will help you. She has the opportunity to attack the Moonlight Butterfly with some of her magic strokes. Witch Beatrice can kill the butterfly even before it attacks you, even alone.

2. Use a ranged weapon

When fighting the Moonlight Butterfly, the shackles are out of range most of the time. So having a ranged weapon allows you to avoid her attacks and hit the wheel like ahead to some degree. However, do not use a heavier or crossbow. Here you have to face the projection attacks. Therefore a weapon should be used to avoid them.

3. Wear light armour

Moonlight Butterfly’s All Attack Magic. Wear light armour that will counteract such magic attacks and will not cause any harm from them. You must stay alive in the first stage, especially as the fireballs and charge laser are slightly sharper than the short shots fired in the first stage. Therefore, it is essential to wear armour to avoid them.

4. Get out of the sphere of spirit

Always use target ranges to avoid the butterfly whenever it attacks you freely. Or try to keep it natural in its flight. As a second attack, the Moonlight Butterfly will fire you balls and lasers before you exit the sphere immediately.

5. Perform the following actions according to Moonlight Butterfly’s journey.

When the bridge is near the gate: – When the Moonlight Butterfly launches several attacks from that location, be sure to block those attacks as much as possible. You can use that gate for that.

When landing: – Moonlight Butterfly builds up enough strength to do him significant damage when he lands again. At that point, you should make sure to cripple him as much as possible. That is, stop fighting for a long time. There, if you do a lock, it will hit the wall, and if you do not lock it, you will be able to shoot through the wings of the Moonlight Butterfly. Here he is the closest attacker, so you can shoot while he is back.

After landing: – Moonlight Butterfly prepares to launch a significant attack after landing. At that moment, he makes a glowing and makes a loud noise. Before the episode starts, you must identify it and move it out of range. Also, use range weapons to tame the Moonlight Butterfly.

Moonlight Butterfly in Crystal Cave

The Moonlight Butterfly in the Crystal Cave is not as fierce as the Darkroot. They are less aggressive. However, you will continue to be attacked by them. Also, be careful as the platforms in the crystal cave are very small. They also carry out laser attacks. A bow can be used to bring down butterflies in the distance. All you have to do is avoid their attack. Try to avoid every opportunity. But be sure to skip right because the platforms are small.

We hope you have a good understanding of the Soul of Moonlight Butterfly from the above information. Let us now turn to some of the questions that many ask.

How to beat the Soul of Moonlight Butterfly?

It would help if you always tried to avoid his magic attacks. He also gives you time to attack without moving for a while. Please take advantage of that opportunity and shoot him with a bow. Then, the moment he flies to the bridge, You can kill him with a shackle weapon.

How to enter Darkroot Park?

You first walk through the darkness to Blacksmith Andre. After that, you will find an arched path in front of him. You have to fight and defeat the Titanite monster before entering Darkroot Park when you get out of there. You can then access the Undead Burg at the bottom.

How to summon the magical Beatrice?

As you approach the Soul of Moonlight , you will see a destructive bush below that staircase. It is only found if the player has turned the holes. Also, along with the sign for her summoning, You can find a tower showing the way to an entrance to four kings’ battle.

What is the Moonlight Butterfly Horn?

It is lighter and longer, with magic power. It is more appropriate to use magic power against a low attack force. A Moonlight Butterfly Horn can be made by pushing a standard the Giant Blacksmith’s +10 spear and a sword with Moonlight Butterfly’s soul and 5,000 other souls.

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