Sailor Mercury/ Ami Mizuno ( Manga) | Sailor Mercury's Age , Height, Personality

Sailor Mercury/ Ami Mizuno ( Manga) | Sailor Mercury’s Age , Height, Personality

Sailor Mercury/ Ami Mizuno ( Manga)- Sailor Moon

Who is Sailor Mercury ? 

In the Sailor Moon manga series, Sailor Mercury meets the audience as a fictional character. Naoko Takeuchi created it. In many English adaptations, she is referred to as Amy Mizuno. Sailor Mercury, who plays a Japanese schoolgirl, is also a member of the Sailor Guardians. Sailor Mercury was the first sailor to be discovered by Sailor Moon. All members refer to her as the “brain.” 

Sailor Mercury

Mercury is a knowledgeable person. She can use a supercomputer to gather the information that will be useful in various battles. Also, in addition to the Sailor Moon series, he plays a character in Ami’s First Love. Sailor Mercury is also known by multiple nicknames such as Mercury and Princess Mercury. She is educated at Juban Public Middle College and Juban Public High School. 

Sailor Mercury, born September 10, is a 14-year-old girl in Arc 1. 15 years old on arcs 2 and 3, 16 years old on arc 4-5. In the 30th century, she may have been over a thousand years old. Sailor Mercury’s height is 157cm, and her favorite things are swimming, chess, reading, math, and computers. Also, she does not like love letters and failure. 

Sailor Mercury is, in fact, her naval Guardian identity. Sailor Mercury, also known as Ami Mizuno, was one of the first five Naval Guardsmen of the Solar System. Her power rests on water, ice, and computer intelligence.

The appearance of Sailor Mercury 

Sailor Mercury

Ami Mizuno is an adorable, youthful girl with a young face. With short blue hair reaching to her neck, she can sometimes be seen wearing reading glasses as someone who likes to read. As a sailor, the standard uniform is a white blouse, a light blue bow is worn around the chest, and a dark blue belt is worn around the shoulders. It also has a very short and puffy dark blue skirt and two slightly larger white straps on the back. Sailor Mercury, wearing dark blue high socks and shoes, looks like a real girl. 

She is wearing white gloves and three blue gloves at the bottom of the waist. Ami holds a gem in the middle of the bow on her chest, and at one point, the shape becomes a heart. Many believe that the blue color found in Sailor Mercury’s clothing is related to Mercury and water. 

Later, her uniform changed when she became a permanent sailor. She does not have the same armor as before, and the gem in the middle of the tiara is star-shaped. Also, a blue star hangs from a blue tower in her earrings and has a gold ribbon on her navy collar. Her jewelry is slightly different, and the skirt consists of two layers. Also, the shoes are white with yellow stars in the middle. 

Sailor Mercury’s personality

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury, at first, was not so friendly. Also looks like a somewhat shy, society-less girl. Sailor Mercury was more interested in reading and studying, so she spent time alone. Sailor Mercury’s students described her as intelligent, arrogant, and arrogant, as they do to regular schoolgirls. She also excelled in all national examinations because she was very talented. 

But as she gradually fell into the company of friends, she felt that what others had said about Sailor Mercury was untrue. Sailor Mercury can be seen as a very kind, gentle, loyal character and a powerful character. Throughout the story, she is a very loyal friend. She has a secret love for love stories and pop culture, and she is too shy to tell it at times in the story. She says she doesn’t like it. 

Summary and translation of Sailor Mercury’s story

Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mercury

 Ami, also known as Sailor Mercury, grew up with her mother. After her parents divorced, Mercury had to do all her work with her mother early. Her mother was a doctor. For that reason, many people commented that Mercury was so intelligent. Mercury’s mother trained her to work with great enthusiasm. In the early days, she was always interested in her studies, and because she was very good at learning, she also wanted to be a doctor like her mother. 

Mercury is introduced in Luna’s computer in Act 2 during the Dark Kingdom Arc. Students later identify her as Ami Mizuno. Mercury became one of the most popular and even envied characters in the school after scoring the most on the exams. Some have said that she is not a human being. Her best friend was Usagi. However, many people think that she is talented because she came to the Crystal seminar, a private cram school. 

At one point, Usagi takes Amy to Game Center Crown. There Ami Sailor V scores the highest score in the sport. She puts her name in the ranking list, and then a pen drops from the machine. After several such incidents, Ami dropped her disc into the cram school on the back. Then knowing the message on the disk, Usagi recognizes that the other students there are brainwashed. There is also the case of Usagi using a disguised pen to transform into a doctor’s suit. 

When the teacher reveals that she is Yuma, she transforms into Sailor Moon. Yuma decides to kill her, but her pen glows, and the symbol of Mercury appears on her forehead. At that point, Ami transforms into the first sailor Mercury. There, defeating everyone, he goes down the fog with Amy in a navy uniform. That sailor is Mercury.

This report will now look at some of the questions that many people have asked about Sailor Mercury.

Why is Sailor Mercury so popular?


Sailor Mercury

There is not much difference between her and the Japanese students. Many people are very fond of Sailor Mercury because of her kind heart and loyal, sensitive character. It is beautifully reflected in the story by the creator. Another reason why many people love Sailor Mercury and why she is so popular among many is her talent in studying as a schoolgirl.

It may be the main reason why Japanese schoolchildren watch this story with great interest. Sailor Mercury’s Civil Ami Ami Mizuno is an active, enthusiastic, hard-working character. Also, over the years, Sailor Moon has become one of Sailor Moon’s most popular characters in Japan. 




Why does Sailor Mercury not have sleeves?

Both Mercury and Pluto in the Manga did not have shoulder pads in their original form. It may be so to stand out from the rest of Sensei. Sailor Mercury is the only naval Sensei in PGSM who has become evil by the power of an enemy. It happens in the manga when it revives under the control of the maritime galaxy, and in such a case, it could be even worse. 

Why is Sailor Mercury Water?

It is a series of Japanese stories with a strange Japanese meaning woven with every word. That is, Mercury is called Suisei in Japanese. The first kanji means “water,” The second is a celestial body. So, according to the creator of this, Sailor Mercury’s various abilities are based on water as a force associated with Japanese mythology as it comes in stories.


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