Rogue Tower Free PC Game Download & Full Guide 2022

Rogue Tower Free PC Game Download & Full Guide 2022

Rogue Tower Analysis

Rogue Tower Free PC Game

Rogue Tower is a game developed by Die of Death Games. The game is released under Engine Unit. You can easily play the game under Microsoft Windows. We can also call it a casual game especially released on January 28, 2022. For this, the players can use their skills and abilities to defeat the enemies. Also, defeating the enemies here will not be an easy task for you. But you will find the game as entertaining as it is challenging. You can unlock new towers and buildings in the game.

How to download Rogue Tower Free PC Game?

You can click the download button for this using the link below.
Wait for your download to complete in a few seconds.
After the complete download of Rogue Tower, click on “Rogue Tower.”
You can double-click on the Rogue Tower folder and run the application.
You can download and play the game for free with a good internet connection.

v1.0.15 Download here  

Minimum system requirements for Rogue Tower

Processor: Intel i5
OS: Windows 7
Storage: 145 MB of available space
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: AMD Radeon Vega 8

Recommended system requirements for Rogue Tower

Processor: Intel i5
OS: Windows 10
Memory: 4 GB RAM

Features Rogue Tower

Dangerous enemies

The different types of enemies in Rogue Tower are hazardous and challenging. They attack the towers that the players hope to protect. Completing the various terrifying and challenging scenarios in the game will be very difficult yet rewarding for the players.


You can choose a random upgrade in levels as you progress through the game. That is, they have the opportunity to unlock cards of their own right choice. They’re more than 400 different kinds of cards for this game.

Setting up towers

Players are mainly tasked with building different types of towers. Players handle many tasks in Rogue Tower, which is crucial among them. Here you have to prepare the buildings using proper planning and strategy. Also, it would be best if you always tried to build towers in an area where enemies cannot attack.

Instructions for playing Rogue Tower

Rogue Tower is a fun tower defense game with roguelike elements. It allows you to unlock new towers and buildings. If you want to upgrade those towers, attract money and cards for it. Also, if you are thinking about moving the towers and protecting them, use strategic ways.

Also, remember that where you build your towers is essential to any tower defense game. In the rogue tower here, the enemy’s path extends well, and your familiar tower grows to a great length. Also, you should be meticulous about what kind of protection they should have. These towers often have a chance to gain a bonus to debris based on their height.

You must choose a path to develop the way to each degree of the game. Reaching the tower may involve fighting with enemies. You also get the ability to build new buildings as you unlock cards. Several types of monsters can also attack your outlook. Among them can be strong and weak monsters.

As you widen the way, a widening path can be determined at all game stages. The video usually flips, twists and breaks randomly. You can also choose different options to resize it. The power possessed by the monsters here also applies to other monsters, and their giant hordes are very deadly. It may be essential for you to complete the creation of personal maps and towers.


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