Resident Evil 8 Village: Story & Ending Explained

Resident Evil 8 Village: Story & Ending Explained

The eighth major resident evil game is finally here with the village. But unlike other resident evil games in the past, this one has a great deal of mystery surrounding. Especially when we thought everything to do with the winter family was wrapped up in seven. For months now, people have been scraping the internet for anything that Capcom has released to the public. From character shots to trailers and wealth, Chris is seemingly turning evil.

Unloading led into Mia’s face and then just saying “sorry either,” and that’s only the beginning of the game. Diving deeper, we have four lords and a region of mystery, which all lead to mother Miranda. So as best we can this soon after launch. Let’s dive into this game’s story and the ending and, of course, significant spoilers throughout from resident evil village and the rest of the series.

What happened to Mia Winters in Resident Evil Village

Now for all the pain and suffering, she’s gone through in the past two games. Mia isn’t as innocent as you think. She’s a former member of the connections. a crime syndicate involved with biochemical research, money laundering, murder, and a whole bunch of horrible acts. But her life changed forever when she became the caretaker of Evelyn. Evelyn being created from samples of the mold and DNA of Eva.

Mother Miranda’s long-dead daughter. However, Evelyn was able to control the mold of the bakers and Mia. She was considered a failure. That was until rose was born. This resulted in mother Miranda’s kidnapping. Mia and experimenting on her. After they moved to Europe, and while all this was going on, Miranda took the place of Mia in Ethan’s home as an identical copy. Though with a shorter temper. 

“there’s nothing wrong with my memory,” Chris eventually rescues Mia. Letting her and rose to go back to some form of normality. However, both will probably always have part of the mound with them. After this Resident Evil Village game, Mia’s hand doesn’t feel played, and there’s sure to be more revelations to come into future games.

Lady Dimitrescu and her Daughters

In resident evil village game, One of the four lords of the region, lady Dimitrescu rules from her castle and is one of the four lords. It means she’s one of the more successful experiments of Miranda. However, Dimitrescu was close to being a suitable vessel for Miranda’s daughter Eva, who has long been dead. Thanks to a hereditary blood disease, Miranda wasn’t satisfied, and this blood disease was why Lady Dimitrescu had to keep consuming blood. You know, like classic vampires from folktales.

But thanks to the experiment’s lady Dimitrescu had accelerated healing. But just as Miranda predicted. This went unstable soon as it wasn’t looked after, and lady Dimitrescu went from a nine-foot-tall woman to a humongous monster. As for her three daughters Bella, Daniela, and Cassandra, they were created by lady Dimitrescu and took on different abilities of their own.

Namely, disappearing into a swarm of insects and then reconstructing themselves elsewhere. This form is why they couldn’t get too cold, which could. Also, be mistaken for staying out of the sun. Once they were exposed to the cold, unlike lady Dimitrescu they became weak and couldn’t regenerate. Therefore, leading to their demise. 

Karl Heisenberg and his plans

The other one of Miranda’s almost perfect vessels for Eva. Karl Heisenberg gained unique abilities of his own. Thanks to the cardo parasite. Miranda described him as having electric organs. Much like an electric ray all tied up to his nervous system. Heisenberg could now move Metoa, a flick of a hand.

He was going far into the realm of science fiction here. Heisenberg is this Resident Evil village game’s magneto. With each encounter, he goes on to show more of his powers to Ethan. He is trying to tempt the desperate dad over to his side. Because Heisenberg might look like a smug chap on the inside. But really, he’s got some deep-rooted anger and wants to take down mother Miranda. He is creating an army of his own.

Karl seeks to use rose against Miranda. He felt that she doesn’t know the difference between experiments and family. As well as she stole his dignity from him and his body through to get rose, Heisenberg must first go through Ethan, and well, that doesn’t go too well, resulting in Heisenberg’s death. 

The relationship between the Village and Umbrella

Now it’s no secret that umbrella has something to do with this village or what’s going on. The company logo is everywhere. Treat it as a sacred symbol. It’s eventually revealed that mother Miranda and Oswald Spencer worked together in the past. With spencer being a somewhat student of hers.

So, with that revelation, it seems like mother Miranda was the nucleus for the umbrella corporation, or at least what led to spencer’s idea. After finding one last letter from spencer to Miranda, it seems like their ideals clashed, and both split ways, and when I say split ways, I mean Oswald Spencer left in a hurry. He was butting me a human at that point, and Miranda was pretty much immortal.

The letter itself has no date on it, but it talks about sparking the progenitor virus in Africa. Which we can kind of guess mean it’s from the 60s. After this letter, it doesn’t look like they ever spoke again, and maybe there was something more there. Then just a student-teacher relationship as Miranda kept this letter and photos lying about. I’ve always spent to split off because he wanted to change the world. While Miranda just wanted to bring her daughter back to life. 

Chris Redfield’s true objective in Resident Evil Village

For years since the tragedy at the baker family home, Chris and the wolfhound squad have been trying to end the mold or at least find its origins and investigate further into the connections. The crime syndicate responsible for Evelyn’s creation and the one Mia used to work.

During this time, he was responsible for moving the winter family over to Europe, and he kept a close eye on them. But at least in this time, he gave even combat training. He is discovering that the village was hiding something. He, along with his squad, operated in the shadows while Ethan relived the nightmare from before. Chris ultimately fails in protecting the family from Miranda and doesn’t reveal his true goal to Ethan for a long time. He’s there to investigate mother Miranda and everything weird that’s going on.

Of course, he finds out she’s a bioweapon and that the mound from resident evil 7 came from here. This is the origin of it all. Probably all the evil in the series. After fighting an army of lichens and destroying the mega my seed. He eventually finds it out. After discovering Miranda’s lab learning the connection between this place and the umbrella. As well as finding out the secret behind even winters from Mia. 

Mother Miranda’s origins

Other than what Ethan looks like, this is probably the greatest mystery in the resident evil village, more so because she’s an entirely new entity to resident evil having no real prior mention for the most part. But just before she indeed reveals her plot. Ethan can find some information from Chris.

It was detailing what she did and what she can do. It turns out she infected herself with the muta my seed. This granted mother Miranda several abilities, with the most notable being mimicry. So basically, she can take the form of anyone and almost anything. Even crows controlling herself.

She made herself look like Mia. So, she was the one being somewhat executed in front of Ethan. But that wasn’t the end because she can make herself look like she’s dead. After everyone thought she was killed, she resurrected herself. Stole rosemary and killed half the squad. But for some reason leaving Ethan behind.

Mother Miranda’s objective

Unlike most villains in the resident evil franchise. Mother Miranda doesn’t claim to want to take over the world. But instead, she wants to bring her daughter Eva back to life. A daughter she lost a hundred years ago to the Spanish flu, and throughout all that time, she had been experimenting on villagers.

And anyone she could get hands-on. Trying endlessly to find a perfect vessel for Eva, this was all made possible after creating the cardo parasite. Most of her testing resulted in lichens. But lucky four became lords. Well, if you call that anyway, fortunate. But thanks to the events of Resident Evil Village with Mia Evelyn and Ethan. Rose was born, and her mother Miranda has what she needs to bring back Eva. But in the end, a father’s love prevails. 

The Fate of Ethan winters

All Ethan’s witness wanted to do was protect his family, and throughout the past two Resident Evil games, he did that. Though along the way, he took a ton of punishment. But somehow managed to bounce back, and that’s all because of what took place back at the baker family home. After his showdown with Heisenberg’s mother, Miranda finally reveals herself to him. In her most original form.

But this doesn’t go too well for Ethan in Resident Evil Village game. Mother Miranda rips out his heart and covers herself with his blood. Though it turns out, she didn’t kill him. Because in a dream, Evelyn tells Ethan he’s been dead for years. But somehow, he keeps coming back thanks to the mold. Yes, that’s proper jack baker killed him all those years ago, and thanks to this infection, he can reattach limbs and just come back from the dead.

Mir even seems to be aware of this as she eludes the crisp before the camera cuts away. He was more mould than man now. Ethan was seen as another experiment by Miranda as she let him take care of all her failed experiments. He is fighting back from the brink of death. Ethan defeats mother Miranda and saves rose. But it’s all too late for him as his body starts to succumb to the mould. So his hands rose to Chris and take the detonator from his hands and eventually, in classic resident evil fashion, blows up the area.

Rosemary Winters

The daughter of Mia and Ethan winters, in the opening of resident evil 8, is seemingly kidnapped by Chris, and everything only escalates from there. Ethan’s the only one not aware of her unique gifts. But then again, he didn’t realize that he had a gift too. It takes characters like the duke in Heisenberg telling him over and over again. When he comes to find rose turns out finally, she’s been cut up and put into jars.

She was separated into four places by all the four lords. But after all the events discussed, she comes back instead of either, and after that, the credits, we find out what happened. Now all grown up, she looks to be in her mid-teens. On a bus with the book that her mum used to read to her. She’s on the way to a graveyard. She was visiting her dead father for his birthday.

She’s quickly interrupted by some secret service-looking types. Though she confidently lets him know that she could take him down and that Chris doesn’t even know everything she can do. So, it doesn’t look like she’s being held captive. But more of a sherry situation where she’s being looked after in some respect. Though only time or the next Resident Evil game will tell what happens.

What’s next for Resident Evil

Capcom has made it very clear that this sub-story of resident evil isn’t over. But how it will continue is unclear. Will the franchise jump into the future with rose as she’s growing up? Or will we follow Chris? As he investigates the BSA. Because for some reason, they were using bioweapons.

When they went out of their way for years to destroy them all, that’s two ways that resident evil 9 can go next or get a sub game. Other revelations, maybe, and then there are all the characters still alive in the universe. We didn’t hear from Claire jill or anyone.

The one thing we do know is that the father’s story is finally over, and sometime down the line, his daughter will be entering the world of survival horror, and that’s resident evil village explained.

I don’t think I have missed anything about the resident evil village from this article. I believe you have the best idea about the game once you thoroughly read this article. If I missed anything, please comment below and give your best idea about the report. And please go through my last article about the resident evil village. I will all of you for success from the RE7.

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