Resident Evil 4 Secrets You Must Know

Excluding the various modes, treasure locations, perks (Ganado-s can neither harm nor kidnap Ashley when she wears the armor suit. And Leon experiences back pain when he catches her falling in the same case). As well as the special weapons you can unlock/buy, there are some interesting tidbits in the game. You can pass some of them as secrets, though multiple playthroughs tend to give them away.

  • The dog you save earlier in the trap has been compared to Hewie in Haunting Ground. And there are some speculations that it is Hewie. Also, Debilitas looks suspiciously like an unsuccessful El Gigante clone.
  • The chainsaw Ganado is only triggered if you run into a certain house. During the initial section – he is effectively optional.
  • If you stay near the water at the lake section. And try shooting at it a few times, Del Lago will devour you whole after a while.
  • After Leon wakes up in the cabin near the lake, you can go back with the boat and find a secret passage leading to a merchant’s lair.
  • Once you save Ashley the first time around in the Church, jump down and order Ashley to stay put on top of the scaffolding. Now, try looking up – you will get labeled as a pervert! It only works with her original outfit.

Low on health?

  • There is plenty of fish in the nearby sewers – throw a grenade, and you might even end up with health items that won’t fit into the inventory.
  • The puzzle which Ashley has to solve during her “damsel in distress” section is known as Puzzle 15, but it has been revamped to reflect Salazar’s castle motifs.
  • Leon can toss and catch his hat while in the gangster’s outfit.
  • If you try to go back to the Church after beating Del Lago, a pack of 5–6 Colmillos will attack you near the cliff.
  • In Ada’s section (“Separate Ways”), a Ganado is wearing Leon’s jacket.
  • Eggs can be used as a weapon, not just a healing item.
  • A special cutscene is also triggered should you destroy the Novistador’s hive in the castle.
  • A recently discovered easter egg: Shigenori Nishikawa model can be seen far away, near Mike’s crash site.

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