POWERWASH SIMULATOR is The Strangest Simulator Game You Can Play ?

POWERWASH SIMULATOR is The Strangest Simulator Game You Can Play ?

The Strangest Simulator Game You Can Play

You have just started acquiring the Simulator Sports Steam library, and here in Boss Level Gamer, we focus on the weirdest sports sims out there.

POWERWASH SIMULATOR is The Strangest Simulator Game You Can Play ?

I’m a big fan of sim games, whether it’s restaurant sim, farming sim, or anything in between. After covering some of the best agricultural simulators, I dived deeper through the internet and found a lot of really weird simulator games.

What are the qualifications to get a game on the “Strange Simulator” list? Basically, any sport makes me really want to hear why, how, or who. Why should this exist? How did anyone think of fixing this? Who the hell is playing this?


Other notable features include Pizza Simulator from Gaming Factory, Train Simulator Classic from Dovetail Games, and Car Detailing Simulator from Games Incubator.

POWERWASH SIMULATOR is our top choice for the weirdest simulator games.


Platform: Microsoft Windows

Publisher: Square Enix

When I hear Square Enix, I think it’s Final Fantasy or Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. I do not know; they also took the PowerWash simulator.

I thought, “why,” but I realized it after thinking for a while. While this may seem like a weird simulator, who has not sat down and watched a power wash video on YouTube or TikTok? If it’s completely Zen, why not grab the hose yourself and clean it?

“Build your business in a professional manner and complete various dirty jobs across the dusty city of Muckingham. There is no right or wrong, No time pressure or endpoints, just the tools you need to get rid of yourself and your stress. Need a clean start? Play back your favorite jobs on Free Play. Play it on Steam.

Video Credit –Markiplier


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