Ni No Kuni – Cross Worlds : How to unlock the fuse pot?

Ni No Kuni – How to unlock the fuse pot in Cross Worlds

Ni No Kuni - Cross Worlds : How to unlock the fuse pot?

Ni No Kuni: Several exceptional opportunities open up for you to play at Cross Worlds. You can face various challenges to get ahead in the sport by winning multiple prizes. Ni No Kuni РCross Worlds has become closer to many players, like a more open world. At Adventure RPG, we provide a series of instructions on how you can easily unlock the fuse pot. Before unlocking the fuse pot, you need to find out where it is located.

You will never get tuff to find the fuse pot in Ni No Kuni – Cross Worlds. You can easily find it in the southeast of Evermore. Even if you know this place first, you will not be able to reach this place very soon. You’ll not be able to access the Fuse pot as soon as you start playing Ni No Kuni – Cross Worlds.

There is a condition that applies. It is easily accessible only to those who play Level 30 or above. It also applies to interactions with this object. It is not enough for you to find the Fuse Pot. It is also essential to know how to use it.

Ni No Kuni – How to use the fuse pot in Cross Worlds?

Ni No Kuni - Cross Worlds : How to unlock the fuse pot?

When you use a fuse pot, a meter bar appears on the left side of your playing screen. You can place five different items in the bin to help you use this. Also, the other thing you need to know here is that you will get different levels of rewards when you use the fuse pot at Ni No Kuni – Cross Worlds. The value of the material determines the consequences of the fuse pot.

AL -khemi is displayed when the meter on the far left is filled, as shown above. You will receive a prize about 30 minutes later. 

You can find out in a message. These gifts may be different on different occasions as well as you can receive prizes that match the appropriate levels. You must go to AL-khemi to receive that prize. And here are some other benefits: You can trade different types of items that you receive as these gifts within the game.

Have you ever missed Al-Khemi? If so, you may be able to retrieve several more treasure chests from the place where the dwarf originated. Ni No Kuni – Cross Worlds’ Fuse Pot allows players to use the Fuse logo to win rare prizes. You can also earn it as a gift.

Goldenbeard’s Pirate Ship may be necessary to you. Also, you can buy this logo from vendors. You can quickly get the fuse pot logos of Ni No Kuni – Cross Worlds from the cluttered doors and fuse pot.

Quickly retrieve the fuse pots at Ni No Kuni – Cross Worlds and use the above guide to get them right.

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