Minecraft Review 2021

Minecraft Review 2021

Two words: infinite possibilities. Every time you start a new “game,” you are dropped into a randomly-generated world that, if scaled, would be eight times larger than the surface of Earth! That’s a lot of space to explore–both above ground and deep below it. You begin with absolutely nothing. No tools, no shelter, not even a sense of direction. What you do and where you go from there is completely up to you (if you can survive the night). How cool is that??

The worlds of Minecraft are full of surprises. There are rivers and lakes, mountains and valleys, waterfalls and lava flow, forests and deserts, and so much more out there somewhere to be discover and explore. Natural caves wait to be found, and some of them lie beneath the surface, just waiting for you to dig into them accidentally. Oh yeah, and most of them have things in them that will kill you. Try wandering into one without a torch to see how well this game triggers your fear response.

Minecraft, is in essence, the fulfillment of a dream for many. It’s like digital Lego in the fact that it has unlimited possibilities and combinations. It attracts people for different reasons. Sometimes failed architects turn to it for inspiration for an unfulfilled dream. People dream of amazing creations but are unable to make them into reality for various reasons. The possibility of undertaking a mighty project that would be unattainable in the real world entices many. The prospect of feeling a rush of adrenaline upon completing their dream mansion or entering the battle on a PvP server attracts. Those who could only do the same by being rich, joining the military, or LARPing.

Hours and hours pass in astonishment at the magnificent creations and various tasks you have accomplished. You feel like you have truly overcome the multiple barriers that obstructed you earlier but mean nothing to you now. I’ll now provide a complete list here.

Why do you need to play?

  1. PvP and multiplayer servers allow you to feel the heat of battle with no harm to yourself, which VR might help you experience the same better, but until the creation of a Minecraft compatible with VR, we’ll be waiting. You can also complete epic creations with your friends or random strangers that you’ve met over the Internet. Exciting and original mini-games are everywhere.
  2. Survival makes you struggle, and once you’ve slain the Ender Dragon or Wither, or have created something that is nigh impossible with limited resources, it’ll leave you on a high for days to come, you’ll show everyone, and they’ll marvel at what you’ve done.
  3. Creativity is where things get exciting. Time flies and nothing is beyond your capabilities. The only limiters are your imagination and the time you have on your hands.
  4. Constantly evolving- Minecraft has thousands of mods, maps, texture packs, skins, and command block creations added every month, so you have no shortage of options to choose from.
  5. Active communities:¬†Minecraft entertains fans of all ages and genders. It’s unisex, but a female skin (Alex) was only add in recently. Hundreds of forums can be found dedicated to Minecraft, and YouTube promotes it indirectly through people like PopularMMOs.
  6. Dimensions and NPCs. Minecraft has a wide variety of NPCs, with passive mobs, aggressive mobs, and the ability to turn off their spawning through the difficulty selector. 2 dimensions are found in the game- The Nether and The End.
  7. One time cost- Unlike Lego in this regard, Minecraft is a one time purchase, with the only exceptions being add-on content that is not including in updates such as Star Wars, Halo, and Mass Effect content that make available a wide variety of skins and convert each block into their counterparts in the respective fictional worlds.
  8. Minecraft has basic programming (command blocks, Redstone) and has been widely toute as a way for young children to take their first steps towards basic coding. It has also been included as a part of lessons that are compulsory at a certain school.


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