Mario Kart Tour - Two New Unexpected Updates, Download & Play

Mario Kart Tour – Two New Unexpected Updates, Download & Play

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is a famous mobile game in the complete Mario Kart Tour series. The most famous Super Mario Run game is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Nintendo’s newest mobile game has become the second most downloaded game in its first month. With that report, Nintendo’s next attempt is to deliver a multiplayer update for the game sometime in September.

Mario Kart Tour has a lot of different items, including Super Mario, Doctor Mario, and even smaller mechs. You get a lot of gameplay mechanics like underwater driving, skating, and character-specific things in Mario Kart Tour. We can also see several other features in the Mario Kart franchise. Among them are many such as trick shells, reverse shells, bullet bills, and spiny shells. Another trait among all these is that you can deploy any amount of items during the match.

Mario Kart Tour For Android

Version – 2.14.0

Download here

How to Play Mario Kart Tour?

The mobile version of Nintendo’s third Mario game, Mario Kart Tour, can now play in your kart using your favorite track. Many players use different tactics to complete the Mario Kart Tour game and win as many races as possible. That is, they sometimes customize vehicles and characters.

All the characters from the story you know are here. You will meet Yoshi, Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, Boo, and many others. You may need to spend emeralds and coins here at times. The Emerald can only be purchased through the Play Store. They can only be purchased when you come for characters, upgrades, and customization opportunities.

When you race in Mario Kart Tour, you have five special hearts. Every match here consumes one of these. However, they explode with time. But you have to repeat the emerald purchase. Through them, you can make an instant recharge. At the core of Mario Kart Tour is a constant push to force the player to spend money.

Mario Kart Tour For PC

How to download Mario Kart Tour for PC?

  • You must first download the application to the computer. For that, download and install BluStacks on your computer.
  • Now complete your Google login to access Play Store.
  • Search for the app on the search bar at the top right corner as you get it.
  • Click to install the relevant application from the search results you get.
  • Install the app.
  • Now click on the app icon on the home screen to play it.

Minimum system requirements:

You can easily play Mario Kart Tour on PC when the following requirements are met with BlueStacks 5.

Processor: Intel or AMD
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 +
RAM: Minimum 4GB
HDD: 5GB free disk space

The beginning of the Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour - Two New Unexpected Updates

The Mario Kart Tour game was first announced on January 31, 2018, due to a financial dispute. After that, on April 23, 2019, Nintendo opened the app for Android users to beta test the game. Later, the game was officially launched on September 25, 2019, for iOS and iPadOS as well as Android devices.

On October 31, 2019, Nintendo announced their first multiplayer beta test available only to Gold Pass members. Then it started on December 18, 2019. However, on January 21, 2020, Nintendo announced a second multiplayer beta test. They did it regardless of whether all players had a Gold Pass subscription.

Thus, the second beta test they launched enabled players to play with nearby players based on their device’s location data. Finally, on March 2, 2020, Nintendo released an official announcement. It stated that the game would officially be released on March 8, 2020, at 8:00 PM.

Mario Kart Tour Teases September Multiplayer Update: “New Ways to Play”

With the immense popularity of Mario Kart Tour, they are approaching their third anniversary as mobile racers. What has Nintendo planned for that? According to an in-game notification and announcement via social channels, the game will receive multiplayer updates during September.

Among these are “new ways to play” and the removal of races currently locked to Gold Pass subscribers here. Accordingly, the Gold Race and Standard Race modes will be merged in Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour September update. Apart from that, they will add more updates for this.

So, what else can players expect from Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour September update? Everyone speculates that a GameXplain battle mode might be on the way here. However, this model has already been digitized by them. But there is no official confirmation yet. It’s just a guess.

Mario Kart Tour’s latest update follows the recent release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s ​​Wave 2 DLC. Accordingly, the newest Sky-High Sundae will be added to the Mario Kart Tour lineup this coming week.


Can you play Mario Kart Tour for free?

Yes indeed! Mario Kart Tour is free to play! Players can add their friends and even play multiplayer races at no cost. Players can unlock career mode and multiple characters without any payment. For this, players can get many things like different vehicles and tracks in the game for free.

Mario Kart Tour. How long will it last?

Every visit here is on Wednesday morning. W. Starts at 1:00 EST and lasts for two weeks. Players can compete for up to twelve, or even 18, of their trophies on any given tour. They also can add different drivers, gliders, and carts representing corresponding cities or themes; since a tour lasts two weeks, spotlight drivers and coaches and gliders last for a similar amount of time.

How do you always win in Mario Kart Tour?

1. Log into the game every day even if you are not playing it.
2. Protect your ruby.
3. Go shopping every day
4. Disable automatic items.
5. Save energy to save your battery
6. Play at higher CC to earn more points

What is the best kart in Mario Kart Tour?

Gold Cheap Charger

It is equipped with Mini-Turbo Plus skills. Accordingly, Charger is the best choice here. Also, is Toad the fastest type in Mario Kart Tour? Toad is the quickest and lightest racer available here.

What is the ‘T’ in Mario Kart Tour?

The T-jacks you’ll find in Mario Kart Tour are a variety of tricks that run on a regular track. Unlike the R-Course, which is an inverted variation, the T-Course is a Trick-inspired variant that comes with additional obstacles and ramps.


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