Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game – Venom Review

Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game – Venom Review

Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

Today we’re taking a look at  legendary venom for the Marvel deck-building legendary game, and I play a lot of legendary and Ilike getting all the different sets
poison has never been one of my favoritescharacters.

Marvel Deck Building Game

I see this set came out; there was a movie that came
out recently about venom, which was okay, but the venom is one of spider-man’s greatest enemies slash friends slash who knows what, and there’s a lot of stuff that goes on within him.
but there’s also the venom thing that has been taking extremely far from way back in the day.

when they did the maximum carnage series and venom went to carnage, and then A whole bunch of different symbiotes was all running all over the place till modern days where they just
put symbiotes on pretty much everyone in
the Marvel Universe that’s the sort of the thing you’re getting in this set, yes venom is here, and he’s normal everyone
else in this set is weird and
strange and you’ll see what I mean take
a look, let’s start by taking a look at the villains.

Although no venom set, it’s always hard to tell who’s what we have
the Life Foundation here from maximum carnage
now here we got, you know, usual tough the guy here scream though he has ambushed, so ambush is what happens when it comes out the surprises and lots of the sets what’s different.
Here is screaming. She reveals a top car to the villain deck if it’s a henchman or a life foundation villain, its symbiotic bonds with a scream.
So let’s say this henchman is from another set comes up circus a crime they bond together, and then you’re going to have
to fight them together, and there is the whole different pile of rules that you’ll deal with, but there’s a lot of symbiotic bonding in this set, so scream bonds as do agony, as does several of
these guys here from The Life Foundation
then we have poisoned.

The poisons are another type of villain here and these
guys also symbiotic bond with people, but several of these people if they can’t bond or you’re unable to connect, you know you get rid of the person they’re related with then they become a hero for you, and so it shows you at the bottom what they become, and they’re not like super powerful heroes, but it is neat to have
them and so if you ever want to poison Scarlet Witch and poison Doctor Octopus and poison spider-man here you can get
them, and then they become smaller cards in your deck that will help out.
The masterminds further show this in this set. First, we have poison Thanos because you know we didn’t have enough Thanos
already we need a poison version of him.

He always leads the poison, and a masterstroke, you’ll put one of your non-gray heroes next to him in a poisoned souls pile, which he’s plus one for each different cost person in that pile very, very
powerful the other mastermind in this set is hybrid here, and hybrid can be bonded to a villain a master strike the villain will bottom he’s pretty weak if you can get to him fast enough, but likely he’s going to bond with other people alright, let’s take a look at the

Marvel Deck Building Game

We have venom has an excellent simple choose one card here get +1 money for each other card you played with us or +1 attack. He has excessive violence, so such as violence here means
if you hurt someone more than you need to, so let’s say you do five damage to a four villain, then you’ve done excessive violence, and all your accessible silenced cards go off, so here raise your
teeth to give you money. Also, venom has digests three, which means if you have at least three cards in your victory pile, you get a +2 attack.
I don’t even know what that means precisely are
you were eating part of them to give you more strength and adjust. It means if you I can’t do digest, so you get two. Of course, you could get both of them if you’ve already played another tech card, insatiable hunger, his powerful card, same thing digest eight kill a card from your victory pile guess you’re eating one of
those Nolan’s to get +6 attack. If you don’t have that, you get six money by killing a card from your hand or discard pile. It’s an elegant card.


Marvel Deck Building Game

Just don’t think about it too much carnage.   Who is
not a hero but is in this set here also has digests indigestion and
excessive violence on his cards here, and he has extreme violence on his big card.
Reveal the top card of your deck if it costs 0 ko it. You may repeat this process which is a neat feast or famine. Then we got venom pool which is the venom alien on Deadpool. Again, this one is very just like the Deadpool set is very cheeky and knows precisely that you’re playing a card the game so you can see here, for example, the quote I mean some of those turns can take forever
we’re drawing two cards. We can’t draw any more cards until the end of this turn.
Here it says you rescue a bystander in quotes you digest you get to attack, or you can save a bystander digest 70 get +1 for every two bystanders in your victory pile, then we have venom eyes dr. Strange because why not? He also has digested, but he is probably one of the more normal characters in this set, but he’s still dr. weird with a venom suit on this one, he revealed the top three cards of your deck draw one of them, discard one, and ko one.

This is something I’ve seen in games before, you know that draw three cards and do something with them, so it’s neat
to have it here and then venom rocket I again I’ve read
the comments a lot not sure I’ve ever run across venom comic a rocket; I don’t know who was asking for this particular
character but also has digests excessive violence and a pretty cool thing here when the masterstroke is played before it takes event you can put this card from your hand on top of your deck, and if you
do you get a card for free, so that’s neat it just won’t go off that
often now, this is one of those times where I’d like this expansion because I like the mechanisms a lot. I don’t
care about the theme.

I don’t mind having venom and carnage in this set venom rocket venom eyes Doctor Strange these guys are like one shot showed up
briefly, I mean, I know where then I’m Doctor Strange showed up, and I’ve seen him in video games and things venom
rocket anyway, so yeah and poisoned Thanos and stuff these guys aren’t as exciting to bring out from a theme perspective like who we are fighting today we’re fighting poison Thanos, okay, but I do like the mechanisms of this I like the digest and indigestion even though
it’s pretty gross like if you think about it from a thematic nature, but I
like that, you have this many cards your victory point, I’ll do this, and if you don’t do this. That’s an excellent mechanism.

Marvel Deck Building Game

The excessive violence is okay; you know it got an extra attack. Well, at least I get
some bonuses because of it and the sets are good overall I get I enjoy this one but more for the different cool things
that can happen in it rather than the theming of it. It would probably be in the lower end if I were buying all the expansions for legendary this would be one of the last ones I would get because
I’m a big theme guy, and having a bunch of this nasty venom, things aren’t as exciting to me and stuff like venom rocket and venom strange who cares but at the same time, it is fun to play with
so I got to give credit to where credit is due, so that’s legendary venom dice hairy judgment approved.




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