Is final fantasy 15 the saddest of the final fantasy series? Why final fantasy 15 sad

Is final fantasy 15 sad?

Yes and no, I don’t know. I feel like final fantasy 15 gathered all the sad elements of both FF VII and FF X but somehow managed to do it differently. I laughed a lot thanks to the friendship between Noctis, Gladio, Iggy, and Prompto, but when you look deeper, you see nothing but death in final fantasy 15: everyone dies. 

Is final fantasy 15 the saddest of the final fantasy series? Why final fantasy 15 sad

  BUT. It’s not well-explained, so you don’t get to be sad as much as you should be. Of course, I was bawling at the ending sequence because I thought that after all Noctis went through, he’d at least get the chance to survive (even though I knew from the very beginning that it was impossible since he was born to die this way, I still wished for something to happen).

Honestly, I don’t know which games between Crisis Core and Type-0 are the saddest. Crisis Core is very sad at different parts of the story, whereas Type-0 is sad at the very end (years later, I’m still not over it). FF X was sad as well, but I don’t think we can still consider it sad since FF X-2 broke the magic of the first game.


My personal idea?

That’s a pretty subjective thing, in all honesty. While I would say no, you could just as easily find someone who would say yes.

I have played final fantasy 15 three times now, and it is sad. I won’t deny that this game did make me feel some real emotions. I grew attached to all the main characters(especially Prompto for some reason) and even some of the side characters. I felt like I was a part of their journey, there at their side yet never engaging directly. 

That is a really good factor that made the ending all the more emotional. However, the saddest in the series? I can’t get behind that.

That isn’t to say that final fantasy 15 is bad or anything, but I feel the story itself suffers from some things that don’t pull people in like other games may. To start, final fantasy 15 isn’t a long game. The second time I played the game, I beat it in one day, file time less than ten hours. It’s a concise game if you do only what you have to do.

Is final fantasy 15 the saddest of the final fantasy series? Why final fantasy 15 sad

Plus, to fully understand more about the game’s actual lore and history, you will need to do things other than play the actual game itself. That’s something that devalues some emotions for the more casual fans who don’t want to watch the anime/the movie or don’t want to read about it. 

Though I will give this game one thing, I believe that the main antagonist is incredibly well done despite many people disagreeing with that.

All in all, I’d say yeah, this was a perfect game with great characters and a fantastic ending, but it is not the saddest.

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