Ibuki Mioda’s Age| Height | Ibuki Mioda Capabilities| Love

Ibuki Mioda’s Age| Height | Ibuki Mioda Capabilities| Love

Who is Ibuki Mioda?

Who is Ibuki Mioda?

Ibuki Mioda is the main character in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. Everyone in the story calls her Ultimate Musician. Ibuki Mioda was born on November 27, Sagittarius. She is 164 cm (5 ‘4.5 “) tall and weighs 42 kg (93 lb). Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair The voice acting for Ibuki Mioda in the game is done by Ami Koshimizu.

 According to the sports story, Ibuki Mioda is a 77-B class of Hope’s Peak Academy. She is a member of the Super High School Light Music Club and a participant in the Killing School Trip specializing in sports. 

Ibuki Mioda is a more courageous character. Trusting that dreams come true as long as you trust in her thoughts is the first step to making your dreams come true. The only goal Ibuki Mioda had every day was to one day sing with someone who believed in her as much as she believed in herself. 

The appearance of Ibuki Mioda

Ibuki Mioda is a slightly pale-looking and more attractive but somewhat weird-looking young girl. Her eyes are pink, and her long hair is in various colors. Those multi-colors are white, blue, black, and pink. There are also two horns on either side of the top of the head, with white and black hair attached to the head. Ibuki Mioda’s dress style is black shorts, pleated skirts, and navy uniforms. 

Her style was very different from that of a typical light music club member, with her right leg in pink and her left leg in ripped pants. She also wears white shoes, but her right shoe has blue lace, and her left shoe has pink lace. Ibuki Mioda’s face is also full of different styles. She has a pink glove on top of her left hand and three silver rings on the fingers of her left hand. 

When entering the Ibuki Mioda Hope’s Peak Academy, he is wearing a white shirt, a light pink tie, and a short black skirt. She also wore a yellow pointed bracelet on her left hand, two black rings on her fingers, and a necklace.


The nature of Ibuki Mioda


Ibuki Mioda is a person who loves deep study. She always has a desire to do different weird things in every way. She does not like dark things. Ibuki Mioda needs to talk often and, in times of distress, she starts saying something twice, screaming or even foaming at the mouth. By her very nature, some things are a little scary. Ibuki Mioda is also the only person in her class who is more enthusiastic and able to speak more energetically.

The remarkable thing is that Ibuki always forgets a lot of things. However, she was tempted to write memoirs to get rid of it, but it was in vain. Sometimes the Ibuki is somewhat insensitive. However, Ibuki’s personality is such that she respects her privacy. Eventually, she loses her various abilities and ability to act as she pleases with her illness. 

Capabilities of Ibuki Mioda


It’s no secret that Ibuki loves music. When she joined a light music club, she created one of the most exciting and popular songs in the country’s highest-grossing songs. She later refused to play traditional pop music and began playing the heavy metal genre. Ibuki’s skills include the ability to play guitar and drums simultaneously. 

However, her playing style is also slightly different from the others. Ibuki also can create his concert costumes. They are the most attractive and unique stage costumes. Ibuki Mioda is a species with high hearing ability. She has the super powerful listening ability of the kind that best suits the Ultimate Musician. Understanding a person’s voice very well is a weak ability that not everyone has. 


Did Ibuki Mioda fall in love? 

Ibuki Mioda is the main character in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. Everyone in the story calls her Ultimate Musician.


Ibuki and Mikan have a closer friendship. According to Ibuki’s thoughts, Ibuki said that Mikan looked more beautiful every time she was embarrassed. It seems clear that Ibuki was more concerned about Mikan. At one point, Ibuki made a significant effort to chase Mikan when Nagito knocked her down. They have always been close friends, but it is not clear what kind of love was there. During the Killing School Trip, Ibuki Mioda suffers from Despair, and Mikan chooses Ibuki as his first victim. 

Although Ibuki has a healthy intimacy with Mikan, Mikan kills Ibuki for Junko Enoshima. However, due to Ibuki’s kindness and affection for Mikan, Mikan is forgiven even after death and after recovering from a coma. Miken later became even more embarrassed about himself. However, Mikan was a little pleased to hear that Ibuki was finally acceptable. Ibuki says that Miken is very cute, even when he looks sad, to make her happy when Miken is very upset about what he did. 


Ibuki also had a close friendship with Mahiru Koizam. Mahiru also addressed Ibuki as Ibuki-chan. Ibuki swims because he likes Mahiru. That is why she is sad about Mahiru’s death. Ibuki seems to have some fascination with Peko- Pekoyama. It stands out well, as Ibuki once exclaims, “This is a super cool, melancholy shock,” as Peko leaves the room. The two were also walking together on the beach at the same time. Ibuki seemed to have a great liking for Peko’s quiet words. Poco, however, seems to ignore her behavior somewhat.

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