How to make your gaming setup look better? – Must read if you feel it's mess

How to make your gaming setup look better? – Must read if you feel it’s mess

Have you wondered how to make your gaming setup look better without damaging your personality and mess the desk? There are sufficient ways to make your gaming setup better and easier to make it better and eye-catching. If you’re a game player or spend more time with the gaming setup, you need to make it eye-catching and something that you really like.

Each and every one of you has your own ways and favor. So, there is no limit to making the eye-catching gaming setup for exact way. We have to find your own fashion to make the excellent and clean looking gaming setup, and this article will help you think differently and make it your wish.


Simplicity is the key to a better gaming setup.

The way that I did is I exclude everything off my desk, even the baby cactus. Then I looked at it, and I said, do I use this every single day? If I didn’t use it every day, I just cleared it off put it somewhere else. Yeah, that box is cool… yeah, that pencil is cool… your fish food is excellent… but you don’t need to have it. On your desk, simplicity is critical. So, as I said, look at everything. Do I use this every day? If you don’t, clear it out.

Color Theme will Enhance your setup look.

Next is that you don’t have a color scheme. Rainbow is cool, Rainbow is excellent, but if everything is Rainbow, it just looks messy. So, choose a color. Personally, I wouldn’t say I like green. So, I would never choose green. But if you want green, go with green.

Just have everything one color. It looks ten times simpler and cleaner. I even took it to the point that my old keyboard only had blue RGB. But my setup was black and white. So, I just turned off the RGB, and it also helped with battery life.

Black and White Color Theme
Black and White Color Theme

Wallpapers are the main character the make your gaming setup look better.

Your wallpaper is essential. Wallpaper is the whole theme of your setup. Use simple wallpaper because if there are too many details on the wallpaper, they blend together and look messy. Simplicity and looking clean is really the goal here, or at least from my aesthetic.

Synchronizing your colors is the secret part of the setup better.

Again, getting a color scheme going gives an essential step to that clean, simple nice look.

Lacks personality is the primary failure to make your gaming setup look.

Just because I’m recommending a clean look does not mean that you can’t have personality. Just implements it in ways that aren’t irritating. 

Like pop figures or maybe a subtle background, don’t go for a considerable experience with all these details and stuff. Because like I said, they blend together, and you can’t really decipher them. So, they end up looking messy.

A great way to implement personality is pop figures. Maybe RGB strips that adhere to your color scheme. Posters are great because they fill blank space and add some character.

Spacing will make the Beauty of your gaming setup.

Another reason why your setup might suck is your spacing. Again, this kind of ties into simplicity, and less is more, but if you have tons of stuff on one side and nothing on the other, it looks weird. So, like with my mini-plans and my baby cactus. On the right side, my desk got my baby cactus, and on the left side of my desk, I have another plan.

Just to balance it out and go with this, I have my PC on the right side my setup in my second matter on the left side, so they balance each other out. 

Having too much on one side makes it look weird, and having too much on the other side makes it look weird. So try to have a good balance

Do we need to use Symmetry for a better look gaming setup?

Symmetry does not mean that you have to have a baby cactus on this side the baby cactus on the other side. Just have something on both sides to balance each other. 

Gaming setup look worst
Gaming setup look worst

Middle Space for better looking and focusing 

I’ve noticed that some of you have your monitors off to the left or the right. Have your monitor in the middle? I bet that should go without saying, but for some reason, I’ve seen people have a whole desk of space and then just have their monitor tucked away in the corner. 

Cable Management

Finally, you knew it was coming cable management. I rave about cable management a solid 18 hours a day, and it’s hard to get your cable management perfect because it really depends from setup to setup. And that too important for the gaming setup look better.

Cable Management
Messy Cable Management

A few tools that helped.

  • zip ties 
  • cable raceways
  • cable sleeves 
  • 3M mounting tape 

You could use all of these to help hide your cables. However, cable management is not necessarily about making all the cables disappear. As much as I want that to be the case, it’s pretty impossible to make every single cable non-existent.

Suppose you have zero cable management right now. Firstly, reroute things. One of the ugliest things in cable management is when they’re intertwining and going over each other and crossing each other. So unplug everything from your PC and then plug them back in straight, not traveling each other or anything just plugs them in straight. 

Once they’re plugged in, straight zip ties them together so that it’s one tight cord and not tons of cables. Now that you have all of your cables tight and in one little vine, take some 3M double-sided mounting tape and then take your power and flip it over put some double-sided mounting tape on the bottom.

Then stick it’s a bomb of your desk. It will make your gaming setup look better.

Cable management tip: Use 3M mounting tapes that get your power strip off the ground. Once your power strip is off the ground, viewers have vines going to it, and it’s stuck to the bottom. So, you have multiple options here. What I did is I got cable raceway and just took all those vines of cables and shoved it in.

Keep Clean the gaming setup is the best way

According to my previous article, I have clearly elaborated on maintaining your gaming setup clean under “What is the Minimalist Gaming Desk Setup Idea in 2021?” In addition, I have mentioned what you need to do daily to make sure your setup gets clean. 


With all of that, you must have to think about all the needs and wants, especially about the space, if you’re going to build up an excellent clean gaming setup. What will make you happy and what will make you a better gamer all begins when you are building and owning a gaming table of your utmost content and love.

Hopefully, with those few tips, you could kind of Clean up your setup make it a little bit more.

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