How to make a rock bomb in Treasure Of Nadia ?

How to make a rock bomb in Treasure Of Nadia ?

How to make a rock bomb in Treasure Of Nadia ?

How to make a rock bomb in Treasure Of Nadia ?
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If you’re a Treasure Of Nadia player, you may be wondering how to make a rock bomb out of it. Here’s some tips to help you do just that.
As you ascend in Treasure Of Nadia you will need rock bombs to accurately identify your path through the jungle. You may need some raw materials to make rock bombs.

Steps to make rock bombs at Treasure Of Nadia

Making rock bombs in Treasure Of Nadia is not that difficult. You only need 4 simple ingredients to make it. That is, jade talisman, basic container, silver talisman, nitroglycerin that liquid. You will want to browse through the basic directory maps available here. You can get them from the doctor’s office. Also get nitroglycerin. You will need more than one rock bomb here.
But Treasure Of Nadia has to make the other materials needed to make rock bombs. You can also forge the material inside the cave.
You must collect all the ingredients and go to the cave in the Estero Garden. Now you can go to the native shrine of that cave. Keep all the materials you brought to make rock bombs from Treasure Of Nadia there. Then you can make the stone bomb as fake .

Why do you use the rock bomb in Treasure Of Nadia?

Now you have set up the rock bomb. There is a right way to use it. You can also use it to clear your path in Treasure Of Nadia. Also you have to face the puzzle when catching the snake. Use the rock bomb there too. Now you catch the snake and hand it over to Jessica. There she is able to save Michael.
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