How To Make A Cell Phones In Terraria| Cell Phone Crafting Guide 2022

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How do you make a Terraria Cell phone? | Terraria Cell Phones Crafting Guide 2022

We hope to bring you step-by-step instructions in this report on all the guidelines, techniques, materials and configurations you need for Terraria cell phones. In the real world, you can get many benefits by using a cell phone. Terraria cell phone is also a unique tool that gives you a lot of information and makes it easy to work.

How do you make a Terraria Cell phone? | Terraria Cell Phones Crafting Guide 2022 We hope to bring you step-by-step instructions in this report on all the guidelines, techniques, materials

So how do you make a Terraria cell phone?

We have broken down the information in this report to make it easier for you to make a Terraria cell phone without any hassle and easily find the relevant material. It’s true that in the making of a Terraria cell phone, it takes a while for Tinkerer’s workplace to put all the components together and turn it into a sophisticated tool. But if you know the program and the tools you need to do it, you can easily beat Skeletron and get things done faster.

There are accessories for this, but basically, you need four accessories to make a Terraria cell phone. That is,

  • G.P.S.
  • Goblin Tech
  • R.E. K. 3000
  • Fish Finder

01. Creating a G.P.S. for Terraria cell phone

Required Accessories: – Platinum or Gold Watch
Depth meter

A platinum or gold watch can be considered an essential tool to save time when setting up a Terraria cell phone. You need ten gold bars and one chain to make a gold watch. Making a platinum watch requires ten platinum bars and one chain. If you want to find the platinum or gold bar you need, you have to check the bottom and cave layer of the Lopez cave. The Terraria mechanic can make the chain from lead or iron bars based on the type of ore relevant to your world.

Fish Finder

The next G.P.S. device on the Terraria cell phone is the Depth meter. A depth meter is required for the player to see his depth. It requires ten copper bars, eight silver bars and six gold bars to make it. You can find the depth meter even when dropped by ice, cave, spore, and wild bats.

The G.P.S. configuration of the Terraria cell phone next requires a compass. Of course, on a Terraria cell phone, you have no chance to set up a compass. But you can find it in the fall from enemies. It is dropped by Salamanders, Giant Shellys, Snow Flinex, Piranhas, Mother Slimes, Armored Vikings and Undead Vikings. Mother Slimes, Armored Vikings, and Undead Viking have the highest dropout rate of 2%.

Setting up a G.P.S.

Use the gold or platinum watch you made above to set the G.P.S. on your Terraria cell phone. There you can also create a P.D.A. from Tinkerer’s workspace. To create a G.P.S, you will also need to combine the depth meter and compass with two other items.

02. Goblin tech setup for a Terraria cell phone

Required Accessories: – Stop Clock
D.P.S. meter
Metal detector

If you want to get the stopwatch, you need to set up Goblin tech for a Terraria cell phone; you should go to the seller. The Traveling Merchant has gold. He sells them for five. So whenever it appears in the Traveling Merchant’s store, you have the advantage of purchasing it.

Next, you need a D.P.S. meter. To get it you have to go to the Travel Merchant. He also sells Lifeform Analyzer for five gold coins. It’s essential to buy it when you’ve seen it too, as we can not confirm a reappearance date. Also, the D.P.S. meter will display damage information to help you see how valuable each other weapon is.

The other device is a metal detector. It is beneficial for treasure hunters. Also, this device needed for a Terraria cell phone has a high probability of crashing, and you have to be smart to find the enemies that have it. Especially since this is abandoned by a very rare cave enemy called Nymph, it’s a little hard for you to see her because she pretends to be N.P.C. until you get close. You can use a combination of Hunter Potions and Lifeform Analyzer to find her.

Goblin tech setup

Collect some of the above items according to the tricks mentioned above. Then you can go to Tinkerer’s Workshop to get Goblin Tech and combine the above three things.

03. R.E.K 3000 for Terraria cell phone.

Required Materials: Radar
Tally Counter
Lifeform Analyzer

Radar can quickly locate as many of the underground layers as you want. Radar helps you to identify threats in the environment. Although difficult to make, several types of containers are easy to find. The regular chest, wooden Crates and pearwood Crates are those containers. Of these, you can quickly get radar with a high drop percentage of about 8% of the regular chest.

Goblin tech setup for a Terraria cell phone

Next, you need a Tally Counter. It would be best if you beat Skeletron before you can get this. Its disciples, The Angry Bones, Dungeon, Cursed Skulls and Dark Casters, drop this item. All of these enemies do this perfectly in a 1% chance. It would be best if you had a Tally Counter on your Terraria cell phone to track someone’s murder count.

We can introduce Lifeform Analyzer as an easy tool to uncover all the information about the enemies you’ve encountered so far in this game. But, unfortunately, you can not find it or edit it. Also, keep in mind that this can be more difficult for you to get. However, you can get it for five gold from a Traveling Merchant.

Creating R.E. K. 3000

Please find all the materials you mentioned above and then take them to Tinker’s workshop. There you will be able to combine them as needed. Accordingly, you need R.E.K. 3000 for Terraria cell phone can be easily made.

04. Making a fish finder for Terraria cell phones

Materials Needed: – Fisherman’s Pocket Guide
Weather radio

You have a different way of building a fish finder than the one above. That is, to complete this, you will have to face Angler Quests and get a price drop.

You will need a bit of a trap to get the Fisherman’s pocket guide. It shows one’s fishing power. Athletes have a 2.25% or 3.33% chance of getting this, and they get a guide like this every time Angler completes.

A weather radio is another component of the fish finder for Terraria cell phones. As mentioned above, a weather radio can be obtained from Angler by completing a fishing expedition just as athletes receive pocket guidance. In addition, it helps to monitor the weather and wind speed.

A sextant can be considered an essential item in the design of the Terraria cell phone. It can be done the same way as the Fisherman’s pocket guide and weather radio mentioned above. You will need to complete the Angler quest again.

Setting up a fish finder

You can strategically obtain all three of the above items at 33.3%. They can then be taken to Tinker’s workshop as before. Then you can combine all three of these items there to create a fish finder for Terraria cell phones.

Magic Mirror or Ice Mirror

You will also need to find these tools for your next teleport. These you can not process and have to plunder from enemies. For example, you can find a Magic Mirror in boxes in underground caves, and you can find an ice mirror in ice boxes located in ice biomes.

After finding all of the above, you will finally need to create a P.D.A. to make a Terraria cell phone. It is similar to a small cell phone in appearance and functionality.

How do you make a P.D.A?

If you want to make a P.D.A., you have to combine G.P.S., R.E.K. 3000, Goblin Tech and fish finder on Tinker’s workshop. Then merge the mirror you got into the P.D.A. of your choice. Then you can make a custom Terraria cell phone.

Terraria cell phone integrates all its materials and components. Accordingly, the amount of work you get integrates the functions of all those devices. There are several unique benefits that the player gets from this Terraria cell phone. That is, the Terraria cell phone offers several other great benefits such as fishing power display, moon phase display, altitude display, depth display, motion speed display, rare species nearby, and most valuable objects nearby.

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