How to get Narmer on Dislyte ?

How to get Narmer on Dislyte ?

How to get Narmer on Dislyte?

Are you a fan of Dislyte game too? This game is a very popular mobile RPG game. There are many types of characters you can play here. If you want to get the best experience out of Dislyte it is essential to explore all the characters in it very well. We can call Narmer one of the best DPS Espers in the Dislyte game. You must add Narmer to your file when selecting characters in Dislyte. It will give you the best fun. If you have not yet acquired Narmer, here’s what you need to do about it.

Obtaining Narmer

We can describe Narmer as one of the most liked characters by many players in Dislyte. That’s because of the strong nature he has. The superpowers that Narmer possesses can do great damage to enemies. You know that Dislyte runs on Gacha. If you are looking for Narmer, Gacha is also the way to get him. If you do get it anyway, your success is guaranteed. The reason is that Narmer has his epic. With that, he can destroy even a few large enemy groups.

How do you use Narmer?

Narmer is a type of DPS made by Inferno, a special element. You can not handle him as easily as other characters. So the following guidelines will be important to you.

Narmer at Dislyte is a Glass Cannon played in a late game. He is, in fact, a large and very sharp glass cannon. That is, by investing well in him. If you have an emergency, you can revive him with the help of healers. Finally, you can accumulate many scorching suns to make a massive attack with Dislyte’s Narmer. It will increase his strength and enable him to make bigger attacks.

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