How old is Nezuko in Demon Slayer? Full name, capabilities, appearance, height, weight

How old is Nezuko in Demon Slayer? Full name, capabilities, appearance, height, weight

How old is Nezuko in Demon Slayer? Full name,

capabilities, height, weight, appearance| 2022

Nezuko is one of the younger sisters of Tanjiro, the protagonist of the Demon Slayer series. She is his youngest sister. Nezuko Kamado was born on December 28th. She was 12 years old at the beginning of the Demon Slayer animated series. Nezuko was 14 years old when the story gradually unfolded. She was 153cm/ 5 inches tall and weighed 45 pounds [5 kg].

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado is the sister of the main character Tanjiro, who appears in the animated series Demon Slayer. Although, for the most part, in this series, she looks like a demon, she is by nature a very delicate little girl at the beginning of the story. Nezuko is a pale pink man dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono and strangely shiny pink eyes. Nezuko’s black hair is adorned with pink ribbons.

      Wearing a pink kimono makes her sleek feminine elegance stand out. Before becoming a monster, Nezuko was a very calm and kind-hearted young lady. She is also fearless and a lady with a good personality. Although the other demons are passionately addicted to human blood, Nezuko shows her determination by acting against it.

Nezuko’s role in the Demon Slayer story

How old is Nezuko

Launched in 2019, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is one of the most upside-down animations in the world of animation. Mangaka Koyoharu Gotouge created the character of Nezuko in this series. In 2020 & 2021, she was awarded the Noma Prize and the Osama Prize for this series. The father of the Kamado family in Japan is Tanjuro Kamado. He is a charcoal seller. Mother ki kamado. Nezuko’s older brother was Tanjiro Kamado, and his younger brother was Taco Kamado.

Nezuko had two other brothers and one sister. After the death of their father, Tanjiro has to shoulder the burden of his family. When he goes to a nearby area to sell coal, his family is attacked by a vicious demon. Only Nezuko survives this family. With this attack, the monsters forcibly add her to their race. The story begins with Nezuk’s brother trying to turn Nezuko back into a human being. Tanjiro joins a shadow organization against the demon.

                    How old is NezukoNezuko treats someone loyal or kind to her as her own but brutally beats and kills someone harassing her or her brother. However, Nezuko strengthened his mind enough to avoid killing Tanjiro. Because of the Urokodaki Mohan equation, Nezuko considered all human beings as her family. Nezuko, Detained a bamboo by her mouth because she had to eat someone.   

Although she has not been able to speak for two years, she later regains speaking ability. Nezuko shrinks her body enough to live in a wooden box because he hates exposure to the sun. Tanjiro has to carry Nezuko in a wooden box given as a gift by Urokodaki. The demon ruler Muzan Kibutsuji continues to target Nezuko. However, Nezuko’s human mind came up in the final battle with him.

Nezuko’s Demonic Abilities

Throughout the episode, Nezuko demonstrates several demonic abilities.

            When Nezuko fights, she demonstrates powerful demonic abilities such as power upgrades. Other familiar demons gain energy by eating human flesh but can also generate energy without it. She also can kill enemies with more severe blows without training in martial arts. For example, Nezuko can completely cut off the head of a demon with a single blow to the head. However, at the end of the manga series, Nezuko gains strength similar to a high moon monster.

How old is Nezuko

 In martial arts, Nezuko’s body shows many extraordinary abilities. She can change to her original body size when she fights ordinary demons. It is also possible to adjust the height & size to adjust the body size. There is also a rapid regeneration of her detached limbs. It has a high regenerative ability. Nezuko spontaneously becomes a demon when she and her brother Tanjiro are threatened. A horn protrudes from her forehead.

The veins all over the body look good. Also, a green vine-like species begin to appear all over Nezuko’s body. Nezuko’s power is greater than that of an ordinary demon, similar to a moon demon. As a result, it is possible to ignite and release a pink flame. It is poisonous to demons. It also can be exposed to the sun without being exposed to ash.

It was a fictional series, but the author managed to bring Nezuko’s character to life best. Dubbing actors have been used in TV production. Akari Kito is the Japanese voice actor for Nezuko. That name also helped to name the series. In the Kanji language, “ki” means “demon.” Public opinion is that her appearance is somewhat similar to that of Nezuko. Also, Abby Trott dubbing in English. Nezuko can also be translated from kanji as snowball flower in English.


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