How long do Gaming Laptops Last?

How long do Gaming Laptops Last?

How long do Gaming laptops last? Yes, of course. It looks like a simple question. But the reality is that it is a broad question with vague answers and explanations.

Many people worldwide are looking for an exact answer to this question because no one has still given a detailed explanation for this same question. It happens because each looks at the question and answers with their experience  and theoretical things they have learned before.

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So today, we will answer this with every probable explanation with every possible reason. We believe this is a must-read article for those who have used, still using, or ever used a gaming laptop for their fun, job, or day-to-day needs. So read this to the end until you find the best answer according to your relationship with gaming laptops.

What are we going to discuss here?

Here, we will discuss the Lifetime of a gaming laptop, methods to find a

 good gaming laptop, how to protect the bought one for a long time, do’s and don’ts when using a gaming laptop, and how to get its best work output from them. So without further ado, let’s jump into our content.

So, first of all, there are some crucial measures that you have to take when selecting a gaming laptop. They are,

  • Get a decent GPU: Most games are GPU-dependent, and you can’t update these on Laptops. A powerful GPU will ensure your computer plays games at high settings for a few years.
  • Select the best match for your need: Many laptops allow you to update your RAM and storage later as the user’s preference.
  • There must be a decent graphics card with the latest drivers installed.
  • Get one with a better keyboard: There are many websites on the internet where review each piece of laptop. So do better research on that.
  • Battery life: A very few gaming laptops will be charged for 8 hours or more, and you will still need the power to achieve the best performance.

How long do gaming laptops last?

The solution for this question depends on two main points. They are,

  1. The original quality of the laptop
  2. The user’s behavior 

So let’s discuss and review both points furthermore… 

The original quality of the laptop

The original manufacture quality of the computer is one of the main parameters. Most of the medium-range laptops will work smoothly for 3-4 years.

But a high-end, high-quality laptop will do it for 5-7 years. The Lifetime of a Laptop will definitely depend on its brand. As hundreds of companies worldwide design and manufacture gaming laptops, they do not have the same quality. 

So for your safety and long-time smooth usage, you must research a lot before investing. And also, investing in a gaming laptop is not an easy decision because it costs you significant capital. Therefore you have to make the best decision when selecting the best brand.

There are many research companies where you can get a good understanding of the brands and their ratings.

We recommend these websites to better decisions when selecting the best version of the best brand laptop.

Also, you can prefer Q & A sites like Quora to see the natural person reviews and their opinions about the brands and the laptop versions that they have used.

How to make your laptop last longer?

So then, after you have selected the best match for you, you should have to use it for a long-time while getting the best work output from it.

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Here we are going to discuss 08 crucial measures to ensure that your laptop lasts longer.

1. Be alerted to the laptop environment.

  • Do not use liquids such as water, drinks, or other wet material near the laptop. Liquids can do severe damage to your laptop’s internal circuit.
  • Keep an eye on the doors and windows around the laptop table because the moisture will make your laptop insecure.
  • Be aware of electric appliances around the laptop because their electric and magnetic fields can interact and produce severe damage. 

2. Treat your laptop lovely and carefully

  • Be careful in handling the laptop. Unexpected shocks or vibrations may do significant harm to your laptop’s screen and also its hard drive.
  • Hold the laptop tight with two hands from the base. Never hold your computer from its screen, and it will crack your screen in just a tiny mistake.
  • Always store your laptop in the laptop case after each use.
  • Do not store in a very fantastic or sweltering place.

3. Do regular service for keep gaming laptops last long life

  • As time passes, you have to ensure your laptop is running smoothly without any errors in its software or hardware. So for that, you have to hire a specialist in that field.
  • Every time you service your laptop computer makes it refreshed as a newborn baby.
  • Be sure to inspect and repair or replace any damaged parts in the service.
  • Continue service at least twice a year.

4. Make sure the screen is protected

  • Make sure that your screen is not damaged and cracked
  • Never clean the screen with liquids like water; use a tissue or a branded screen cleaning liquid for that  
  • Please do not hold your laptop from the screen; it will definitely crack your screen 
  • Turn on the screen saver in settings. It will turn off your screen when the computer is on and you are not working.

5. Protect the battery for extended battery life

  • Make sure to recharge the battery 100% in every charge and do a plug and remove recently. It will definitely reduce battery health.
  • Use battery health testing software to keep updated about its health level regularly.
  • Replace your battery if it is no more charging because it can lead to internal chemical leakages.
  • Be sure to select an original one without going into a cheap replica.

6. Manage your computers power settings

  • You can manage your computer’s power settings in the control panel. Make sure to adjust it for a smooth play on the charge, battery, and low power. 
  • Make sure to schedule the computer to shut down at 5% of the battery.
  • Never use the laptop until the battery power becomes 0%.

7. Use only genuine software except for cracked software

  • Do not use a free or cracked operating system because hackers and ransomware can quickly enter and damage your data.
  • Do not download and install from every source on the internet. Use websites like to check that how much you can trust that source.
  • Update your laptop’s software into the latest versions monthly and keep miles away from security threats.
  • Try not to use untrusted VPNs and Proxy when connecting to the internet because sometimes they can lead to entering viruses or other ransomware into your system.

8. Use a genuine Virus guard

Using a genuine virus guard will stimulate your gaming laptop’s long term use by,

  • Blocking spam and ads
  • Gives protection from virus and their transmission
  • To defend against hackers and data thieves
  • To ensure safety from removable devices
  • Ensure security of your data and files
  • Good firewall protection from spyware and phishing attacks
  • Limit the access of websites to enhance the web protection

So, as usual, a gaming laptop lasts about 3-5 years. You can develop it from 7 to 10 years or longer by following these crucial steps and tricks that we have presented just for you. Keep connected with us for more, and don’t forget to leave a comment if you need more assistance on this. We are thrilled forward to help you furthermore.


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