How GTA 3 Pioneered Open World Games

How GTA 3 Pioneered Open World Games

GTA is the of the best upcoming and old triple A game in the world and as we all know that is the one of the best open world Games. Today we’re looking at another installment of game-changers—the series where we discuss the video games that changed everything. Today we’ll be taking a look at grand theft auto 3.

Revolutionary GTA games as best Open World Games

The first fully 3D game in the franchise, GTA 3, wrote the book on what it means to be an open-world game. But how did it do this? The first two GTA games were revolutionary in their way. Particularly the first one. A glitch in the code for a cops and robbers prototype game originally called race and chase made the cops relentlessly pursue the player a formula so fun it created grand theft auto. One of gaming’s most enduring franchises, and the cops aren’t the only thing in that game that have become severe hallmarks.

It introduced all the core locations liberty city, vice city, and san Andrea’s, while its expansions set in 1960s London explored Rockstar’s ability to write period pieces. But pioneering as the first two games where they don’t have anything on GTA 3. this was a revolutionary game that its effects are still widely felt throughout the entire industry pioneering the brand-new genre of video games.

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Features in GTA 3

 “it’s a taxi home after work, so follow him, and if he’s ratting us out, kill him.”

What the first actual open-world game was is up for debate. But when we think about modern game design, we have GTA 3 to thank. Large sandbox environments, detailed maps, destructible assets, a wide variety of missions, and a cinematic story are all traits that still exist across new open-world games and have their origins in GTA 3.

Which did all of those things at once in a way no other game had before?

You could go out into a fully rendered 3d environment to blow up cars and wipe out whole streets of pedestrians. It was destruction on an unprecedented scale and something often taken for granted in modern games.

Cinematic View of the GTA 3

It was also incredibly cinematic. The first games did have stories, but the 3d era brought the ability to shoot a video game cut scene like shooting a movie. Rockstar is famous for how movie-like its games are—drawing from genres and styles throughout cinema. But this was a new thing in 2001, and GTA 3 was one of the earliest movie-like games that had powerful drama, a cohesive story, and severe character beats amongst all the wacky destructive gameplay.

Like other GTA games, Claude finds himself working for various criminals and shady characters, exploring the underbelly of liberty city in gloriously grimy 3d. The story and the graphics were some of the bests around at the time. As well as the gameplay itself coalesced to make GTA 3 the critically lauded title we remember it as.

“once he’s fitted it with a bomb, go park, the car where you found it. then sit back and watch the whole show.”

It was widely acclaimed by anybody who had an opinion about video games as one of the most innovative, breathtaking, and fun games to ever hit the PS2. And when the PS2 remains the best-selling video game console ever, that’s high praise. Though GTA 3 wasn’t as mature as the movies, it was paying homage to. It was still a watershed moment in gaming. Video games were here to tell important stories about the modern world, and they were here to stay.

“most of their business goes down at the fish market in Chinatown. the laundry still owes us protection.”

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Rockstar’s open world for Business

GTA 3’s legacy is profoundly felt in many Triple-A games today. Rockstar’s open worlds are some of the best in the business beyond grand theft auto. We definitely wouldn’t have the ideal world of red dead redemption 2 without liberty city first. But its influences are more niche than that. There’s an entire subgenre of violent open-world games about criminals and car chases, often amazing games in their own right. The likes of saints, row, mafia, and sleeping dogs stand out as titans in the genre.

GTA 3 had to walk so that all of those games could run. Whether they made Rockstar or not. Most of the games probably are not from the Rockstar. Because Rockstar today doesn’t release games anywhere near as frequently as it did in the 2000s. Instead, another giant video game company has taken on the mantle of training out open-world releases Ubisoft.

“they do all their nasty work through this, and they don’t know I have access.”

This is where GTA 3’s legacy takes a turn because most people are getting sick of Ubisoft’s sprawling, bloated open-world games. Many of them borrow directly from GTA but aren’t half as good. Like watchdogs.

Though Ubisoft’s desire to keep making open-world games can be traced back to the success of far cry 3 in 2012, the formula still wouldn’t exist without grand theft auto 3. A massive number of games now take the idea of an open world for granted and assume it’s something they need to have regardless of whether it’s done well. You might begin to wonder whether GTA 3 changed things for better or worse.

“what happened? Do I do my stunts hey hey do these look like scripts to you”

Influence of the Games

Its influence is felt outside of video games too. Particularly in the endless cultural debate over whether video games cause violent behavior. Many people both within and outside the industry thought the game was crude, offensive, over the top, and any other complaints because of its gruesome and occasionally lewd content. But frustrating as the violent video games debate is for gamers, the controversies that have plagued grand theft auto from the beginning, including three. Have led to research proving time and time again that the link does not exist. Video games don’t cause violent behavior. It’s even suggested that video games like GTA encourage people to stay indoors and play games instead of going out and committing crimes. But if people hadn’t accused GTA 3 of causing actual world harm, it never would have been proven that it doesn’t.

Grand theft auto 3 may have caused a fence when it came out and spawned an abundance of inferior copycats, but it remains a technical achievement like no other. Admittedly it doesn’t hold up as well as by city and san Andreas. But it laid the groundwork for those games and hundreds more to become so popular and successful. That’s why GTA 3 changed everything.

“with loyalty like yours, what has he possibly got to worry about.”

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