How do you gift in Valorant ?

How do you gift in Valorant ?

How do you gift in Valorant?

How do you gift in Valorant ?

You may also be hoping to give Valorant items to someone close to you. Valorant is a game that you can play for free. You can choose Valorant to have a lot of fun playing with your friends. It is a first-person hero shooter. Also, Valorant does not have a straightforward gift system like other sports. As with other sports, you can not just gift leather and goods to other athletes. However, at Valorant, there are several different ways you can give gifts to friends.

Ways to give gifts to Valorant players

Here you can gift leather or trade directly with other players. Also, at Valorant, you can give prepaid Riot gift cards to your friends. It is not to say that you can not give gifts to friends.

You can get these Riot gift cards virtually from Valorant. If not, you can give it to your friends. And these cards are completely secure. That is, they have a one-time use code. You can also get Valiot Riot Gift Cards of your choice. Also, these gift cards give you several options.

What are the prices of Valiorant Riot Cards?

As mentioned above, you will get many options through Riot Gift Cards. You can go as per option Euro 5 here as one. There you can get 47 Valorant Points. You can also go for Euro 10 or Euro 20 as an option. In those cases, you can get Valorant Points 950 and 1950, respectively. Do you want to get more giant gift cards? If so, you can get Euro 25 and Euro 35. You will receive Valorant Points 2450 and 3325, respectively.

There are also Euro 50 gift cards for players who wish to continue playing longer. There you can get 5025 Valorant Points. As another option, you can call 10500 Points with a Euro 100 Gift Card.

Many people have been asking for leather for a long time to give as gifts to other friends in Valorant. However, it is not ready to be introduced to this sport. So players currently have to deal with Riot gift cards in Valorant.

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