Horizon Forbidden West Game Guide

Horizon Forbidden West Game Guide

Top Predictions for Horizon Forbidden West

We are counting down our predictions for horizon forbidden west and release date. We will be looking at improvements to the gameplay we’d love to see in the sequel for this article. As well as where we think the story could lead us in the next chapter of Aloy’s journey into the forbidden west.

Quick Recap

ESRB rating          : Rating Pending

Release date        : 2021 (date and Month)

Genre                   : Action role-playing game

Platforms             : PlayStation 4 · PlayStation 5

Developers          : Guerrilla Games · Guerrilla

Publisher             : Sony Interactive Entertainment


Be warned, there will be spoilers ahead for horizon zero dawn. What changes would you like to see in gorilla’s new game and the horizon universe? Let us know down in the comments?

Decima engine improvements in Horizon Forbidden West

Gorilla game’s decimate engine was already an impressive piece of tech in the first horizon game. But there is always room for improvement and innovation. Death stranding also used gorilla’s proprietary game engine, even with just a couple of years between the release of the horizon. Death stranding, the improvements to the engine were already apparent.

With the sequel, we’d love to see not only detail and characters and environments improve and show off what the engine is capable of in glorious 4k and HDR. But an overall more cinematic experience in general. The world and lore of horizon are wonderfully detailed. But some character models didn’t hold up alongside the main character. The game’s cinematics suffered from more than a few awkward transitions that we’d love to see smooth out in forbidden west.


“that allowed us to create these moments, these encounters with machines through a bit of nature with a female character, and everything didn’t look like it looks today when the game shipped – Mathijs De Jonge (Game Director of Horizon Forbidden West).”

Co-op play was an early concept design that almost made it into horizon zero dawn. As demonstrated in the no clip documentary about making the original game. At the same time, the feature was eventually scrapped. It is entirely possible it could make a return in the sequel. It’s not hard to imagine playing with a group of friends or co-op partner from one of the new tribes in the forbidden west and teaming up together to hunt down rogue or corrupted machines.

While we wouldn’t want this to interfere with Aloy’s overall story, it could be a nice side content drop similar to what naughty dog did with the faction’s multiplayer for the last of us. As we get closer to the game’s eventual release, here’s hoping we’ll learn much more about the new features and modes the game will be bringing with it.

A natural threat 

In horizon zero dawn, Aloy is sent into the world to discover not only her past. But also, what was causing the corruption of the machines that were becoming increasingly more aggressive to the world’s inhabitants. While Aloy seemingly stopped the bribery, for the time being, the new threat demonstrated in the trailer could end up being one not from Haiti’s corruption but from mother nature itself.

With the new threat of the red weed that seems to be attacking all organic life, this could be a problem that alloy can’t simply override given alloy’s genetic ties to the original zero dawn protocol. It’s possible that she could end up having to enact a new countermeasure herself to combat this recent environmental disaster. This could lead to all new machines roaming the world specifically designed to rid the world of the red weed and its effects on the environment.

New tribes 

New territories come new perspectives of the world. While Aloy is most familiar with Nora and their customs, she learned much more about the Karja, the Banuk, and the Asaram tribes throughout her journey in zero dawn. The few snippets we get of new tribes within the forbidden west trailer. Show off only two possible new tribes, both with wildly different characteristics to one another.

Silence appears to be assisting a new tribe similar to the shadow Karja who seeks to control the machines by any means necessary. At the same time, the other tribe seems to be a more straightforward farming settlement. Aloy will most likely end up protecting one from the other and their differing beliefs. But this could be only a glimpse of the many new religions and cultures Aloy will need to learn to navigate in her quest through the Horizon Forbidden West.

Silence will still be an uneasy Aliy.

Throughout the entirety of horizon zero dawn, Aloy and the player were never quite sure what silence true intentions were—claiming himself to be a seeker of knowledge. Silence always seemed to have an underlying motive in his aid throughout Aloy’s quest.

Given how predominantly he’s featured within the forbidden west trailer. It seems unlikely that stylings and alloy won’t be crossing paths once again. However, given that only the player knows of silence capturing the rogue AI hades at the close of the first game. Aloy could still view silence as an ally of sorts in her new adventure. Silence has motivations of his own as we see him assisting new tribes and overriding machines. But come the close of the forbidden west, his thirst for knowledge could allow hades to get the upper hand on him.

Real-world locations in Horizon Forbidden West

While most of a horizon, zero dawn is presumed to occur in Colorado and the surrounding areas. Forbidden west is most definitely taking place along the united states’ western coast. Landmarks such as the golden gate bridge are visible in the forbidden west trailer, as are other real-world locations such as the ferry building and the TransAmerica Pyramid.

Given the aerial view of the landscape in the trailer. Gamers and Aloy will be exploring a much more urban area than the first game. While it’s unlikely all the buildings will be fully explorable. It would be a welcome change of pace to be stalked by various machines and cramped corridors and forced to use new variations of stealth to deal with them.

Familiar characters

While Aloy will undoubtedly meet many new characters in her journey to stop the new growing threat, it would still be nice to possibly not only have her cross paths with some of her former allies. But even team up with them for specific areas of the Horizon Forbidden West game.

The other characters significantly shaped Aloy’s journey in horizon zero dawn she interacted with, and in most cases, she wouldn’t have gotten as far in her journey as she did without their help. While we already know that Aaron is returning, other characters like tanala seem like the most likely candidates to follow Aloy on her new quest. But we wouldn’t be surprised that the likes of Nil, Varl, or even ted made the journey in one form or another. Teb has especially given his puppy dog-like admiration for Aloy.

Aloy Grows up 

Aloy more than proved herself a capable hunter and fighter throughout the first title. Her people skills, however, were in dire need of some adjustment. Being raised as an outcast from society well into her teen years, her hatred towards others is understandable given her circumstances.

horizon forbidden west
Aloy- horizon forbidden west

Despite this, she still had much compassion for her fellow tribes. Many companions naturally gravitated to her simply due to her confidence and caring nature. With the sequel advancing a few years into Aloy’s journey, we’d like to see how Aloy has adjusted to no longer being treated as an outcast and how her journey of helping others has shaped her even further.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions of Horizon Forbidden West

  • New game + at launch: should always be a day one option for added replay value. 
  • The forbidden west: if we’re lucky, we could end up exploring the entirety of the west coast.
  • Better climbing: maybe not a breath of the wild levels of climbing. But more freedom would be an improvement.
  • Hades returns:  Hades revealed itself to be the shadow behind the curtain pulling the strings of the machines towards the end of horizon zero dawn. With Gaia and her safety protocols to protect the human race from hades. The wrath of the machines failing to stop the demonic AI. Hade’s was a daunting threat. 

Aloy seemingly put an end to hades at the climax of the first game. But it was later revealed that silence had captured hades. It is now out in the world with his old friend. Given the enormous environmental threat posed in the trailer for Horizon Forbidden West. It’s unlikely hades will be the big bad of the series second outing. But expect to still hear from him. At some point throughout the game. With the ending most likely setting up for his climactic return in the inevitable third game. 

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