Hitman 3 Going to be the Last Hitman Game?

Hitman 3 Going to be the Last Hitman Game?

The first Hitman was made a long time ago and had so many flaws (hence why Contracts revisited so many levels). Silent Assassin was my first Hitman game, and where I fell in love with it – it was hard, the AI was pretty unforgiving (playing stealthily, at least), and it was fun collecting all the weapons then testing them all out.

Contracts took a decisively darker turn (I mean, you’re already a super-assassin), and the atmosphere was overall depressive. I found the missions easier and often more linear with few solutions to get SA and an AI that could be abused. Then, along came Blood Money. It’s like Eidos learned what not to do with Contracts and made improvements all around. Absolution seemed like a dirty hooker in makeup – fun to look at and fantasize about but dreadful to be in. Don’t get me wrong – it had some cool moments, good mechanics, but it just was wrong, compared to Blood Money.

Hitman 3 is the third and last installation of the World of Assassination trilogy. Also, it is also the eighth overall game in the Hitman franchise. Although it is safe to say that this specific series has ended. There is no reason to believe that there will not be any future Hitman games. Hitman is a classic stealth assassination game loved by millions of gamers worldwide. The game offers amazing graphics and allows players to immerse themselves in a dynamic and responsive world. The best part is that Hitman 3 is the first game in the series with full VR support. And can import maps and progress from the previous games in the trilogy.

Contrary to rumors, Hitman 3 is not the concluding installment in the series. As mentioned earlier, it signifies the culmination of the World of Assassination trilogy.

Does Hitman 3 conceal a secret ending?

Patience is key; a secret ending awaits discovery. As well as, An injection option presents itself.

How many endings does Hitman 3 have?

Hitman 3 traditionally features two selectable endings. However, a clandestine conclusion remains attainable under specific conditions. Ultimately, players confront a formidable decision that shapes their outcome.

The Most Challenging Mission in Hitman 3

The most demanding missions within the World of Assassination trilogy encompass:

  1. Untouchable
  2. Society 27
  3. Freedom Fighters
  4. Situs Invertus
  5. Chasing a Ghost
  6. Apex Predator
  7. Another Life
  8. Arch Society

What to do after completing Hitman 3?

Prioritize conquering challenges. Progress in mastery levels. Escalate the difficulty. Compose a comprehensive guide. Provide a thorough explanation. Unearth Easter Eggs. And thoroughly explore the map and speed through it.

What is the canonical ending for Hitman 3?

The game concludes with a narrative that implies the series’ continuity. A year later, Agent 47 contacts Burnwood, revealing his continued involvement in the assassination game. His singular focus lies in toppling those in positions of power.

The Rarest Achievement in Hitman 3


The most elusive achievement pertains to eliminating an Elusive Target in H2016, syncing the IO account with H2, and subsequently encountering a storage constraint while transferring progress for the Black Winter Suit from H2 to H3. Other outfits, such as the Santa Suit, Wetsuit, and Snowsuit, can be unlocked without any complications.


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