Facts You Don't Know About GTA V

Facts You Don’t Know About GTA V

The reason the GTA series is so popular is that the open-world design allows players a lot of freedom to explore and be creative on their own, without necessarily having to stick to the game’s main story or side missions.

The detail and openness of the world itself really help draw you in and make the game a unique experience for each player.

  • Rockstar hired real gangsters to voice them in GTA V. The gangsters even changed the script to be more realistic.
  • GTA V cost 270 million dollars to make, making it one of the most expensive video games of all time.
  • If you pull up next to someone in red light and rev your engine in a sports car, they will race you once the light turns green.
  • If you take Michael’s car as Franklin or Trevor, he will call you and yell at you.
  • If you shave your head or facial hair, stubble will grow in time.
  • Prostitutes will sometimes have phone calls about how they need to pay off student loans or rent.
  • GTA V has multiple murder mysteries that are gruesome ex: Lenora
  • There are multiple flying saucers in the sky, at the skybox limit, each looks different, and one looks like a FIB ship.
  • There are something like 20 sea wrecks around San Andreas in the water, and some are pretty interesting, like one that is meant to approximate the disaster of the titanic being split in half.
  • There is a Bigfoot sighting in one mission.
  • Finally, the Epsilon Program is real in GTA, bringing you back from your first death online.
  • At the end of an early mission, Lamar will make fun of Franklin’s haircut. Later, Lamar’s dialogue changes if you got a new hairstyle.
  • You can send your contacts hunting pictures, and they will respond. Most of them are confused or angry.
  • If you follow female NPCs for a while, they’ll get messy and try to walk faster or look over their shoulder.
  • If you do a burnout over a dead body, you’ll get a huge blood spray. Also, Don’t try this at home.
  • When you look behind your car, your character looks in the rearview mirror.
  • When you restart the same mission multiple times, the dialogue changes.
  • The moon phases change over the days and weeks.
  • Birds can get sucked into the engine when you’re flying.
  • If you drive on the left shoulder, your controller vibrates on the left. The same happens when you drive on the right.
  • If you see a dog walking by itself, a woman will ask you about her lost dog.
  • If you break the glass and walk over it, you can hear the crunching.
  • If you leave your character idle, he will switch into the first person and ogle women and sports cars.
  • If you drive at night with your headlights off, NPCs will flash theirs.
  • If you punch someone wearing glasses, they will fly off their face.
  • If you repeatedly rob a store, the clerk will recognize you and have a police officer in the store.
  • If you’re talking on the phone, you can’t flash your headlights.
  • If you swim with Michael and track water inside, Amanda yells at you.
  • If someone is in a chair, you can kick the chair from under them.
  • GTA V took over one thousand people to create in a span of 5 years.
  • GTA V’s world is about 81 km squared. 


    GTA V’s Most Famous Secret

    The most renowned secret in GTA V involves the presence of the ghost of Jolene Cranley-Evans at Mount Gordo. Her well-known husband, Jock Cranley, is said to haunt the location where she met her demise, pushing her off a cliff at a specific time of day.

    This chilling secret is one of the game’s most frightening mysteries. Also, it goes beyond being a mere adventurous addition to GTA V; it contributes significantly to the game’s immersive world-building. Throughout the game, players have the opportunity to follow the narrative of Jock Cranley, witnessing his involvement in his wife’s death.

    When players visit the designated location at the specified time, they can observe the name “Jock” engraved on the surface.

    Who Is the Most Intelligent Character in GTA V?

    Tommy serves as an exemplary main character in the GTA game. As well as, Tommy’s aspirations revolve around wealth and becoming an underworld leader. He meticulously plans and orchestrates every step required to achieve his goals.

    Upon his release from prison, he seizes control of Vice City, undermining his former employer in the process. It takes considerable time for the populace to acknowledge him as the new reigning figure. Tommy’s ingenuity in GTA V ranks among the most intelligent schemes devised by a lead character.

    The Most Perilous Location to Explore in the GTA Series

    Players have the opportunity to ascend Mount Gordo at midnight armed with a sniper rifle. As they approach, they encounter the eerie apparition of Jolene Cranley-Evans, which then vanishes.

    The Amityville House stands out as another site of spectral phenomena and haunting. This legendary house is situated in Alderney, based on the true story of a man named DeFeo who annihilated his entire family. The Lutz family subsequently purchases the house and claims to be tormented by the ghosts of the DeFeo family. 

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