Best Way To Get PUBG Mobile: Evangelion Crossover Items ?

PUBG Mobile: Evangelion Crossover Items?

Best Way To Get PUBG Mobile: Evangelion Crossover Items ?

PUBG Mobile: Are you considering winning prizes like Ikari Rei Ayanami Plug Suit as Evangelion Crossover items? PUBG Mobile is a constantly updated game. They introduce a range of the latest leather and articles to keep the most valuable things for the players. Accordingly, players can collect several PUBG Mobile: Evangelion Crossover items. We provide a guide on how you can do it quickly.

PUBG Mobile: How to get Evangelion Crossover items ?

PUBG Mobile gamers want to get these Evangelion Crossover items as soon as possible. This started on May 19, 2022, and will last until June 19, 2022. Players will then have the opportunity to win event prizes.

Best Way To Get PUBG Mobile: Evangelion Crossover Items ?
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 It would be best if you opened Evangelion crates to get PUBG Mobile: Evangelion Crossover items. You must first add these. You can then add up all the gifts you are offered. What you should know here is that baskets contain random gifts. Also, there is no way to determine the exact price based on the player’s basket. Also, one PUBG Mobile player can get an Evangelion basket for $ 1.50USD. This one Evangelion basket is about 90 UC.

Also, PUBG Mobile: Evangelion Crossover Players must score points to get unlocked items. Here players get extra exploration points for playing Core Circle. Also, keep in mind that getting these quotes depends on your skill. You will receive prizes for the PUBG Mobile: Evangelion Crossover event: a pen-pen friend, an EVA-01 backpack, and a plug suit. These are for Rei Ayanami and Ikari.

You can buy an EP using UC Money. You can also buy these by getting real money from the PUBG mobile shop.


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