Genshin Impact - What are the best builds for Yelan?

Genshin Impact – What are the best builds for Yelan?

What are the best builds 

Are you thinking about building Yelan on Genshin Impact? What could be the best build on Yelan? We will give you a clear report on this.

Genshin Impact - What are the best builds for Yelan?

Genshin Impact is a multi-character game for players. Here you can select any character you want. However, when you choose these characters, you should study them well. Yellen is a Top-Tier Sub-DPS unit of your choice in Genshin Impact. In Genshin Impact, she can hit Hydro with enemies while off the field. And her best build is demonstrated when combined with the maximum DPS characters here.

What are the best builds for Yelan?

Genshin Impact - What are the best builds for Yelan?

Yellen is a better supporting character in Genshin Impact. Yelan is most potent when combined with DPS characters. Once so added, the damage is even more deadly. Athletes should keep in mind that Yellen has a very high energy source. At Genshin Impact, you should always make sure to balance Yelan. You have to pair her with a character that suits her very well.


For this, you need to know about the best teams you can build for Yelan. We call Raiden Shogun one of the best teams to balance her. The unique ability of the Raiden Shogun duo is that Yellen’s energy can be well charged. And it can do significant damage. Also, when you choose a good character, be sure to choose supporting characters like Diona and Venti.

Are you looking for the best tool to build Yelan on Genshin Impact? We recommend two best-quality weapons—namely, Favonius Warbow and Aqua Simulacra. The advantage of the Favonius Warbow is that Genshin Impact players can generate up to 60% of the elemental particles on CRIT attacks. It is the amount of energy that can be regenerated for the character. The other weapon, the Aqua Simulacra, has the potential to increase HP by 16%.

Genshin Impact - What are the best builds for Yelan?

 How do you find the best artifact to build Yelan? It helps her recharge her energy more quickly. Also, if you choose a monument that can do a very high level of damage, you should select a monument that can enhance the character’s health and deterioration. You should also specify any object that enhances Yellen’s elemental explosion in Genshin Impact.

As mentioned above, you have been able to choose the best opportunities to build Yelan on Genshin Impact.

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