Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code And APK Download 2022

Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code And APK Download 2022

Free Fire Advance Server 2022

Free Fire Advance Server is essentially a beta version of Free Fire. You will have the chance to experience more specials than in the previous versions. You get a lot of new skins and new unreleased weapons through this.

However, you can only get Free Fire Advance Server from a few places. It is not easy for you to get access to them. You must have an activation code for this. Free Fire Advance Server is a mail server. So nothing you do here will carry over to the Garena Free Fire game.

How to download Free Fire Advance Server APK?

You can play Free Fire Advance Server on your device by following the steps below.

1. You must go to the official Free Fire Advance Server website.
2. Now, you will get two options. You can log in by Facebook or Gmail and choose according to your convenience.
3. Enter your name, mobile number, and ID number. Now click on the “Join Now” button there.
4. Now, you can download the APK file from the website.
5. Next time you install the app, it happens from “unknown sources.” If you’re having trouble finding it, you can find it in the device’s security settings.
6. You can detect and report bugs in the game. Also here you can play to win valuable prizes.

How to get the Activation Code of Free Fire Advanced Server?

You don’t have to do anything extra to get a Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code. However, you must enter the Free Fire Advance Server activation code. You must complete the user registration process first. Then wait for the responses of the developers. Follow the steps below.

By filling out the form, you can register for the test server by following the steps in the previous section. After bypassing it, you will get an activation code from developers.

Free Fire Advance Server Registration starts about three weeks before the update release. Also, you get five days to register for Free Fire Advance Server APK. Also, you get eight days to test Free Fire Advance Server. Through this, you will get many diamonds and other special rewards. You also get a free chance to report bugs in the game.

After you get the activation code, you must use it in Free Fire Advance Server APK. After you open the APK, you must enter the activation code in a dialog box. Now you can copy the activation code you received and paste it there.

Reporting bugs allows you to improve the game experience for others. Also, you can get rewards for it.

The latest test server here is already closed. However, you can stay and play more carefully on the next Free Fire Test Server.

How to play Free Fire Advanced Server?

Free Fire Advance Server is an entirely different match experience from the old ones. Garena Free Fire developers use the game platform as a testing ground to identify and provide answers to these bugs.

When you find and report bugs in the game, the developers fix them here. You will be rewarded for this. They are rewards around 1000 to 2000 free fire diamonds. Apart from that, there are many opportunities where you can get tips in Free Fire Advance Server. You can use all the rewards in the main game to improve your account.

Free Fire Advanced Server Features

You can report bugs on the test server and earn up to 2000 diamonds. After becoming a Free Fire Test Server member, you also get access to the latest features that game developers plan to bring.

You get brand new access to brand new characters, guns, zones, and much more. The developers provide an offline Advance Server for you to look forward to the upcoming features.

source – Rupendra Gaming

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