Fortnite or Apex Legends: Which is the best Battle Royale?

Fortnite or Apex Legends: Which is the best Battle Royale?

Which is the best Battle Royale?

The Electronic Arts we are talking about has revealed that Apex Legends is the most downloaded PS4 game of 2019. That means defeating the fierce competition for the crown from Fortnite. This announcement caused some confusion among the players but are Apex Legends more popular than Fortnite? Let’s talk about that.

A cultural phenomenon

Fortnite or Apex Legends: Which is the best Battle Royale?
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Fortnite Village One is a well-known fact that it became a hugely popular sport when it was launched in 2017. It attracted more than 125 million players in its first year alone, and digital revenue in 2018 was the unprecedented US $ 2.4 billion. SuperData revealed that the game earned more annual revenue than any other title. In history. This record holds you ahead of Dungeon Fighter, League of Legends, and Pokemon GO.

In 2019, Fortnite was established as a cultural phenomenon and was loved by rappers, celebrities, and casual players. Apex Legends then came up with an attractive option for players. Critics liked their fast-paced gameplay, basic progress, and powerful character base.

Then Apex Legends grossed over 25 million downloads in its first week, and all of a sudden, Fortnite’s funeral notes began to appear. When the number of players reached 50 million in a month, many commentators predicted that it would soon overtake Fortnite as the leading title in the royal fighting world.

Unfortunately, however, the producers did not succeed as they had hoped. Fortnite maker Epic Games was determined to win the throne and soon announced an investment of $ 100 million for a series of professional Fortnite tournaments throughout 2019, but it ended up costing $ 30 million at the World Cup.

The best thing that could have happened was that the players discovered they might make a million dollars by playing Fortnight, and many of them returned to the game. The Apex Legends allure had worn off, and Fortnite had reclaimed the driving seat. Following the World Cup, where a few youngsters made millions of dollars, it garnered much attention after the year concluded on a high note.

Interestingly, Epic Games reported that Fortnite currently has over 350 million registered gamers earlier this month. This is roughly the size of the United States’ population. Its popularity is unlikely to dwindle, given it drew a large number of fans during the coronavirus embargo. Athletes played for more than 3.2 billion hours in April 2020.

A sport that must be mastered

Apex Legends is no match for Fortnite. Electronic Arts announced the newest milestone in October 2019 when it stated that 70 million individuals had downloaded Apex. Because most people downloaded Fortnite before 2019, he was able to acquire more PS4 downloads in 2019.

Apex appears to have peaked a few months after its release. It attracted 50 million players in one month, and it took another six months to add another 20 million. Electronic Arts would have provided specifics of its player numbers in its most recent financial update if it had gone close to fulfilling its original promise of hijacking Fortnite.

Is Apex Legends going to be a Success?

Fortnite or Apex Legends: Which is the best Battle Royale?
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Apex Legends is still a popular fighting royale game, and its success from last year is undeniable. Fortnite, on the other hand, is more popular than Apex Legends across all metrics. Is it possible that this will alter in the future? Fortnite’s popularity currently outpaces its competitors, and its two closest rivals, PUBG and Apex Legends, still have a long way to go. On the other hand, Apex is a much newer phenomenon than PUBG and Fortnite, and it still has a lot of room for growth in the future.

It has yet to reach the low-cost mobile market. EA and Respawn are working together to bring the game to mobile devices, which is a fantastic opportunity.

Fortnite and PUBG have been great successes on mobile phones, so Apex Legends should get a big push as soon as these devices are accessible. PUBG should also make a concerted effort to break into China’s market, which is currently superior. Apex Legends has yet to be released on Fortnite’s popular Nintendo Switch, so the game has many new horizons to explore.

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