Five Hardest Xbox Games 2022 

Five Hardest Xbox Games 2022 

You might constantly pay attention to Xbox games if you are a gamer. Xbox is a platform that has contributed a lot to the world. This long-standing platform has seen many recent updates over time.

The Xbox games are getting more and more specialized because of the features. Some of the features are exclusive to Xbox. Moreover, most of the games it offers are incredibly challenging. So we hope to give you a complete description for those looking for the most brutal Xbox games.

Are you tired of playing the same simple game? Looking for a slightly different game to explore? Then you have got some great opportunities through Xbox. Most of the games here are very exploratory. Now is an excellent opportunity for you to try challenging games with a high level of fun.

Devil May Cry 5

Five Hardest Xbox Games 2022 

Release date: March 8, 2019

Devil May Cry 5 is a game where you can engage in a challenging battle from the first rank to the end. There are different curves here, and you also get a learning curve. However, most players will have fun with the most challenging part shown here. So what’s your difficulty, so you have a 100% chance of dying all at once from the battles you face in Devil May Cry?

That means it can be challenging for you to destroy its enemies. However, your effort should be to clear the enemies out of your way somehow. In addition, you may find the red orb’s resurgence unbelievable. You will also understand that it has a very high value. However, if you are still looking for the most brutal Xbox games, Devil May Cry has opportunities for that too. However, even in such cases, acceptance can be quite challenging.


Five Hardest Xbox Games 2022 

Release Date: September 29, 2017

If you are looking for the most brutal Xbox games, Cuphead is also a very suitable game for that. It has multiple features. That means even the casual nature of the game can be very attractive to you. You can also understand the game’s difficulty from the game content, sound design, and brutal nature of the battles. It brings you the opportunity to play alone as well as with several friends.

Imagine you are playing this alone at least once. Then you will find Cuphead as one of the most brutal Xbox games. That means you have to control both characters at the same time when playing solo. Your risk may double there. The main enemies you will get here are skilled. Because of this, you are defeating them can be pretty tricky.

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy

Even if you know the game, it will still be interesting even if you play it for the second time. Super Meat Boy is a brilliant platformer within a racing platform. That means you will find different venues here. Apart from that, you also get different types of challenging levels. You know what happens next in the game.

You can get the trophy when you complete all levels of the game. You don’t need to die for any of those stages. You should play super meat boy, one of the most brutal Xbox games, very slowly and carefully. If you want to avoid dying even once in this game, you need to make very few mistakes. However, if you do enough to win trophies here, you will become one of the rarest people in the world.


Five Hardest Xbox Games 2022 

From start to finish, the game will make you realize that all the bosses you will encounter in Fury are incredibly challenging. As one of the most brutal Xbox games, the difficulty levels are from 0 to 100. None of the boss fights you’ll encounter are easy. There are also new types of fighting methods and tactics for you to adapt to them well. Also, you get a trophy for beating the match under 1:29:56.

This complete Fury game has three challenging levels Promenade, Fury, and Fourier. The bosses’ attacks here can be constantly different than the others. The difficulty here will be well illustrated by the fact that you will have to die in the same place several times.

Crypt Of The NecroDancer

Five Hardest Xbox Games 2022 

All you have to do in the game is enter a dungeon and defeat the bosses. But instead of just dodging and attacking, you can use rhythm to your advantage. It is not so easy to choose a harmless situation for you in the game. It is full of challenging situations. You have to perfect all the moves here, using a rhythm.

You can play 15 playable characters according to the tune to complete the game in this most brutal Xbox game. All the stages here are challenging, but the damage done to you can be minimal. However, the best advantage here is that you can play the entire game with a dance pedal.

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