Dragon Ball Legends - Download , Play, Tips & Codes

Dragon Ball Legends – Download , Play, Tips & Codes

Dragon Ball Legend


Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legend is a popular video game mainly based on the Dragon Ball manga. You have to face different types of battles there. The game is more fun, and you fight as characters from the works of Akira Toriyama. All those battles are more real-time and more spectacular 3D battles. You have excellent control over all the movements of your fight. However, here you have a card with requirements for various actions. It is a strategic factor of sorts in your battles.

Here you can launch a great game with fighters from all over the world. As you level up in Dragon Ball Legend, you can play with more and more famous fighters. You can unlock the likes of Goku, Trunks, or Vegeta as you overcome challenges. You can also get many other features in Dragon Ball Legend.

Dragon Ball Legend For Android

version – 4.6.0
Requirements – Android 4.1+
Size – 115MB Additional files may require 2-3GB.

Minimum requirements

RAM – 2GB and 3GB
Android 6+
Download here

Features of Dragon Ball Legend

Players to play offline
Strategic Stylized Functional Role
Multiplayer game
Attackers can be controlled with 3D intelligence
Using a simple card-based attack game to unleash combos

Dragon Ball Legend for PC

Size – 110MB
Latest version – 3.11.1
Category – Action

You can play Dragon Ball Legend on PC with Android Emulator to get a better animation experience. Accordingly, we recommend LDPlayer as the best free emulator you can download. The critical settings in it allow players to get into the game quickly. It is the fastest and lightest emulator.

But can you use any emulator to play Dragon Ball Legends? Of course, yes! You can use any android emulator available on the market for this.

How to play Dragon Ball Legend on PC?

Dragon Ball Legends

It would help if you first got a computer that can run the Android emulator.
Also, Intel VT-x/AMD-V is enabled in BIOS.
When you download Dragon Ball Legend, download it from a trusted source like LD Store.
Now learn about LDPlayer’s keyboard settings before you start the game.

How to play Dragon Ball Legend?

If you are still a beginner at Dragon Ball Legends, you must clearly understand the various character builds in the game. Your direct purpose in the game is to construct different parties of the best feelings. You can use our guide for that. You can first start the match in story mode for that.

Then PvP mode and Event mode are unlocked as you level up. You must fight against other talented players worldwide and win medals to improve the ranks. The awards thus obtained can be used to increase your soul. As you level up, you progress into red, official, and yellow. That is, you go to a rank. Finally, going up can be pretty difficult to fight as you move up the ranks.

Dragon Ball Legends Story Mode: Here, you have different stories. Complete them correctly. Tap on the Stories icon on the main screen. Then select New Chapter. Select “Select Story” once again. Select “New Chapter” to start a new chapter. You must complete the challenges here. Choose from seven parties with different character combinations.

Unlock New Characters in Dragon Ball Legends: Go to Menu > Perform Summons> It can be Single Summon or Continuous Summon. Then, select the character pieces. It can be extreme or flashy.

Limit Break in Dragon Ball Legends: You can use a limit break when collecting stars of characters. Get enough Z power for it. How to get Z Power in Dragon Ball Legends? You can use the calling feature for that.

How to get souls in Dragon Ball Legends?

For that, you can play story mode. Repeat chapters and earn souls. Also, earn more medals using PvP mode as above. So you can get souls by using citations in the exchange shop. Among them, red, yellow, and blue can also be super souls.

How do you increase the spirit? Dragon Ball Legends

You first go to the game’s menu > special characters > soul boost > now select a character and confirm. Then you will get a screen.

Tap on a push. Then tap on OK. Now spend souls and Zeni to increase your stats.

What are class-ups in Dragon Ball Legends?

When you unlock ten tiles here, you open the class-up feature. When you class a particular character, that respective character will get several bonuses. You then can classify a character when that character reaches level 300.

What are Dragon Ball Legends codes?

Dragon Ball Legends offers you a story mode, build a team, and level up and fight against other players. The codes also give you more resources to progress the game further. All those codes are a series of numbers and letters that you need to enter to unlock the rewards.

We have listed some of the most active Dragon Ball Legends codes.

Freepull30 – 500 Gems
qhebjHH – 500 gems
B5kMAvGk – 400 gems
wayline7yz- 300 gems
wayline628- 300 gems
waylinexxk- 300 gems
w3cBk2QJ- S Series Piccolo
X6AyEGBv- 300 gems
b4PMjyud- 200 gems
R5kKCeDw – 200 Gems and two Saturn Beans
Freepull30 – 200 gems and advanced Summons
i4PNW4nV- 100 gems and 500 coins
L5kJ69m- 20 SS hero pieces
OnelsAll – Gems, Coins, and other rewards

Who is the best character in Dragon Ball Legends?

SP Super Vegito (Purple)
SP Jiren: Full Power (Purple)
SP Super Saiyan God SS Goku and Vegeta (Purple)
SP Super Saiyan Gohan (Yellow)
SP Driven Form Frieza (Purple)
SP Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta (Green)

credit – The Aquabat


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