Devil Returns to School Days: Chapter 1

Unleashing Mischief and Mayhem at Midnight

Mysterious Book


Welcome, dear readers, to the thrilling world of “Devil Returns to School Days.” In this riveting tale of mischief and adventure, we embark on a journey filled with supernatural surprises and unexpected twists. Get ready to be enchanted as we delve into Chapter 1, where the foundation for an exhilarating story is laid.

A Haunting Presence


The story unfolds entirely in the very ordinary town of Elmwood. Everyday life in this city is moving at a more leisurely pace. But one reason for breaking this calm is fundamental. That is, after encountering a mysterious book called the Tome of Shadows in the hands of Max, an ordinary high school student.

Midnight Enchantments

Max curiously opens the ancient book as the clock strikes twelve on a moonlit night, unaware of the dark forces he is about to unleash. A surge of otherworldly energy engulfs him, transforming him into a naughty devil with the power to manipulate reality.

Max soon discovers that he is not alone in his newfound abilities. Other students in his school have also been affected by the Tome of Shadows; each granted unique powers and an insatiable appetite for chaos. Together, they form a misfit group known as the Midnight Enchanters.

Devil Returns to School Days: Chapter 1

The Pranks Begin


Armed with supernatural abilities, the Midnight Enchanters set out to turn the school upside down. From spontaneous eruptions of confetti to mysteriously disappearing textbooks, no prank is too outrageous for this mischievous crew. Laughter echoes through the hallways as bewildered teachers and students try to make sense of the chaos.

The Unseen Watcher


Amidst the laughter and confusion, a mysterious figure watches from the shadows. Known only as The Observer, this enigmatic character is interested in the Midnight Enchanters and their devilish exploits. Who is The Observer, and what is their connection to the Tome of Shadows?

Devil Returns to School Days: Chapter 1

A Cliffhanger Ending

Here we will take you to the end of the first chapter. There we are left with a more beautiful peak. Midnight Enchanters are still unaware of the future consequences of their actions. They are still reveling in their jokes. Will their newfound powers lead to unforeseen trouble? What are the special secrets in the mysterious Tome of Shadows? 

How do those secrets affect the lives of Max and the other wizards? Here the platform is entirely open for the most thrilling and extraordinary adventure. In our next installment, you’ll discover the secrets of the Midnight Enchanters, the compelling escape tactics, the consequences of teaming up with dark forces, and much more.



We believe that you have learned many things you don’t know through the fascinating world of “Devil Back to School.” We set the stage for an unforgettable journey in the first chapter we discussed. It’s full of laughter, suspense, and the extraordinary power of Midnight Enchanters.

Get ready for your next terrifying roller coaster ride. That chapter is the next chapter where the true nature of the Tome of Shadows is revealed. In addition, the Midnight Enchanters face their biggest challenge, which makes it even more enjoyable. 

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