Destiny of an Emperor map - Nintendo NES Guides

Destiny of an Emperor map – Nintendo NES Guides

How much fun would it be if you, the gamer, could highlight all the individual chapters of the game? You now have a map showing all the stages of the game. Each of its highlights changes color depending on which bosses and enemies you fight them on. What is the Destiny of an Emperor map? Let’s arrange the details and know.

What is the Destiny of an Emperor map?


The first RPG-style video game was released in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America. Its primary basis is the popular 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The original title was “Tenchi wo Kurawu” (Swallowing Heaven). Also, here is how Liu Bei and his followers fight against all-powerful opponents. It is based on the Manga by Motomiya Hiroshi.

They printed this map with the American version of the game. It is a Japanese print. Here they will present a Chinese-style view depicting and labeling the various points of interest in the game. There was a different dynastic period in Chinese history. It includes controllers and time limits that may change over time. One of its main popular periods is the ‘Han’ Dynasty. China is mainly divided into three regions.

What are the central regions of China? Wei, Wu, Shu. Initially, there were three prominent warlords to conquer all these three regions. You can explore their game series more interestingly here.

Destiny of an Emperor map - Nintendo NES Guides
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Description of the Destiny of an Emperor Map


Date of Publication: 1990

Sheet Width: 17.5

Leaf height: 11.3

Condition Description: B+

The right side of the map sheet has a moderate crease along the most prominent pre-bent lines. The bottom right is slightly dirty. It is in good condition overall except for an external crease at the top right edge.

How to play the Destiny of an Emperor?


Unlike other games you play, Fate of the Emperor relies on menus and city maps. Can you read a map in Japanese? Don’t be afraid. You can still play this game even if you don’t speak Japanese. We will provide you with a description of that here. Before you play the game, being familiar with the Destiny of an Emperor map, battle menus, and menu navigation may be helpful. However, we are here to give you a clear understanding of world and city maps.

Destiny of an Emperor map: Destiny of an Emperor game guide

You may need map help for this game.

World map on top

It describes the first game areas, Shusho Castle, Luo Son Village, Yellow Scarf Fort, and Western Outpost. The numbers indicate how you should go to the various regions.

Luo Song Village

It can be known as another of the Destiny of an Emperor map. It also guides you to decide the fate of the emperor. Now you can start the game in Luo Song Village. It shows the building and shop in the southeast. The east building, equipment shop, and the northwest tower indicate Liu Bei’s residence. Also, as soon as you defeat the Yellow Lance, you will be joined by 50 human soldiers walking west across the two shops.

Xuzhou Cave

3 is the first significant castle town for Fate of an Emperor. From Luo Song Village above, you can reach Xuzhou as you travel southeast. Northeast of that entrance is Tao Qian’s Palace. You will be admitted once you pass the Peach Tree Garden and talk to the older man at the door. Then talk to the soldier. To the northwest of here is Zhang Fei’s house. Also, in the northeast is a large building with a hardware shop. From the entrance to the northeast direction is the Inn. Further east from the Inn is the Goods Shop.   

Destiny of an Emperor map - Nintendo NES Guides
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How can I use the Map to my advantage?


The Map is an invaluable tool for compelling gameplay. By studying the Map, players can identify critical targets for expansion, plan their military campaigns, and strategize to counter opponents’ movements. Moreover, the Map aids in resource management and diplomacy, allowing players to make informed decisions for the prosperity of their empire.

Are there any hidden secrets or easter eggs on the Map?


Destiny of an Emperor is known for incorporating hidden secrets and easter eggs throughout its Map. Exploring uncharted territories and engaging with NPCs might lead to exciting discoveries, unique items, or special missions, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience.



In conclusion, Destiny of an Emperor’s Map is the foundation for a gripping and immersive gaming experience. As players venture through ancient China’s vast landscapes and political intrigue, the Map becomes an indispensable guide to navigating the intricate web of conquest and diplomacy. Understanding the Map’s details is crucial for establishing a dominant empire and forging alliances while thwarting rival warlords. Embrace the strategic opportunities the map offers, and uncover hidden secrets to leave your mark on the history of the Destiny of an Emperor. 

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