Cookie Run: Kingdom Gingerbrave 13th Birthday Event Tips 2022

Cookie Run: Kingdom Gingerbrave 13th Birthday Event Tips 2022

Kingdom Gingerbrave 13th Birthday

Cookie Run: Kingdom Gingerbrave 13th Birthday Event Tips 2022

This is Gingerbrave’s most valuable 13th birthday. Cookie Run: Kingdom holds a two-week special to celebrate it. There is also a new one with a daily log-in with valuable prizes (be sure to log in on the 12th as it is the 500th Rainbow Cube day). There will be various congratulatory gift events.

This event started on June 1, 2022. It ends on June 13, 2022 (GMT +9: 00). Not sure where to start? , Then our cookie run: Kingdom Gingerbrave 13th Birthday Event Guide will help you.

Cookie Run: Complete operation list

Adding birthday ribbons.

Here, you need to complete the mission and add the maximum number of birthday ribbons you can get from it.

This game should be noted that these missions are daily operations.

This means that you can only complete each operation once a day.

Here is the complete list of these operations and the number of birthday ribbons.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Gingerbrave 13th Birthday Event Tips 2022

  • Use 100 permanent jellies: 20 birthday ribbons

  • Win 3 times at the state court: 40 birthday ribbons

  • Send 20 daily gifts to friends: 20 birthday ribbons

  • Remove 13th Birthday Ribbon Operations For The Day: 80 Birthday Ribbons


  • Send Bear Jelly Balloon once: 20 Birthday Ribbons

  • Compete three times in Super Mayhem: 50 Birthday Ribbons

  • Produce something 100 times: 30 birthday ribbons

  • Add two daily gifts from the greeting tree: 40 birthday ribbons

There are a total of 8 daily missions. But for the final mission, you need to complete other tasks first. These operations are usually more accessible than others, so you must be able to meet all of these operations every day. It allows you to get up to 300 ribbons a day.

Make sure you have at least 20 friends on your friend’s list during this event. Then you will always be able to complete the 20 gifts sent to friends daily. Remember to attend the Kingdom Arena. World Exploration, Super Mayhem, And most importantly, produce as many items in your kingdom as it takes 25 wishes to collect two daily gifts from the wish tree.

 If you want to make this product 100 times easier to operate, try to produce essential ingredients such as wood, sugar, and jelly bean cubes. This will take a minimum of time to make, so you’ve finished 100 items quickly!

Sending gifts

After you add the birthday ribbon, your next step should be to start giving gifts to other players. There are milestones for any number of gifts you send, so be sure to try to provide as many presents as you can !.

One of the most special gifts is the unique Gingerbrave birthday dress (available for a limited time only, with no clothing bonds.) Available in over 100 gifts. Another special gift you should definitely look forward to is the 300 Rainbow Cubes you receive after 200 gifts.

While these gift-giving prizes are good (Time Jumpers, XP Jelly), gift-giving is even better! Whether they are from your friend’s list or a member of the forum, you are in, be sure to try to find someone else to trade the gifts to.

If you like, you can give a 13th birthday gift with one of the following:

100 rainbow pearls

100 cubes of rainbow

100 consulate logos

50 to 100 crystals

Stamina Jelly

Arena tickets

Cookie Cutters

Treasure tickets


XP Jelly

Management Rare

Seering keys

Time jumper

Topping pieces

Minute skipping

High-quality goods (orders on Golden Wish tickets and may have a 2x value at the Merchant Port)

Basic materials

Here are just 30 gifts per person per day. Daily missions give away enough ribbons for 30 gifts.

, Daily Gifts from Other Athletes (Daily Gifts are free gifts you can send to people on your friend’s list and are different from 13th Birthday Gifts). As long as you have a list of active friends, get more than 400 ribbons a day.

Gingerbrave’s 13th Birthday Event / New Rewards! – Cookie Run Kingdom

Video source –Dendz – Cookie Run Kingdom


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