Colossal Titan (Attack on Titan) | Colossal Titan’s Height, Current Host, Ability, Capability, Death

What is the Colossal Titan?

Colossal Titan (Attack on Titan) | Colossal Titan’s Height, Current Host,  Ability, Capability, Death

Colossal Titan is the primary opponent of the first three seasons of the Japanese manga series Attack on Titan. At 60 meters tall and with a large body, he is superior in skill and intelligence to the average Titan. Colossal Titan is one of the nine Titans in the series. They also can evolve as the body grows more prominent, releasing large amounts of heat from the body as they develop. Colossal Titan’s host can control body evolution, and his current host is Armin Arlette. 

There he can control the amount of vapor emitted by the Titan body. His transformation could be one of the most devastating with explosions. Armin uses this to send massive energy inland and destroy the port. The Colossal Titan is usually as high as the walls can see. However, the larger his body, the slower his activity. 

His power is so extreme that he can take an entire house and float in the sky, destroying the outer gate of Wall Maria with a single blow. Armin uses the Colossal Titan’s body size and strength to destroy Marlene’s ships and harbor subtly. Also, this Colossal Titan has skin, and his muscles are exposed. His hands are vastly disproportionate to the rest of his body. The result is less energy for his feet.


Colossal Titan’s abilities

Multi-function conversion

All types of Titans emit a large amount of heat during conversion, but the Colossal Titan transformation is tremendous and destructive, as mentioned above. It is truly a multifunctional force. The host can use that energy. For example, Bertolt’s translation of the Shiganshina district created a more damaging background. There, his host used it to wreak havoc like an atomic bomb, destroying hundreds of thousands of buildings. 

Emissions capability


 Titan releases large amounts of steam to prevent enemies, which Shifter can control. Colossal Titan is one of the deadliest forms of Titan and is incredibly infamous. Under normal circumstances, Titans emit vapors from their wounds and have the unique ability to expel vapors from their entire body after another fatal blow. Of course, the Colossal Titan’s infinite power can be used for various purposes, but primarily to protect against enemies. If there is someone near him or attached to him, the heat of the steam can burn that one hot. 

In some cases, the Colossal Titan evaporates and disappears. It can put his user in a lot of trouble. That is, when the Colossal Titan appeared on Troost, Eran Jagger launched a significant vapor barrier to prevent it from rising to its feet. It also allowed Bertolt to descend from the wall using a 3D transmission. It was seen that the Titan model could not avoid falling from a great height. Continuing to use Colossal Titan’s emission capacity is not a good idea and can cause significant harm to his body. Only the skeletal structure of the Titan remains, and the flesh dissolves. 


Colossal Titan Story Summary

Colossal Titan (Attack on Titan) | Colossal Titan’s Height, Current Host,  Ability, Capability, Death

The Titan comes into this world in the same way that all the other nine Titans come after the death of Ymir Fritz. Thousands of years after Fritz’s death, he possessed several Eldian homes that had been fought under the Colossal Titan. Colossal Titan was captured during the Battle of Titan by the Marley race, who abandoned Eliadi’s ongoing conflicts and resettled on Paradise Island. During the Great War between Marley and an enemy nation, he used his Titan form to locate him and used his Colossal Titan to destroy a city with hostile armies. 

The Titan comes into view for the first time, kicking a hole in the south gate just outside Wall Maria. So it opens up and allows the Titans who were walking outside the company to enter Shiganshina. There, Bertolt joined the surviving warriors to enter the walled territory. The Colossal Titan appears for the next time, about 850 years after the fall of Wall Maria. 

Wall Rose breaks down and swallows back the humans inside by the Titans. Eran Jaeger then tries to hit the  Titan’s neck, but Bertholdt uses evaporation to remove Eran. It is the struggle for the Arc of Troast. Thus continued the Colossal Titan with a series of destructive actions such as war situations, captures, and encampments. 

Meanwhile, the Clash of the Titans Arc, the return to the Shiganshina Arc, and the transformation into the Marley Arc all took place in succession. In them, Armin eventually manages to inherit the power of the Colossal Titan, and then, in one horrific moment, Armin’s Titan eats Bertolt alive. 

Colossal Titan (Attack on Titan) | Colossal Titan’s Height, Current Host,  Ability, Capability, Death

Eventually, between 851 and 854, all 32 ships sent to Marley Paradise Island disappeared. It also has the Colossal Titan’s participation and the Fighter Titan. Colossal Titan transforms Marley. The heir Armin arrives at Marley Beach in a fishing boat. 

While Marley’s navy is lined up, Armin arrives, takes off his hat in front of everyone, and transforms at once. The massive explosion destroys the Marleyan warship and transmits its energy to the streets of Liberio. Armin then flew over the wreckage to a nearby Scout Regiment aircraft, using all his anti-personnel all-around navigation equipment. 


How to defeat Colossal Titan?

Titan is the most powerful of all Titans, the god of destruction. But he has a very high energy interest. To put it another way, Colossal Titan is unlikely to stay in Titan form for long. That is why the best way to defeat him is to wait patiently. If someone wants to use a Titan to destroy a giant race, the best way to do it is to drop the Colossal Titan from the sky. The explosion is likely to wreak havoc, and it is not advisable to use him for combat. 

Colossal  has several disadvantages. That is, he has the curse of Ymir, and any converter will die 13 years after he inherits the Titan. Also, another unique point here is that the Colossal Titan, unlike the Pure Titans, if they inherit anything, will live forever if their necks are not cut off.


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