Chiaki Nanami Height, Behavior , Love, Death

Who is Chiaki Nanami?

Did Chiaki Nanami fall in love?

Chiaki Nanami is one of the super characters in Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, the most popular visual novel game. Many people identify her as Ultimate Gamer. Chiaki, who had a passion and talent for sportsmanship, was a super high school level athlete. She was one of two dualists with Nagito Komaeda. Chiaki Nanami is 160 cm tall and weighs 46 kg. Her birthday is March 14th, and her father is Chihiro Fujisaki, her sister is Usami, brother is Alter Ego. Chiaki Nanami is also a 77 – B class student at Hope’s Peak Academy. She is also a participant in the Killing School Trip featuring Goodbye Despair. As an AI, Chiami is somewhat changing with Apami, who created the Alter Ego.

Did Chiaki Nanami fall in love?

Chiaki Nanami is very cute. She has short light pink hair and light pink beautiful eyes. The unique thing about recognizing her is the two cat ears. It has two pink lines like a cat’s eye, a stripe on the arms, and a symbol on the chest. She also has a pink bag with a cute cat design unique to Chiaki Nanami. Speaking of her dress, she is wearing a white button-down shirt and a light brown skirt, and high heels.

Chiaki Nanami’s normal behavior

Did Chiaki Nanami fall in love?

Chiaki Nanami was a passionate sportsman. Her passion and ability to perform even the most ridiculous sports are high. Her unique expression is a bit boring but overall a more active student.

She liked Hajime Hinata the most in her class. Nanami also helps Hajime Hinata a lot in the various experiments in class. However, she did not initially get along well with her classmates at Hope’s Peak.

Later, with the friendly company of friends, Chiaki became very close to all his friends. Chiaki was committed to helping his friends as much as he could. Similarly, his classmates were very respectful of Chiaki. They all describe Chiaki as the heart of the class.

Why kill Chiaki Nanami?

While all this is going well, Mikan and Chisa, 77- B’s, betray Chiaki Nanami at Junko’s insistence and execute plans to kill her. However, all the students in the class were more shocked about the betrayal of Chiaki, who was more friendly with his friends. Gradually, Junko spread various myths throughout the course, and Gossip lured Chiaki into a trap.

Did Chiaki Nanami fall in love?

All the students in the class were the most helpless and oppressed in those situations. Nevertheless, Chiaki is still a good girl at heart. She was betrayed, but there was also a chance in the story that she would accept Mikan and Chisa back into class.

Eventually, however, Chiaki Nanami quickly falls into the trap of Chisa and Mikan, is trapped by several spears, and dies helplessly. After that horrific death, Junko brainwashes all 77-B class students and sends them to a Neo World Program. However, the plan to kill Chiaki was more fun for Junko. Junko’s original plan was to allow Chiaki Nanami to watch the Despair video. However, after seeing the whole 77-B class’s intimacy and respect for Chiaki, Junko wanted to destroy them all.

How does Chiaki Nanami die?

After the success of Chisa’s attempt, Chiaki is imprisoned in a dangerous prison with dangerous traps. As she walks through the halls and tries to get closer to her colleagues, a hidden switch is activated, and she is caught in a thorn and nailed to Chiaki’s leg. But, they do not stop there. Poor Chiaki is shot with metal balls. Chiaki’s right eye and arm were severely injured. At the end of the maze is a large door called the “Sphere,” Chiaki’s classmates.

When Chiaki ran happily and opened the door, it was clear that it was just magic. At that moment, a spear pierced Chiaki’s heart. As soon as it happens, she sees a spiral bed around her. Chiaki Nanami’s death does not end quickly with a spear going through her chest. Isuru Kamukura allows her to speak, and she is subjected to various tortures until Chiaki’s death is over. From the beginning, Junko watches from the outside on a camera, counting and laughing at Chiaki.

Did Chiaki Nanami fall in love?

Did Chiaki Nanami fall in love?

Of all Chiaki’s friends, Hajime Hinata had the closest relationship. Chiaki is more interested in sports, so she meets Hajime while playing. Hajime was also the first friend Chiaki met in Hope’s Peak Academy. The two first met at a fountain near the school.

Their meeting was enjoyable, and the fans can describe the close relationship between the two after that as some love or attraction, intimacy. The two began to meet frequently near the fountain where the first meeting took place.

Chiaki seems to be more passionate every time he meets Hajime. As a result, fans can see their time together more enjoyable. Because she always forces Hajime to come and play Chiaki’s favorite sports, there are times when she says that playing with him brings her great excitement.

Every time Hajime and Chiaki meet, they talk to comfort themselves. That is, Chiaki does not think twice to soothe Hajime’s mind when he is constantly told that Hajime has no talent. Instead, Chiaki always says that life can be made more successful through sports innate talent, and together they can add fond memories.

Did Chiaki Nanami fall in love?

Every time Hajime is heartbroken, Chiaki heals him with his positive words. When Chiaki spoke to Hajime, they both touched hands, and their faces turned red and looked a bit shy. That is, isn’t it a symbol of the love they had for each other in their hearts?

There were various Christmas parties, reunions, and birthday parties during their close relationship. Unfortunately, after the death of Sato and Natsumi Kuzuryu, they split up and stopped meeting outside of school.

Did Chiaki Nanami fall in love?

That separation made Chiaki even sadder. She also began to ask Chisa regularly about Hajime. Chiaki waited near the reserve course building, confident that Hajime would return to see him every day for a long time. It is no secret that Chiaki fell in love with Hajime with all his heart.

Eventually, however, Hajime meets Chiaki. That’s when Chiaki and Nagito find a door to enter the basement. However, she could not recognize him at once because his face, even his hair, had changed drastically. At the last moment, Chiaki made a brief address to him, but she realized that Hajime had no recollection of his past and that he was no longer Hajime but Isuru Kamakura.

Did Chiaki Nanami fall in love?

When Chiaki Nanami death, the spear hits him, combining both the pain and the injured pain of seeing Hajime, shouting that he does not want to die. She must have been desperate to stay with Hajime for a long time. When Chiaki dies, Isuru picks up the clip that held the hair on his head as it fell off and fell to the ground. Isuru looked at it and began to cry softly. It symbolizes that Isuru recalled his relationship with Chiaki and that he, too, wanted to be with her.

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