Can you change the clients in the Arena of Valor ?

Can you change the clients in the Arena of Valor

Can you change the clients in the Arena of Valor ?

Many people who play in the Arena of Valor have questions about changing from its client. How do you charge clients? Is there a right way to do that? We will give you the correct answer to these questions here.

Arena of Valor is a game with a lot of action. You can also play it on Android and iOS platforms. In the Arena of Valor, you can correctly allocate your zones. And in each of these zones, you have a server that you can access while playing. You can change your playing zone. However, Arena of Valor cannot modify the server other than the VPN. Now let’s see how you can correctly adjust the Arena of Valor’s location.

changing clients at Arena of Valor

At Arena of Valor, you will find two types of servers. Namely, English servers and non-English servers. Do you want to switch between those clients? If so, you’ll always need to use a VPN for that. There is also another thing you need to know here. That is, these servers are dedicated to different regions. Several other areas vary depending on the server. We identify them separately.

English Server Regions – Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, Canada, Garena (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines)

Non-English client regions – Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan

We present to you here a few things you need to know.

When you select Garena Server at Arena of Valor, you will find Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. There you can select only one region. Here you get heroes to play for each client. So when you change the server in the Arena of Valor, you can play with different heroes.

Steps of change in the Arena of Valor

Click on your profile first.
Now select the Settings icon next to your profile on your screen
You can then select the Region tab between the other charges.
Select the one you want from the available zones and click “Confirm.” Now your zone will change.

Now you can easily change zones in the Arena of Valor and servers.

Credit – Rehan Sajid Gaming

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