Celestia Ludenberg Height, Real Name, Love, death

Celestia Ludenberg Height, Real Name, Love, death

Who is Celestia Ludenberg?

Danganronpa: Celestia Ludenberg comes to the audience as a minor character who initially plays a supporting role in Trigger Happy Havoc. On the 78th at Hope’s Peak Academy, Celestia participates in Killing School Life.

The title that revolves around her, which runs throughout the story, is Ultimate Gambler. Her first name is Romaji, and she was born on November 23rd. Celestia Ludenberg portrays a somewhat shady, evil character. There is no clear introduction to her parents in the story.

Celestia Ludenberg Height, Real Name, Love, death

Coming to life as a more courageous character, she is very cunning in school and can turn everything to her advantage. Hekiru Shina voices her in the Japanese version of the game and Marie Herrington in English. In the animation, she is voiced by Hekiru Shina for the Japanese version and Lindsay Seidel for the English version. Celestia Ludenberg is 5’5’s tall and weighs 46kg.

She is skinny and handsome with black hair. The hair is made more beautiful by applying a beautiful white cloth to the head. Her head, which had grown very thick, was parted in a curly pattern on both sides of her hair. Surrounded by pale white skin, the face is more clearly visible through the red eyes. Celestia Ludenberg is wearing a gothic Lolita-style dress. 

She is wearing a white blouse, a black jacket, and a red tie. There are also several wrinkles of white lace on the short black six. Celestia Ludenberg comes to the audience as a minor character who initially plays a supporting role in Trigger Happy Havoc.

On the 78th at Hope’s Peak Academy, Celestia participates in Killing School Life., who wears knee-high socks, is layered one by one on the dividing parts of the big toe. It is not difficult for anyone who sees her recognize these characteristics. 

Summary of stories woven around Celestia Ludenberg

Celestia Ludenberg Height, Real Name, Love, death

Celestia is born into a typical rural setting. He loved a meal that the average village child would eat from an early age. She had a strong liking for country food like gyoza. Gradually, along with her social interactions, she practiced low-level skills such as lying and gambling.

According to Danganronpa’s Manga’s thoughts, the main reason for this is that Tyco Yashahiro ignored her and did not fall in love with Celestia Ludenberg comes to the audience as a minor character who initially plays a supporting role in Trigger Happy Havoc. On the 78th at Hope’s Peak Academy, Celestia Ludenberg participates in Killing School Life. because of her extreme simplicity. 

She is a bit of a cunning character in this story. Struggling to get to her goal somehow, she finds herself in a situation where she doesn’t even think twice to kill even her friends for it. Somehow, she eventually goes to Hope Peak Academy but stays there at the school principal’s request. 

Celestia’s mission was to live a comfortable life in a castle with a large staff dressed as vampires. Being able to manipulate anyone to her advantage was a cruel ability she possessed. It must be said that the English version of this story is very good at showing her anger and patience in overcoming anger. Celestia’s gambling craze is so rampant that she says she’s not guilty of anything in the underworld.

Celestia wakes up in the dark at the school of homicide and then suggests that students admit that they do not kill each other and that they adapt to a new living environment. However, as her support for her cause waned, Celestia Ludenberg highly needed to leave it. The other killer who was with them was Monokuma.

He does not allow anyone to survive. But Celestia has at times allowed students to stay.

Celestia Ludenberg

Student betrayal and intimidation were all part of the student assassins’ plan. Their first step was to do something terrible to a friend whom the students loved the most and then reveal to everyone some evil secret about a student. Monokuma makes every student make a big push to kill each other. Celestia was fascinated by the day-to-day development of white sports.

She was finally greedy to do whatever she could to achieve her dream. Gambling addiction was a big help. Raising money and buying a palace was the purpose of her gambling fundraiser. Celestia could also recreate the AI, created by Chihiro Fujisaki, in a different guise. It was part of her plan. She devised a very complex project to kill all the students and launched a series of measures.

How did Celestia Ludenberg’s death happen?

After she joins AI, there is a dispute between Kiyotaka and Hifumi. Taking advantage of this, Celestia and Hifumi plan to kill Kyotaka. At the same time, they agree to sacrifice Yasuhiro. They use a party opportunity to launch this plan. Celestia takes all the students to a party, and Hifumi kills Kyotaka. There Celestia immediately turned her back on Hifumi and killed him.  

Celestia Ludenberg

Celestia later tried her best to prove her innocence when all the blame fell on her at trial but to no avail. However, there is no lack of courage. She was brave enough to face her punishment when she finally had to plead guilty at trial. She has a habit of deceiving her emotions and has a solid ability to be more consistent even in the face of any severe defeat. 

An excellent example is when she is about to be killed, and her mouth is adorned with a good smile. Eventually, she hands Kyoko the key she used to hide the AI ​​Alter Ego and moves on to the final journey.

Celestia always wanted a more loving death. Initially, she was placed on a pole, where a witch was killed, and a giant woodpile was burned in front of the crowd. Celestia’s execution was dubbed “the Burning of the Versailles Witch.” Unfortunately, however, her beloved death did not happen that way. Because, after a while, a fire truck comes towards the pole and crushes Celestia. 

Did Celestia Ludenberg fall in love?


The closest interaction with Celestia at Hope’s Peak Academy was with Kyoko and Hifumi. However, she has very few interactions with Kyoko. Kyoko spent more time with Makoto during their investigations, and Celestia took advantage of this, spending more time with Hifumi. There were times when Celestia directly agreed with what Kyoko suggested at the game. The way the story flows shows the fan some love between Kyoko and Celestia. 

According to fans, they were more mysterious, and the Celestia, Kyokoge’s handshake scene in Danganronpa: The Animation, made it even better. Although it was not a romantic scene, it is doubtful whether there was any intimacy between the two due to Celestia giving her the key to hiding Alter Ego and trying to save her from Monokuma.

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